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World powers coax Iran into saving nuclear talks
Associated Press
Published: 27.02.13, 23:35
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1. WEAK Weak weak the pathetic 5+1
Have been bending and bending and bending To The Worlds Largest Sponsor Of Terrorism Ever! They have tentecles in syria, lebanon, iraq, northern yemen and probably bahrain as well! What has the ILLEGAL regime in tehran done In Good Faith Thus Far! Bupkis they Only Fan The Flames, by announcing More Centrifuges, Enriching Uranium To 20%, build more nuc plants, run a Heavy Water Plant and Demand And Make Counter Propsals Like Their In Charge? They Are A PARIAH state Self Isolated driven by isslimic fanaticism? How Long Till The So-Called window of opportunity SLAMS SHUT?
2. Remember Chamberlain 1938, anybody?
Harry ,   Sweden   (02.28.13)
3. The perfect storm of economic woes throughout the "World"
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.28.13)
combined with human penchant for looking the other way gives the Iranian Islamic Idiots perfect opportunity to bring their plans to fruitition.. Obviously the cycle of world-wars has to continue and this will be the cause of the next one; not until it will be almost too late to win. But afterwards we shall witness fantastic growth in the World Economy :-))
4. The keys to the kingdom
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (02.28.13)
I don't think we've given them enough yet. Let's throw in the keys to Manhattan, our national park system and the Smithsonian. For the first year. Then in year two when they start threatening us all some more we can go back to the bargaining table and toss them...
5. You are right #1...BUT...
Israeli 2   (02.28.13)
does this not mean that Israel is the biggest big mouth talker unless it anihilates Iranian Mullahs and destroy all their centrifuges? Of course it means that.
6. read between the lines
Jeff ,   USA   (02.28.13)
It's pretty clear what's going on here. Obama is appointing peaceniks to his cabinet and bending over backwards to appear "accommodating" in what's essentially a last-ditch effort now at diplomacy, so that if it falls apart and he has to take out the nuclear facilities, he'll be able to credibly argue that he "went out of his way to resolve everything peacefully, but Iran rejected it which gave him no other choice." This is about political positioning and being able to pin the responsibility for the fallout from an attack squarely on Iran.
7. a bunch of clowns
obama and his bunch of clowns are defeated by another bunch of clowns
8. Obama always meant to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.28.13)
obama imagines himself to be a genius in all fields, including in diplomacy. however, it is obvious that obama will make a deal with iran that will allow that rogue terror state to acquire nuclear weapons.
9. 6 Jeff
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.28.13)
you are being naive. obama has no intention whatever to use military force on iran. obama and iran will continue to have meetings and might eventually arrive at a deal which will allow iran to keep its nuclear weapons program. iran will build new enrichment installations and will continue with the plutonium production at arak.
10. Talks with Iran
John Williams ,   Ogden utah USA   (03.17.13)
I agree with everyone posting. It's so disappointing when someone stops a war by talks. We should have had the Iran war already and been on to our next one.
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