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Images show Iran's Arak plant is operational
Published: 27.02.13, 08:40
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1. Don't worry guys
The A-Team is on the job. Obama, Kerry & Hagel. The Amateurs will make sure that Iran not only builds the bomb but also delivers it to Israel, Europe & the U.S. This will be the legacy of the Obama Administration.
2. Problem
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.27.13)
This is bad news. The longer we wait to bomb this facility out of existence the more dangerous it becomes for our boys...
3. Iran always had a dual track for producing nuclear weapons
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.27.13)
the shia terror entity was always pursuing both a uranium based bomb and a plutonium based bomb. this has been known for years. yet obama and the craven europeans have been pretending that they can sweet talk the shia terrorists into giving up their nuclear weapons program.
4. If theres ANY doubt heres more...
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.27.13)
1. Reports have been circulating that not only may this Terrorist Entity be preparing to use nuclear weapons but they are preparing to be attacked by nuclear weapons. There are bunkers built that can house over 20000 of the Elite and their families and other places of safety for around 200000 people mainly the RG and their families...So why is this kept so quiet in Iran? Is it because it seems that the rest of the Iranian public can burn? 2. Last weeks tank manouvres in the West of Iran were being openly bragged about as 'Pakpours Panzers' and with Vahidis almost daily threats on the you some idea of what they may be up to - punch through South Iraq, Syria and Lebanon with Tanks to confront Israel and Turkey and invade Kuwait Bahrein and take control of the Hormuz with their naval forces 3. The most closely guarded 'secret' though is what relationship N Korea have with Iran..When Iran is ready to strike out will N Korea strike out at the same time to ensure the world is powerless to retaliate? Is this the makings of WW111?......And I dont believe the Governments of Russia China India Japan South Korea Turkey Egypt Saudi Arabia Pakistan Israel...and especially their publics have any illusions about the imminent dangers and the global catastrophy that could result if Iran developed or obtained from North Korea an arsenal of nuclear weapons
5. # 1 Abama and his A-Team..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (02.27.13)
should subscribe to the Brittish Telegraph,who seems to know more thats going on in Iran..Ha..ha..ha..
6. And theres more
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.27.13)
Another thing that it is kept very vague and so very difficult to estimate by the Terrorist Entity of Iran is the amount of money Iran has spent on this 'Nuclear Quest' If you try to add up the costs of the plants, the bunkers, the clandestine smuggling, the costs of employing foreign scientists, the security...thats quite easy to estimate at between $ 145billion to $230billion over ten years When you add to that the costs to the economy of sanctions, the runs on private money and the corruption involved around the 'Nuclear Prize' the costs shoot up to $900billion to $1.3trillion over ten years! Eye watering sums...all for the sake of 'Medical Research'?
7. Confused?
Alon L ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.27.13)
The authors seem to have confused "heavy water production" with "nuclear reactor". They are not the same thing
8. Well isn't this lovely.
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (02.27.13)
While the US chatted and attempted sanctions...try taking down these facilities now. Israel was the barking dog that no one would listen to. And meanwhile we reduce the US military and aircraft carriers sit idle rather than in the Persian Gulf. Besides their courses in economics, did any of the Obama team take classes in world history?
9. Ashton needs to buy a newspaper.....
Nora Tel Aviv   (02.27.13)
.....otherwise how in earth would she know that Iran`s nuclear facilities just became fully operational.
10. What's about red lines...???????????????
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.27.13)
11. Where are the images of Israel's reactors?
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (02.27.13)
Right. Only Israel is allowed to have the bomb in the middle east.
12. Power Point Presentation
Colin Powell   (02.27.13)
I actually have apower point presentation of this reactor and the shed where they are hiding the WMD's, If you give me a minute I just have to change the heading. Does anybody have some White-out, Damn powerpoint
13. #11 you are right
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.27.13)
Israel has never initiated hostilities, but has been attacked numerous times. Israel needs nukes as defense. The rest of the Middle Easr are violent oppressive countries. They have no need for nukes.
14. #11- right- Only Israel
Stephen in New York   (02.27.13)
can be trusted to act responsibly. If you don't understand that . . . well, who cares?
15. # 13 - Israel has never initiated hostilities ,...
split ,   US   (02.27.13)
Care to tell us where the term "preemptive strike" came from and when was the last time Iran attacked it's neighbor or any country? ,...
16. Iran nuclear
Get Real ,   UK   (02.27.13)
Iran moves its nuclear and missle development forward in tandem. All for peaceful purposes,of course,as was Hitler's development of a civil airline. Any co-incidence the man 2nd right in the Arak 2006 photo even appears to have a Hitler style haircut?
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