Dragged into 3rd intifada
Yigal Sarna
Published: 27.02.13, 18:09
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1. An honest and reality based analysis
Avramele   (02.27.13)
No they will never love us. However we can force them through an iron wall of both might AND moral decency to accept our presence and a fair political and territorial compromise. Time and the international community is not on Israel's side and the majority of diaspora Jews choose to live in a different ethical universe than Bennett, hilltop settlers and their messianic Rabbis.
2. Mr.Sarna, Thanks for your magnificent article. TODA. Regards
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (02.27.13)
3. You are a naive Yigal Sarna if you believe what you write
Yossef   (02.27.13)
4. your "article"
mordecai ,   biblical Israel   (02.27.13)
This has nothing to do with journalism
5. Jewish Leftist Hysteria.
Dan ,   nyc   (02.27.13)
Where does YNET find men like Sarna who bring the shtetl's panic-stricken mentality into Israeli's homes?
6. Sarna exactly right
Mark ,   Cleveland USA   (02.28.13)
Accurate and important view. Israelis need to come to their senses before it's too late. Right wing fanatics causing the next Arab Israeli war, and we will be the villains this time around.
7. Left did the same appeasement with Arafat 10 years ago
Steve Meyers   (02.28.13)
Remember how the left blamed Israel for the Palestinians starting their umpteen terrorist war against Israel in 2000 and kept telling us How Arafat wanted peace. It shows how crazy these radicals are. Arafat was the one who ordered the terror war in 2000, which Suha just admitted.
8. Mr. Sana and #2
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (02.28.13)
I don't agree with settlement policy or expansion either. But the Palis will find another excuse to start any war as far as the majority of the Israelis are concerned. As long as they get paid by foreign forces to stay refugees and not integrate into Israeli society, there never be peace. Palis could have had a majority in Israel by now if they stayed away from violence and lived side by side with Jews. Today's PM could have been a Palestinian. The only choice left is Jordan and Egypt. Gaza should be governed by Egypt and Palestine could be created with WB and Jordan. Otherwise we will witness suffering on both sides for years to come.
9. Who
A week after signing the Oslo Accord, Arafat declared he would violate them and kill all the Jews. He immediately started illegally smuggling weapons in his personal car. A few years later, during Rabin/Peres rule he started the bus bomb war in Tel Aviv with hundreds of dead, a war that ended only after Netanyahu was elected. Who does Sarna blame for that? Shouldn't we have an inquiry commission?
10. #8 Dear Iranian Jew
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (02.28.13)
Unfortunately, your first option is an utopia ( please don't ask why because you already know) The second option is reasonable. I completely, utterly, whole heartedly agree. Regards. May peace be with you.
11. hope
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (03.01.13)
There is one thing sorely missing amongst the Westbank Palestinians and that is hope for better times. They suffer from both Israel and from their own fairly incompetent leaders. They are literally caged in in shrinking villages and towns. If you take away hope, despair sets in and anything can happen, such as a new intifadah which would be devastating for both sides..
12. Are Netanyahu and Abbas just sleepwalking?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.01.13)
Well we say its time to wake up! The only people who can make a resolution happen is them. Thats what Palestinians and Israelis need to do. March TOGETHER, Demonstrate TOGETHER and DRAG the leaders if necessary to face to face talks No amount of flag waving, price tag, settlement plans, UN resolutions will make any difference but just prolong the status quo As for Abbas once and for all we must TAKE OWNERSHIP of our cause and not allow it to be hijacked by Nasrallah, Ahmadinejad, Erdogan, the BDS lobbies, Irish and Norwegian Fascists, The Goody Jew Shoes Lobbies and anyone else who tags along all with whom we have little or nothing in common and use and abuse the Palestinians to further their own agendas
13. To settle the Land of Israel is not provoking any war as per
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (03.02.13)
se.How can one then explain the wars and incitement against Israel till 1967.Only the state of limbo creates confusion.When will Judea and Samaria be incorporated into the State of Israel ?
14. No Israeli talks with P.A. as no U.S. talks with Al Quaeda.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.03.13)
Israel should no more talk to the genocidal terrorist P.A. than America should talk to Al Quada. "Palestinians" are poseurs who seek to mass murder us all and steal our sole tiny Homeland.
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