3 rules to understanding Iran
Matthew Gould
Published: 26.02.13, 20:15
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1. YOUR advice is FALSE Mr. Gould...spare
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.26.13)
your hypocritical advice for Israel ! YOU have already BOWED to the mad mullahs ! YOU do NOT dare to do, what is NECESSARY >>>to stop these lunatics with military force, before it's too late !
2. Another British Baffoon trying to fool the world
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (02.26.13)
Iran will not stop until their capability is destroyed. Obamba actually wants them to have nucleur weapons and is in fact secretly supporting them, in word. They are trying to obtain ICBM capability and they don't need it to reach Israel, its to reach you dumb Europeans. Have fun! :)
3. British Strategy!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (02.26.13)
Wait and do nothig, keep wasting time by useless talking etc... UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE!!! TYPICAL BRITISH WAY OF DOING THINGS!
4. #2 so if they can reach Europe, we shouldnt sit here so calm
Daniel ,   NYC / IL   (02.26.13)
in Israel and also Yosi, we shouldnt blow off any friends we have around the world, regardless of what you think. You arrogrant bald little dweeb.
5. Nuclear Arms Race
Zechariah   (02.26.13)
The world needs prepare for a nuclear arms race even a race to be close to assembling a bomb.north Korea is the Test Site for Iran and North Korea is Chinas Rottweiler Area C ought be a massive underground arms base with a Palestinian mega city in the centre .
6. Mr Gould is fooling himself
Mashadi ,   London UK   (02.26.13)
Obviously Gould did not learn enough about Iran, let alone world politics, during his stay there. The central policy of Iran is deception. Talks are ways of buying time. It is an Iranian strategy, just like how they make up strategies to occupy children from being too naughty. this is how they play the rest of the world. Iran , like all despots, does not care about welfare of its people. Recall how they sacrificed nearly 1 million in the fight agasint Iraq. A nation that murders and tortures its own population cannot be deterred by sanctions, which they are skilled at circumventing. Economic collapse is not the same as it would be in UK. Uk does not shoot protestors, and follows the rule of international law. Iran does not even follow Islamic Law, other than the most extreme and corrupt version.
7. Neville Chamberlain gullibility award again up for grabs.
DR ,   GB   (02.26.13)
Yet again British foreign policy reveals that the Neville Chamberlain gullibility award is still up for grabs.
8. Rules to deal with Israel and get their respect.
Lessons as to how to ,   deal with Israel.   (02.27.13)
Don't give advice-Tell them firmly. Don't try to be reasonable, Be firm, tough, strong and brutal. They/ll love you.
9. Dreamer?
michael Pielet ,   israel   (02.27.13)
Dream on little dreamer. Sanctions will never stop a theocratic meglomaniac, Islamic dictatorship. hell bent on obtaining nuclear weapons.
10. How can you understand
Sam ,   Texas   (02.27.13)
Someone who thinks he is introducing the Mahdi Islamic Messiah to the world? The answer is you cannot understand craziness such as this, it's futile. The best you can do is prepare to fight for your life
11. the intel had better be good
Jeff ,   USA   (02.27.13)
"wait, we still have time... wait, we still have time... wait, we still have time... uh oh, they tested the bomb... how the f*&( did that happen?!?!! the intel said we still had time left!!!!!"
12. British Ambassador's Point Illogical
Musbau ,   Ilorin/Nigeria   (02.27.13)
The points raised by the British ambassador is really absurd and unintelligent. Britain knew it is militarily weak to confront Iran so is US, the EU combined not to talk of the Lilly livered Israel. I believe no nation in the world should possess nuclear weapons. But why is the US, Israel, China, Russia, Pakistan and many other criminal nations still stockpiling this dangerous weapons of mass destruction?
13. Chamberlain again !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (02.27.13)
There is only One Rule to Understand Iran, and that is - Causus Belli - Shia-Islam - !. Capitalistic followers dont understand as Lenin did put it , "the Bougoise is so Horny as to make a Profit/Business, that they will lend us the Money, wel shall have to buy the Rope from them, which we shall hang then in". Capitalistic Ideology does not Impress the the Communist/Korea, nor the Shia-Islamist opting for World Rule. There is Only and has Only been One Option - War !. Arn.Sweden
14. wish it were true
david ,   london   (02.27.13)
I would like to believe Mr.Gould and see that sanctions work. But, an important development was not considered: Iran delays action and manages to develop the bomb. In that case, all the negotiating postures change dramatically but it may be too late.
15. Mr. Rottenmouse. Please spare us
GI Joe   (02.27.13)
You are a fool, it is obvious, now please go back to your colouring books and try to stay within the lines with your colored pencils
16. Three other rules
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.27.13)
Gould seemingly failed to understand the Iranians, or refuses to draw the correct conclusions from what he knows. Gould should have a look at the following rules if he wants to know what drives the Iranian leadership. Rule 1: Iran considers US/UK allies of the Arabs, and all their moves are to bolster Arab power against the Persian people. Rule 2: US/UK military and economy can easily destroy any conventional armed opponent. US/UK have no moral compunction to kill anyone who opposed their interests. Rule 3: Nukes are critical for the survival of the Persian people. Nukes are the one weapon that US/UK fear. Nukes are the one weapon that will allow Iran to liberate natural resources from Arab domination.
17. #4 with friends like you, who needs enemies
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (02.27.13)
Your baldness must bother you to say that. Plenty of products out there to help your baldness. The Europeans have never acted as friends. I don't know what drugs you're taking, but have your doctor change the dosage. And your first thought is actually right on, we should sit calmly by as Iran does you in.
18. #15, Are you talking to me...you clown ?!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.27.13)
19. Moosechow from Nigeria
HaifaGuy   (03.01.13)
Keep your irrelevant nonsense to yourself, focus on your country's sorrow state of affairs and try to stay out of topics which you understand as much as the rest of the world understands the plight of the Ibo, for example.
20. To say that sanctions have "not yet succeeded" ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC   (03.01.13)
... Is to suggest that sanctions eventually *will* succeed. But how can one be so certain? They didn't work against Saddam's Iraq, nor are they working against North Korea. And yes, Iran's foreign currency reserves are "shrinking", but at some $70 Billion those reserves are about five times those of Egypt (and almost equal to those of Israel). That's more than enough to sustain Iran's nuclear project for a few more years.
21. True mistake
Fahd Alharby ,   Madina . KSA   (03.02.13)
It is a starnge case .You are absloutely right on the anaylses but you could easily be wrong on the result . You are underestimating the emotional in the Irania psyccology ,I agree with you that Iran is difficult to understand , yet to me one thing is clear : it is overdue for a crushing deafeat to save the Iranian culture and dismantle the and untangle the lethal mix of politicsa nd religon ., it is not unsimiliar to the case of Arab nationalism under Nasser , a deafeat can be transformative in time . Iran is ripe for one .
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