Bennett on voter fraud: Unfortunately, we were not immune
Moran Azulay
Published: 26.02.13, 20:32
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1. A "ballot lobbyist"was contracted...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.26.13)
Well,that seems to be a profession all over the world,including Israel. It also seems that Bennett didn´t agree with the procedure. And it also seems that this is a common practice in the primaries,since, probably ,this is the only way to get There. And ,also, "yes men"were profited (funneled)to this party,because if they weren´t funneled to this party ,they would be funneled to another by Dr.Ballot Lobbyist,since "yes men"don´t care anyway to whom their votes go. My opinion is that nothing is perfect and the best to do is to make the best of the unperfect and keep on going. It would be hypocrit to side Bait Yehudi´s members as unique cases since we have Olmerts,Deris,Libermans....etc. Hopefully Bennett is sincere in his love for Israel and will do his best for it.
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