UK: Students disrupt Israeli official's lecture
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.02.13, 13:44
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1. Dear Israel
Johan ,   UK   (02.28.13)
Please understand - these "students" are NOT British even if they stay for another 10 generations in the UK. These are Arabs/Muslims - full of fanatical racist hate - pure and simple. Sending an apology to the people of Israel. Sadly the UK is getting worse. First they come for you… when they finished with you they will come for me – remember this dear Jews – most Christians in the EU are with you all the way – just because we don’t shout as loud does not mean you are alone
2. UK: Becoming a Muslim state..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (02.28.13)
3. israel
aviad ,   canterbury   (02.28.13)
hey i study university of kent . we also are having a lot of heat and problems on our campus we are a small group of israelis and jews that feel that this needs to stop asap !!!!
4. Free Speech
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (02.28.13)
This is the "high" ideal that Islam offers. No debate, no discussion, no truth, no elevation of civilization just a de-evolution to barbarism and rule of the mob.
5. free speech in the UK
ej ,   tlv   (02.28.13)
How sad it is to see the UK, a pioneer in free speech and academic freedom, succumb to violent, antisemitic, racist suppression of free speech by an unholy alliance of the Far Left and Islamofascist Arab-Muslim Jihadists. really sad! It's funny, in Israeli universities, you can discuss anything and everything you want, especially racism and the conflict with the arabs, why can't the UK, an object country, allow for the same civil, open discussion?
6. The British are afraid or could care less
Arnold ,   Canada   (02.28.13)
Why I say afraid is because the police themselves are intimidated by the muslim population. A great example occured years ago when police were heckled and pushed around by them. When I say could care less is due to the fact that as long as the muslims focus on the Jews the Brits have some common ground.
7.  UK students and freedom of speech
ky ,   UK   (02.28.13)
The majority of those taking part are foreign students. Those that are British are the victims of hysterical propaganda who have not yet matured enough to even realize what they are doing. Freedom of speech is the very basis of British society and they cannot be allowed to continue to disrupt it at the British taxpayers expense. The Foreign students who are breaking our laws must be identified and should be sent back to their country of origin immediately
8. Silencing isn't a rational message
Tom I. ,   Boston, MA   (02.28.13)
Silencing isn't a rational message, in the long run. Dialogue is the best weapon. Preventing someone from talking is pretty much a hate-crime. I'm not saying quit hating. So props to the "Pro-Palestinian movements, who argued that Israel’s position must be heard, even if they did not agree with it." P.S. Galloway is the epitome of human failure
9. Londonistan ! Will go down with eu. Even the Usa will eschu
Moshe ,   Usa   (02.28.13)
your friendship. And britun will be what it should be, a nothing state in the world. Go ahead join the arobs. Their hand is on everyone & everyone's hand will be on them. Ha ! Ha ! Ha !
10. This is a problem for the British people
Sidney ,   USA   (02.28.13)
If this tactic works against Israelis and Jews, how long will it be before it is used against all free speech in Britian?There should be major consequences for any university which tolerates this, expulsion of those involved and replacement of weak administrators.
11. thanks for your kind words,,,,,
alsky ,   toronto   (02.28.13)
but quite frankly, if your not parat of the solution, then you are part of the problem . What have you done ? Long overdue to rise up against the Jihadists and their useful idiots
12. Silencing isn't a rational message
Tom I. ,   Boston, MA   (02.28.13)
Silencing isn't a rational message, in the long run. Dialogue is the best weapon. Preventing someone from talking is pretty much a hate-crime. I'm not saying quit hating. So props to the "Pro-Palestinian movements, who argued that Israel’s position must be heard, even if they did not agree with it." P.S. Galloway is the epitome of human failure
13. Thanks Johan, #1
Yossef   (02.28.13)
14. You should see UK town streets...
15. Oliver Cromwell returns, in a Keffiyah.
Michael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.28.13)
This is a sample of what is to come from self-righteous, self-appointed moralists who refuse to engage in neither discussion nor debate. Stiff upper lip, old chaps. Your centuries-long fight for rights of free speech, assembly and equality is far from over. It is about to be restarted from square one against this mob of intolerant religious zealots who convict by dint of who can shout the loudest and intimidate the most.
16. NO#1 may god bess you all!!
Shai ,   Israel   (02.28.13)
17. #1 Time to start shouting????
Barry ,   Haifa   (02.28.13)
18. It should be a condition of acceptance of ANY foreign studen
exUK ,   TEl Aviv/Leeds UK/Is   (02.28.13)
that free speech is part of the British Heritage.Fanatical Muslim rhetoric cannot be allowed to hijack our beloved places of education.It should never have been alllowed to develop into such disgusting behaviour.It is fast approaching the muslim equivalent of Crystal nacht.I just read that there were many muslims in the German Army and they coordinated with the Arab chiefs in the middle east to be antisemitic
19. Why can't we boycott Europe?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.28.13)
Cut them off from all our technological, medical and hi-tech progress. Let Europe fall back into Middle Ages.
20. #1 Thank you
Rina   (02.28.13)
You said it like it is. Most Israelis know this, but it's good for the world to know also. Thank you for standing with us. Your reward will surely be great.
21. That is for what British were fighting Nazis for?
Alex ,   New York, US   (02.28.13)
Winston Churchill is turning in his grave!
22. The Hecklers-Dark Forces
Brod ,   USA   (02.28.13)
They come from the same cesspool of Hitlerite Papist AntiSemites, Pagans/Atheists and Islamist-Jihadists. They are the Dark Forces controlled by a Luciferian god.
23.  19 Barbara I do boycott most of Europe
Alsky ,   Toronto   (02.28.13)
The only country I will step foot in is Czech Republic. Furthermore, the Islamists, and their useful idiots are doing a fine job at sending back Europe to the Middle Ages.
24. Who cares about fourth-rate ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.28.13)
.... U.K. universities? Students who can only slobber at the prospect of admission to Oxford. Not going to happen. Riot, riot, riot. Once upon a time, the British had some class. Been to a soccer game in the U.K. lately?
25. Not new in the UK...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.28.13)
Shades of Mosley and the Black Shirts of Britain in the early 1930's...
26. not surprising at all
David ,   London U.K   (02.28.13)
white Brits are now in a minority in London, making up just forty five percent of its residents, according to the BBC
27. # 24
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (02.28.13)
Your crass remarks are aimed at the wrong target. See # 1 and # 7. Perhaps you need a little worldly insight to remove your ingrained prejudices and xenophobia.
28. 2-stop calling it a "Muslim" state
k ,   US   (02.28.13)
I assure you Europeans do not need any motivation to be anti-semetic, and any unjustified criticism or propaganda against Israel is 100% anti-semitism
29. No 1
Emma ,   London   (02.28.13)
Sadly many UK niversity 'academics' who are supposed to support freedom of speech and tolerance, are at the forefront of the anti-Israel movement in the UK. And let by Jews no less who have a screw (or several loose). It will nto be long before anyone who supports Israel's right to exist and defends Israel is banned from UK campuses or made to sit at the back of a lecture hall. We have been there before and unfortunately are heading back that way.
30. What about Iraq and Afghanistan?
Ivan ,   Haifa   (02.28.13)
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