Police: 53.2% rise in migrant crime in Tel Aviv
Gilad Morag
Published: 28.02.13, 10:50
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1. Welcome to the hood
Expat ,   Adelaide   (02.28.13)
Brought to you courtesy of your bleeding heart political correctness.
2. israeli police and israeli judges = 0
3. Let them work legally. Then no need for any crime
Adi ,   Zurich   (02.28.13)
Let them work legally. Then no need for any crime
4. In Arad most if not all the security guards are Beduin
Michael Redbourn ,   Araf   (02.28.13)
5. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.28.13)
I have a better idea. How about we ship them all off to Switzerland, and you can let them work and live there?
6. Crime rate increase
Sarah Connor ,   Reno, Divided States   (02.28.13)
Diversity is our greatest strength! It is good to hate your own kind and advocate becoming a minority.
7. no...
bill   (03.01.13)
We'll have none of this "pass the buck" stuff thank you very much! Your country must obey the rules!!! Why should my country have to obey this UN convention and yours doesn't!!!??
8. crime done by immigration.
Bill   (03.01.13)
So immigrants cause a lot of crime, we know this in the West too. We just want Zionists to understand us Whites too... None of this forcing multiculturalism onto us has made life better has it! And so now with all this foreign crime you know how we feel now aye! You can't expect us to cry tears because our countries are being destroyed! You can't expect to just live in this world and force something onto a culture and just think you are above and beyond everything... With every action there is a consequence! It applies to Jews or any race or any evil organization!
9. crime in israel
bill   (03.01.13)
Good way of putting it.
10. Yeah...
bill   (03.01.13)
They got to practice what they preach otherwise they are hypocrites! If they appear in Eurovision and see themselves as "Europeans," they've got to have the same burden as other western countries! Otherwise, they should not be getting aid from United States or any other country! Come on! This is common sense!
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