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Jewish group slams 'Ted' Oscars sketch
Published: 26.02.13, 16:39
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1. if this was an euro movie there would be 100 talkbacks now
victor meldrew   (02.26.13)
slamming the entire continent
2. it woz so (funny)
oferdesade ,   israel   (02.26.13)
3. because making jokes
a ,   il   (02.26.13)
of the muslims is too dangerous these days...
4. Mr. Foxman:
Anshel ,   Canada   (02.26.13)
I respectfully disagree with Mr. Abraham Foxman interpretation of the Ted character. I think that we should shed the getto mentality and being proud of the achievement of the Jews in Hollywood, as much as we are proud to brag about the Nobel Price Jewish lauretaes. My understanding was that there was also a message for the Jewish "players" in Hollywood, support Israel.
5. Jokes, no matter how tasteless, are just jokes.
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (02.26.13)
The ADL shouldn't read too much into it. Anti-semitism, and I mean REAL Anti-Semitism, is far too big a reality in today's world to focus on what some comedian jokes about in the Oscars.
6. Worst part was that the dumbbells all laughed.
Beni B ,   Baltimore   (02.26.13)
Anti- Semitism seems to be en vogue again. Even in good old America.
7. #1 vic mildew And Your Point Is?
Paul ,   Africa   (02.26.13)
As a Jew myself, I think if anyone is promoting ant-semitism, its the ADL & Foxman himself. Time to shut-up for a change. Hollywood is controlled by Jews & so what, they created it. Something to be proud of. Why deny that Jews controll hollywood, its like denying Israel is a Jewish state. Grow up Foxman.
9. its called satire bubele!
avramele   (02.26.13)
Dear Abe, To most of us it was clear that this skit (written by a Jew laden team of writers) was poking fun at conspiracy theorists and anti-semites not Jews. Ethnic humor has a long history and Jews have not exactly been absent from the genre (an understatement!). Get a life Abe or has it been a slow ADL fundraising month?
10. Sick
11. I think it's a great stereotype
nibor` ,   israel   (02.26.13)
If we have control of the media, good for us. It means there may be hope for not doing away with what is left of the Jewish people. If anything it is stereotyping the gentiles, who can't be trusted.
12. It wasn't that bad
John Stewart had way more 'offensive' things on his show.
13. Talent and innovative peoples
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.26.13)
control Hollywood, as well as many other areas of the modern society. A lot of jews are among them, and therefore antisemites are not satisfied. My proposal for them : travel to the Andromede galaxy, maybe less talent and innovative jews there.
14. seriously? hahaha
Melissa ,   US of Ara   (02.26.13)
really? you guys get so upset and go crazy when someone makes a joke. lighten up already.  it's just a joke. imagine if Ted was Moses.  that would have been a tragedy.  stop being babies and lighten up.  religion jokes are funny.  the only religion that cannot be jokes about is Islam.  it's against that religion and consequences will be suffered if you do that.  But Jewish people need to lighten up a bit. it's pretty sad that you guys go crazy if someone does a Harlem  movie,  sketch,  joke or anything towards Jewish people. sheesh,  the joke was true though
15. Chill out! It's funny!!!
Israeli   (02.26.13)
16. Agreed, Gunnar from Sweden...
Aviv ,   Jerusalem   (02.26.13)
17. MacFarlane offends everyone, not just Jews
Jeff ,   USA   (02.26.13)
watch Family Guy; offending people is pretty much his schtick and it's actually a pretty funny show. This is what's called a "don't be so damn sensitive" moment.
18. Business as usual.
michael Pielet ,   israel   (02.26.13)
Politically correct means no jokes about Blacks and homosexuals. Jews as always are fair game. Reason, blacks due to black pride will not tolerate anti-black jokes. Same for homosexuals. Not true for Jews, particularly Jews in Hollywood are apologists, have no Jewish pride.
19. Storm in a teacup....Abe Foxman over-reacting..
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.26.13)
Concur that this is insider humour and I found it quite funny. ..and if the comedian was Jewish?
20. but?...
ghs   (02.26.13)
There are lots and lots of industry moguls in Holywood that are Jewish. Most Jews I know are proud of this. But it is anti-semitic to make a joke about there being lots and lots of Jews in the motion picture arts?
21. It also helps to be White ,   San Francisco   (02.26.13)
to get a job in Hollywood. But of course that is also not mentioned. I guess it's too self-evident. One more reason I didn't watch the goddamn Oscars and made the right decision.
22. you were watching the Oscars instead of...
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (02.26.13)
...a Hebrew television program? Don't ask for my sympathies. When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas.
23. Disgusting comedy emphasizes antisemitic opinion that Jewish
Moshe ,   Usa   (02.26.13)
film moguls give preference to Jews when they hire actors for film parts. Rude & nasty & utterly accusatory.
24. ADL doesn't represent me as a Jew
Celestial Seasonings   (02.26.13)
They are a leftist organisation with low-IQ leadership and supported by the mainstream leftie-loonie media - however, they do not represent the majority of Jews who think critically for themselves. Foxman is not only a moron but a strident low-intelligence one who rubs people the wrong way.
25. Worst Oscar opening act in my memory
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (02.26.13)
I thought he was remarkably boring. I hung in there until Captain Kirk and then threw in the towel and turned it off. Bring back Billy Crystal.
26. For once I agree with the ADL
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (02.26.13)
27. To No1 - Maybe, but the US did not murder 6 million Jews
Mike ,   Aussie   (02.27.13)
28. What a load of fuss about nothing
Haim ,   TA   (02.27.13)
Oh good grief people its a joke get over it. How starnge we dont hear your voices when you have the likes of Shas speving their usual venom and homophobic remarks on a regular basis, as if 2 young people gunned down in the tel aviv center wasnt enough to satify their lust.
29. hollywood was created by jews, Amerikans should
ghostq   (02.27.13)
thank jewish German by the name Erich Lemlah for importing the industry to the USA from Germany. the Film industry was created by the Germans much like the Humburgers(from the city of Humburg, famous meat), too bad amerikans don't even know the history of Hollywood. no more San Fernando valley. BTW Bear is the symbol of Berlin.
30. ADL no longer relevant!
SG ,   Teaneck   (02.28.13)
A trashy little skit draws their fire yet they remain silent on the anti-semite Hagel. Contempible!.. Who needs ADL?
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