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Ethiopian olah crowned Miss Israel 2013
Dalia Neuman
Published: 28.02.13, 14:01
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1. as it says in Shir HaShirim (The Song of Songs):
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (02.28.13)
Chapter 1: Verse 5 "Black am I, but comely, O you daughters of Jerusalem." To Our Miss Israel 2013 Mazal Tov Yafefia Shelanu! (Congratulations our beautiful one!)
2. Israeli racism - I love it
Noel Nesor ,   Israel   (02.28.13)
An immigrant from Ethiopia is Miss Israel 2013 - so much for the slanderous accusations of apartheid in Israel.
3. Not the first example
Reginald ,   Silver Spring, U.S.A   (02.28.13)
Several years ago an Arab woman won the contest.
4. Wonderful!
Avi ,   israel   (02.28.13)
Mazal Tov, Titi! Happy for you.
5. Maybe a good propaganda action,
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.28.13)
but an extremely ugly woman.
6. Ethiopian beauty queen
Roland Berger ,   Alberton,South Afric   (02.28.13)
Mazal tov,Titi ! If King Menelik would be alive,he would have been proud of you !
7. anti-white racism again
8. she is beautiful
JL ,   israel   (02.28.13)
9. Miss Israel 2013
millie magid ,   ny, us   (02.28.13)
What a great choice! Israeli Ethiopian women are just stunning. Brava!
10. Theres Hope
Ricky ,   The Bronx   (02.28.13)
Hope she wasn't sterilized.
11. Congratulations and mazel tov to Ms. Aynaw!
shmulke ,   w coast USA   (03.01.13)
12. Congrats
Thartea ,   India   (03.01.13)
Congrats, beautiful gal. May God bless you. Wish with all my heart that you become Miss World 2013
13. Slam !
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (03.01.13)
In the Jew haters' teeth.
14. In this case her beauty is NOT skin deep
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.01.13)
Her achievements, her grit and fortitude and determination her obvious intelligence in assimilating in her new home makes her all the more Beautiful
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