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Chuck Hagel sworn in as US defense secretary
Associated Press
Published: 27.02.13, 16:12
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1. The dark forces prevailed
Brod ,   USA   (02.27.13)
The dark forces prevailed in approving one of their own. This will hurt America, Israel and the Free World. This may usher the beginning of the End Time.
2. face it..america is going to be a third rate nation
JL   (02.27.13)
3. Hagel : Obama's pet poodle in destroying America
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.27.13)
4. #1
Harold ,   USA   (02.27.13)
Chuck Hagel is a US Hero and will never hurt American but probably will hurt his enemies and tried to discredit and damage him. I am sure he already has a list showing names of his enemies and haters.
5. As an israeli, I don't care very much
Yossef   (02.27.13)
I care about the security of Israel, decided in Jerusalem. What they think and do in the US is their business. If it fits our interests that's good, if it doesn't, well, we have just to protect ourselves from the consequences. We are big enough to decide for the sake of our nation Israel.
6. #5 someone senseable on this site
jonathan ,   MN/US   (02.27.13)
Never thought i'd see that
7. # 4
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (02.27.13)
Ooooh......a list. That is so scary...... ha ha ha!
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