Rocket hits outskirts of Ashkelon; none injured
Neri Brenner
Published: 26.02.13, 12:34
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1. Extend Obama an invitation to play Palestinian Roulette
Mladen Andrijasevic ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (02.26.13)
We should add visiting the South to Obama’s itinerary so he can try plying this Palestinian roulette where you have 60 seconds in Be’er Sheva and 15 seconds in Sderot to find shelter or get killed. It will surely be as thrilling for Michelle as appearing at the Oscars.
2. Is there nobody in our Govt. who will realize this HAS to be
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.26.13)
stopped?! We are the schmucks paying taxes & keeping those impotents in Knesset, for Pete's sake: stop protesting infantile things like cottage cheese prices & rights to a penthouse on Rotchild blvd. and start throwing rotten eggs at the klumnikim.
3. Welcome to Gaza Mr obama, its a blast.
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (02.26.13)
Just a little something something to make obama feel welcomed to his beloved Muslims. Bam!
4. Stike Back at the Terrorist
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.26.13)
The enemies of Israel must learn to stop terrorizing Israelis.
5. #2 don't be pessimistic
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.26.13)
Don't be so pessimistic! Netanyahu is making sure that a rocket expert will be in government: Zippy Livni, Zippy was one of the architects of the ethnic cleansing of Gush Katif, a move that gave Hamas rockets and territory to attack Israeli villages in the South. Zippy was also the genius who negotiated the end of Lebanon II war that prevented any Israeli action while allowing Hezbolla to acquire more and better rockets to attack Israeli villages in the North.
6. Color Red alert failed to sound prior to the incident
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.26.13)
That's because someone is sitting on his A-- reading a book and not looking at the computer screens. Complacency will only get us into deep S---.
7. The brew up for the next rocket war begins!
Cameron ,   USA   (02.26.13)
The price to be paid for shying away for years from taking care of business with these clown fanatics down Gaza way. Damn fools, you deserve to crouch in those bunkers.
8. On purpose for Obama's visit - so he'll cancel
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.26.13)
as too dangerous to be in area.
9. #5: Livni Hater: So why do YOU live in Tel Aviv?
David ,   The Galilee   (02.26.13)
Why aren't you living in Judea and Samaria? As for Livni and the Lebanon War II, so you don't seem to know your facts. Livni REJECTED the first Cease Fire proposal which the USA, the UK and the EU try to force on Israel and then OLMERT, the then Prime Minister, took the deal under huge US pressure! Think first, before you write, check your facts and NEVER forget that Olmert, Livni, Mofaz, Ha Negbi and the other founders of Kadimah who went witn Sharon, were are born in the Likud! Originally Netanyahu VOTED for the Gush Katif withdrawal and didn't go with Sharon because he could not be the boss! Netanyahu will always do what is best for Netanyahu and not for the people of Israel!
10. Orehaps if we stopped torturing Palestinians to death
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (02.26.13)
they wouldn't feel the need to fire rockets into Israel
11. Huge mistake
Art ,   sydney   (02.26.13)
The Israeli Defense Forces are making a HUGE mistake if they don't respond urgently and with max force to this latest rocket attack Remember this is how it all started about 13 yrs ago, with smaller rockets that elicited no response from Israel - so the Pal terrorists just carried on doing it Had Israel acted forcefully and with max force 13 yrs to put an end to rocket attacks we would not be in the position we are today where the whole country is vulnerable to attack from sophisticated weapons If this latest provocation from the Pals is left unchallenged, tomorroiw their will be more attacks and eventually we will have to respond, so why not do it now and send a forceful message to these terrorists - rocket us and you'll get a response that's 500 times worse
12. send
daniela ,   panama   (02.26.13)
send them back 1027 missiles. That´s the ratio they should get. By the way, I imagine this incident wont even get some attention at the UN.
13. Urge Restraint
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (02.26.13)
Yes, Obama is urging restraint so that the Muslim Terrorists will feel further emboldened. Tell Hamas straight out that we had a truce and if they cannot control their people WE WILL and it will bode very ill for Gaza and Hamas.
14. #10
litvac120   (02.26.13)
Sarah B, since your information derives from Palestinian Information bureau only, I need not comment on it's accuracy. Lying is an essential component of their presentations, and you are so eager to repeat them. Do you get paid for it? litvac120
15. Times Up
Moshe ,   Givataim   (02.26.13)
I said it before and I repeat it: it is time to pay this bastards back with the same currency and give some interest on top: for every rocket to us, we should make 5 KM of the strip flat, and yes I mean flat. They will never stopp, they will never care to shot rockets to our villages, houses and threathen our children. NO MERCY with this terrorist. FREE GAZA FROM HAMAS
16. Disgusting lie
Chris ,   Austria   (02.26.13)
Sara from London left a lot of disgusting comments here. Arabs hate Jews as she does and there is no excuse for terrorists neither in London no in Ashkelon. Terrorists enjoy their life in Israeli prisons. In Jordan and another Arab counties they are killed.
17. For SARA B from London
Chris ,   Austria   (02.26.13),7340,L-4349349,00.html Read and learn together with other folks from UK who appear in Israeli sites as a part of Arab propaganda machine.
18. #9 why hate?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.26.13)
Why shouldn't I live in Tel Aviv, and what makes you think I hate Zippy? I do think Livni is dishonest, undemocratic and corrupt for stealing Likud votes (and money) and later for stealing Kadima votes, but she was no more than a waterboy for Sharon. I also think she is a total failure as a politician, her only achievement being Israel's surrender to Hezbollah in Lebanon II that tied Israel's hand but allowed Hezbolla to rearm. That she surrendered in two rounds not one, does not make her a hero. Netanyahu's shameful voting record is well-known to Zionists. That the Likud was infested by corrupt people who moved to Kadima is also known, mostly people like Zippy and Hangebi who got their positions because of their parents.
19. A single event
Get Real ,   UK   (02.26.13)
That's how it starts.Fortunately no injuries or deaths this time. Israel must respond. No Israeli re-action brings further Palestinian action. All forms of terrorism must be confronted be it rioting or rocketing.
20. Now we know the answer
Gene   (02.26.13)
I remember that after the ending of the operation "The Pillar od Defense" there was a question: how long the truce with the Arab terrorists could hold? Now we know the answer
21. re post allegedly from Sarah B and comments
nigek ,   London   (02.26.13)
1. This is clearly a spoof message sent by a coward not willing to share their identity 2. Torture to death is in the minds of the PA trying to drum up yet more hatred 3.There is no evidence of torture at the autopsy 4.For every missile fired a truckload of free aid should be stopped at the border
22. worst
Beebeeq ,   sri lanka   (02.26.13)
wait and see, this time thousands of rockets will be fired from Hisbulla and west bank
23. take care
Babeeq ,   sri lanka   (02.26.13)
wipe out Israle
24. New reports from South Lebanon
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.26.13)
As we all know after the last War Iran financed the rebuilding of housing destoyed in South Lebanon Was it generosity? Was it guilty conscience? Was it altruism? Or was it abuse.... Almost every new house rebuilt has been conditional on ONE THING One room MUST be allocated to house either a launcher, rockets or both Why do we know this? From the bitter bitter complaints from the residents who say Hezbollah treat their houses as just launch pads for rocket attacks..and they can be subject to 'inspections' and 'dismissal' at any time
25. obama, bringer of peace
red ,   toronto, canada   (02.26.13)
the arab terrorist groups are all trying to establish their "street cred" ahead of "the coming". ironically, obama's visit is rapidly undoing the ceasefire created by operation pillar of defense. and yet obama got a nobel peace prize, and the idf does not?
26. Iron Dome should be there all the time!
Phil ,   NY, NY   (02.26.13)
27. Time
mrethiopian ,   USA   (02.26.13)
The spineless people that shoot rockets and then run, letting the local children bare the brunt of any retaliation is not the act a honorable men, but the act of cowards. We Americans stand shoulder to shoulder with our family in Israel and you can only push a people so far before you get a response,with a response the cowards will loose.
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