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US Senate confirms Hagel as secretary of defense
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Published: 27.02.13, 00:27
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1. Major Defeat
Hakim ,   Palestine   (02.26.13)
for Jewish/Israeli lobby.....Times are definitely changing!
2. Adolph Hagel wins. USA falls.. even lower.
Beni B ,   Baltimore   (02.26.13)
America's founding fathers are rolling in their graves.
3. Hero Chuck Hagel Connfirmation
Harold ,   USA   (02.26.13)
People woke up and found who is causing problems in the United States for their own benefits. Edelson and his followers were defeated very badly no matter millions of dollars they spent to damage Hero Chuck Hagel and President Obama. The DOJ has to investigate how these clowns became very rich very quickly.
4. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.26.13)
Actually, it's a major defeat for the interests of the United States. I assure you that the lunatics in North Korea are dancing with joy. Hagel simply is not the right person for the job. He is not popular with Americans, either -- the polls show that 22% of Americans view him favorably, 28% view him unfavorably and 50% simply have no opinion. If he drops the ball on key issues -- Iran, North Korea, North Africa -- his popularity will drop even more. The hearings demonstrated that he is poorly informed on the issues, and past speeches he has given have shown that he is for rapprochement with Iran-- most Americans are not; he favors reaching out to Hamas -- most Americans do not want that -- and he has been highly critical of the State of Israel -- Israel's popularity with the American people continues to soar, while the "popularity" of the ersatz "Palestinians" continues to drop. When asked who is responsible for the stalled peace process: Israel or the ersatz "Palestinians," a formidable 80% of those polled blamed the ersatz "Palestinians." The current round of rioting is getting plenty of air time in the United States, so the ersatz "Palestinians" are certainly not acting in their best interests (when have they ever?). Please also remember that the House of Representatives does have the power to impeach cabinet secretaries. So, in your place, I wouldn't go out and buy candies quite yet.
5. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.26.13)
While they're at it, the DOJ can also investigate why Hagel is pushing for a United States relationship with Iran, and with Hamas, in contravention of United States laws which prohibit contact with state sponsors of terror and terrorist organizations. Then there's the not-so-little matter of Hagel's illegally retaining around $5 million in The McCarthy Group, despite the fact that he ran for office in 1995. Of course, there is the matter of his refusal to release the entirety of his investment portfolio and other financial information, as all cabinet-level government officials are required to do by law. You really don't know much about anything, do you?
6. Harold # 3
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (02.26.13)
It's a pity the DOJ doesn't investigate Holder for running guns to Mexican drug lords and also investigate Obama's protecting Holder from being investigated. The guns Obama and Holder were giving to Mexican drug lords are the same guns he wants to ban here at home. I guess they only want outlaws to have guns. Pretty neat huh?
7. #5
Harold ,   USA   (02.27.13)
Hero Chuck Hagel won and you and your followers lost very badly. Iran's Nuclear problem is created by Israel after having 200 to 300 Nuclear war heads and Hammas and Hizbullah were created by Israel after invading Lebanon. We never had PLO, Hamas, Hizballah and other Palestinian Organization before Israel was created. I am old enough to know what happened after 1948. Wise-up...
8. #4
Harold ,   USA   (02.27.13)
Chuck is now sitting back with his legs stretched preparing a list of all his enemies who wanted to discredit and damage him. How about that Sarrah BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB. How much Chuck's enemy spent to get an additional 14 NO votes and failed badly again.
9. Usual and expected Frightwing claptrap .You're all pathetic!
miki ,   tampa   (02.27.13)
The man was a Republicant Senator from Nebraska for goodness sake Nebraska not some flaked out haven of radical thought such as California or Connecticut or Rhode Island further he is not a Liberal not a Socialist not a Commie he wasn't born in Kenya he is not a Muslim and nobody badmouths his wife. So he must be an anti-Semite? He must support land grabbing, encourage crop destruction, expedite the exile of Israeli citizens who marry the wrong person, and encourage the arson of mosques? You people are pathetic-Hagel is the right man for the job.
10. 7
you're only old enough to know nothing of what is happening or what happened. the only thing you know for sure is that you actually know apparent from your idiotic and ignorant post.
11. # 5..And you still don't know anything but lies and BS...
Edithann ,   USA   (02.27.13)
If you were an American I'd think twice about what you say...but knowing you and your continuous lying...I just blow you off.. Iran will eat your lunch...and sanctions will be lifted.. .Our gas prices have gone up ...all due to Israel success in taking Iranian oil off the market..but that will end soon also...... TATA
12. #9
avi ,   nyc   (02.27.13)
Iso an anti semite supports an anti semite. surprise surprise
13. Thank God it's over and the 'RIGHT' man got the job!.....
Edithann ,   USA   (02.27.13)
This is a new day...Great changes ahead...Let's hope Obama has enough 'real Americans like Hagel' in his entourage when he visit's our money pit!... I think it would be good for Hagel to look over Israel’s arms to start cutting the budget... TATA
14. #4 Sarah B.
Walla ,   USA   (02.27.13)
First your last name fits you perfectly. Second most Americans don't give a sh-- about Hamas or Iran. They canot point Iran, Gaza or even Israel on the map. The only times they hear these names are when they listen to people like you. fYI he's now the "defense minister" of the USA. Netanyahu still selling and buying ministers for his new government.
15. Another defeat for the Right wing crazies
Stan ,   Israel   (02.27.13)
16. Another cave in
Brad ,   USA   (02.27.13)
Another example of how the democrat's job is to destroy the U.S., and republican's job is to let them get away with it. More than four republicans voted for this goof. All of the republicans who voted with the democrats to end the filibuster, are in this up to their eyeballs. The RINO's(republicans in name only) always put up a false front just for show, but they always show their true colors when they cave in like a house of cards. These votes, like a lot of other votes, are enough to gag a maggot. PUKE!!
17. to #1,3,7,8,9
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (02.27.13)
AMEN!!! Wonderful news for all Americans, especially those who worship Christ Jesus! This confirmation begins the long-awaited, yet most welcome moves to scrape the Zionist/neocon barnacles off America's back. Congratulations, Senator Hagel. And let us repeal Amendment 22 so that our great Barack Obama may be President as long as it is his desire!
18. I don't know...
Robert ,   Kentucky, USA   (02.27.13)
...if this goes here, but here goes. My name is Robert and I am going to graduate from High School this year. My grandmother said she would send my best friend and me to Israel for four weeks this summer as a graduation gift. She wanted me to learn about Israel before we go and I've been reading ynet to learn what I could. I thought your elections were very exciting and I've learned much about a parlimentary government from the articles. But I've learned even more about your country from the comments to the stories. The "Talkbacks". At first, I thought maybe Israelis just didn't like democrats. But now I see most of you don't like republicans, either. I don't think it's kind to call our President "Nobama" or use names like Sillary or Choke Hagel. And I'm not going to go to Israel this year. I realize most all of the posters here will bring more money into Israel than our trip would have brought ($12000-15000 was my dad's estimate) but what if there are ten other people like me. Or even a hundred. How many of you bring that many dollars into Israel each year? Probably not very many I bet. And if choosing not to go to a country where so many commentors ridicule my fellow countrymen is being antisemitic, then I guess I am. If you want to make up an insulting name for me, you might start with my nickname. Some people call me Rob. It will be easier to work with than Robert.
19. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.27.13)
Do you really think that Israel's agenda is in any way compromised because of Hagel's appointment? Must I remind you who controls the Pentagon's purse strings. Israel is not afraid of Hagel. The American people need to be very, very afraid of Hagel. Sorry about your stutter.
20. # 5
Al ,   USA   (02.27.13)
Senator Hagel is an American Hero and is now the Secretary of Defense. dealwith it. All the money spent by pro Israel/ Jewish lobbies did nothing but to discredit them and to highlight their loyalties. Senator Hagel is more concerned about the US as he should and not appointed to serve Israel's interest or shield it from its behavior. The more we distance our self from Israel's behavior and actions the better our standing will be around the world. Also be aware of Ms. B statements, she tends to creat her own facts as she go along.Senator Hagel disclosed two years of his financial history as required from every other nominee and legally, he is not required to reveal more. As for the DOJ going after him for promoting better relations with Israels enemies, that is a bunch of crap. As secretary of defense he can propmote sensible policy that benifits and protect US interest. Promoting changes to laws is not a violation. That is how you get them changed.
21. Miki # 9
Al ,   US   (02.27.13)
I could not have said it any better. I will add that in 2000 when McCain was running for president, he said that if he wins, he will offer Hagel the secretary of Deffense.
22. Oy Vey!
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (02.27.13)
The Goyim are taking back their country...
23. #7
French dude ,   Paris, France   (02.27.13)
So you are openly admitting that your problem is NOT the Israeli occupation, or the illegal security fence, or any other pretext to avoid negociations; it is quite simply Israel's very existence since 1948 (your own words). Your honesty is refreshing.
24. Bohica
Sam ,   Texas   (02.27.13)
bend over, here iit comes again
25. Sarah B.
DavidR ,   USA   (02.27.13)
I am in full agreement with both your posts. It is a sad day indeed for both the US and Israel. The Holy One of Israel has a list of His enemies and this Harold, the pali with a stolen American name is no doubt at the top of the list.
26. A defeat for the crazy right & neo-cons not Israel lobby
Avramele   (02.27.13)
AIPAC and mainstream pro Israel organizations understand that the powerful must be very selective when to take your gun out of the holster. ZOA revels in losses and martyrdom and the neo-cons are still fighting for the honor of the Iraq war.
27. harold, usa
hagel is one person. it is the congress that controls the purse strings and the final decisions. and if congress says no to hagel and it will, hagel is dead in the water. so, your wet dream is just very very wet.
28. So when do you recommend
Hakim ,   Palestine   (02.27.13)
I do buy the candies? Well,,,as Kerry himself noted,,,Americans DO have the right to be stupid and you definitely are from that crowd.
29. #9
Alex   (02.27.13)
What the f*ck are you talking about? Your rambling is one the same level of Stormfront claims of some evil Jewish conspiracy.
30. to #1 you got it wrong, Hagel means that
ghostq   (02.27.13)
the entire focuse in the ME policy won't be on the palestinian Israeli fued, only on Iran Nuke program, so you see it is also bad for you palis, the palis issue will be put aside for the next 4 years. the USA will be focusing on her own issues and not someone else.
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