Clashes in West Bank: 2 settlers, soldier injured by stones
Itamar Fleishman
Published: 26.02.13, 17:40
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1. Palestinians have no weapons, only jews have guns. No jews
2. STOP calling them settlers. Just say Jews who live in Judea
ENOUGH ALREADY   (02.26.13)
or Samaria. THAT'S ENOUGH. You don't call ALL Arabs terrorists. Stop the racism against Jews.
3. #1 "Palestinians" Are Armed to the Teeth
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.26.13)
I am not sure where you get your information, but so called Palestinians have plenty of guns of all shapes and sizes. These guns were used against Jews frequently in the early 2000s, but now the Arabs show restraint because they know the IDF shoots back. I am glad to inform you.
4. Violent Arab Mobs
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.26.13)
There is nothing new with mobs of violent Arabs rioting. It is the unfortunate reality of having them as neighbors. The IDF must demonstrate restraint, because killing Arabs in self defense is just what the PLO hopes for.
5. Sorry to hear a soldier was injured
Haim ,   TA   (02.27.13)
6. #2 There is no Judea
Rami ,   Palestine   (02.27.13)
Calling them settlers is not racist. That's what they are. They're settling on lands outside of the borders of Israel in areas designated as the Palestinian West Bank. The only one who is racist is you, judging by your comment.
7. Jewish Residents of Judea Attacked by Violent Mobs
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.27.13)
The Arab settlers continue their violence in an attempt to steal more Jewish land. We must resist the Arab occupation at all costs!
8. Do you mean the "settler" is an Israeli Citizen???
Riva Schertzman ,   Gush Etzion   (02.27.13)
Because if you do, those of us who live over the Green LIne resent being depersonalized TO THE WORLD with the epithet "settler!" These PEOPLE whom you refer to as "settlers" are very dedicated to living on the land of Israel and protecting it with their presence even in very dangerous locations. They CARE to an extreme. It's because of people like this that we have an Israel! Now in this article, we learned that a very typically vicious groups of Arabs have been throwing stones and fire bombs at soldiers AND citizens! And by the way, the Arabs will use ANY excuse to do this!! My IDF commando son also explained how these "peaceful groups of Arabs" ALSO toss refrigerators and huge items out of their windows at the soldiers!! Almost ALL the time, these Arabs have made sure that the IDF jeeps catch fire AS THEY HAVE DONE HERE AGAIN!. We hear an Israeli was wounded and shot his gun in the air ONLY to have it taken away from him for trying to protect himself and others! Where is the public cry to defend the VICTIM and our soldiers!!!
9. The scurrying little rats!!!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (02.27.13)
It's funny watching the cowardly rats scurry-away to their rat-holes when the IDF rush them! The IDF just needs to start using live-ammo on these savages!!!
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