UK: Students disrupt Israeli official's lecture
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.02.13, 13:44
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31. and this 'protest is.......
tiki ,   belgium   (02.28.13)
about getting a Pal State? LOL! These pro-Pal Neanderthalers don't have a clue about Democracy, free speech & civilized behavior, not to mention History and the 'real meaning of Apartheid. They are a bunch of ignorant, brainwashed, dictatorial fanatics, full of hate and therefore afraid to let anyone capable of exposing them for what they are, speak. The ones 'really to blame are the Universities who, instead of throwing these disturbing primitives out, prevent Israeli's their right to free speech and the ones who invited them the right to educate themselves and form a free & unbiased opinion for themselves! It's about time that universities start to take a hard & very critical look at themselves and ask the question why they have been founded in the first place. Higher Education & free speech or a place to riot and no education or free speech. Universities have to decide what they want, because this is not the democratic and right way forward to form a future generation.
32. What is the "University of Essex"? Is this a diploma mill?
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.28.13)
I have never heard of the "University of Essex". Is this one of those diploma mills, which essentially sells worthless degrees?
33. #1
marc ,   ny,ny   (02.28.13)
Excellent points Johan & the apology is noted but now is the time to stand firmly behind Israel. Now is the time for UK to scream as loud as possible. How else will you save your own hides before Manchester & Birmingham succomb to shariah?
34. The situation is difficult and sinister
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.28.13)
Because monitoring shows that some of the Anti Israel and Anti Jewish Activism is also stoked up by the University Professors and Lecturers as well The questions Jewish students are asking is that if these Professors and Lecturers are aware of my Jewish Identity will it affect my exam marks and degree results? Judging by the stony silence and total inaction of the University Authorities to the extremely provocative Anti Israel and Anti Jewish language of these people in the name of free speech..Im not so sure anymore I would say to UK Students consider the UK University you choose seriously. Investigate its anti Israel and anti Jewish culture and if you are uncomfortable dont apply. And look to also applying to Universities in Israel especially for Science Medicine and Applied Science Courses..The weathers better and the social life....
35. From a British PG student of Law.
Syed ,   United Kingdom   (02.28.13)
In great institutions where minds flourish and grow, it is wonderful to see honesty and integrity in one's responsibility in taking up a voice against apartheid enforcers and justifiers. This is happening, our citizens are not blinded by your illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing. This is keep happening. Israel has no friend in British Education.
36. # 8 - Pointing your finger again ;) ,...
split ,   US   (02.28.13)
There're other speakers on British campuses, there're Russians, Sweds, Ukrainians, Poles, to name few no one disrupts their lectures ,... It's your conduct, stupid ,...
37. Londonistan and England are becoming a joke.
Beni B ,   Baltimore   (02.28.13)
You can play "Find the Englishman" in London nowadays. -- Europa, oh hast thou fallen deep.
38. fed up with these bastards
dr daniel mostrel ,   paris mostrel   (02.28.13)
time to fight back and move away these antisemites from UK universities; BE PROUD JEWS and friends of Israel
39. The meaning of intellectual freedom: To all, but Jews
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.28.13)
This is the message that goes out loud and very clear and reminds one of the days of the 1930s and 1940s Europe. Is this where the British want to be...?? And, if not, isn't it high time Britain ceases giving in to the UNHOLY TRINITY, i.e. Classic anti-Semites; "progressive" anti-Jewish racists; and, 7th century-based Islamists...??!!
40. #1 - they are British Indeed
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (02.28.13)
Unfortunately they are British. This is what Britain has become. Your comment about the generations is like a Briton saying the Saxon invaders will not be British, even in10 generations. Sorry- not true. Britain is not geography, it is the people that live there. In 10 generations,, they will be the majority unless you DO something now.
41. Factually incorrect
Robert Sands ,   Colchester   (02.28.13)
Snir invited himself. The fictitious 'Middle East club' did not invite him. Those demanding that the speaker was heard do not affiliated themselves with Palestinian solidarity. Some deep fundamental errors in this article.
42. Essex University not 3rd rate Uni
John Smith ,   UK   (02.28.13)
There is a misconception that Essex University is some low grade 3rd rate Uni but this is just not true and thats what makes this more worrying.OK its not Oxford or Cambridge but it is still a good uni with quite a high ranking in the UK.
43. 12 - Almost forgot ,...
split ,   US   (02.28.13)
A latest victim not only of your silencing attempt but vicious attack and a character assassination because he dared to say what he think about your warmongering a few years ago is Chuck Hagel, not to mention all the venom you spewed on democratically elected US President because he resist your pressure to attack Iran and stop the land grab for settlements - You have a nerve to point you finger at others with your record ,...
44. 40 steve
alsky ,   toronto   (02.28.13)
England is long gone. The only thing they can do is to deport them which I think is highly unlikely
45. Middle East Club?????
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.28.13)
It's a funny "Middle East Club" that doesn't want to discuss Israel issues. I suspect it's a mainly an anti-Israel club. For those not in UK, there's been a revolution here. Fees for UK students are now £9K a year, plus living costs. University education is being "dumped" by domestic students so our universitites have to import students from overseas to cover their costs. It's an export business. Readers will not believe this but the really clever ones come to the UK for a couple of years and get residency status. Then they are entitled to borrow the money from our government. When they have finished and earned a bit of cash allowed under their student visas, they go back to their own country and abandon their debt to the UK. British tax payer picks up the bill!
46. UK Students
mark G ,   Manchester uk   (02.28.13)
No35 You are an ignorant immigrant to the uk blinded by your immams perverse views of the only democratic state in the middle east. Get out of my country now. Why should my tax help fund your stay in my country the uk. Ask the 7 syrians how healthcare was in Israel. Ask the Israeli arabs if they want to give up their rights in the state of israel. What do you know??? Nothing . You jump on the bandwagon and use the uk for all it has to offer including the right to delegitimise foreign countries. you need to visit Israel and see what it has to offer as well as the science and technology you use every day.
47. 24 - Been to a soccer game in the U.K. lately?
split ,   US   (02.28.13)
Have you been to Fed Cup Israel-Poland tennis mach a couple of weeks ago or note any hooligans or racist incidents on Israeli Soccer fields? Of course not ;) ,...
48. #2 Ivan, Yes, but look at your own country!
David ,   Israel   (02.28.13)
South Africa has broken all academic ties with Israel and Israeli universities to its own detriment! The former Deputy Foreign Minister of South Africa said "the the Jews should be driven into the sea". Archbishop Desmond Tutu has trned his rabid hatred of Israel into total Antisemitism. In Britain hatred of Jews id inbred and South Africa is no different. BTW, I lived in SA for 40 years and I do know the history of the country of my birth!
49. #1 - Appreciate it, but you're wrong
RJSUSA ,   USA   (02.28.13)
@#1 While we appreciate the sentiment you express, unfortunately, you are wrong: These are the new Britons. The UK has let in millions upon millions of these people. Once they arrive on your shores and are granted citizenship, they are just as much citizens as the native born. It's horrible, but that's the unfortunate truth.
50. Dear Israel
Odeliyah ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.28.13)
Dea Johan You wrote "just because we don’t shout as loud does not mean you are alone " SO SHOUT! Odeliyah
51. # 35, Ignorant Student
Ted ,   UK   (02.28.13)
Who is asking for your friendship? the issue here is a freedom of speech, which you should if you pretend to be a law student! Besides, as muslim shouldn't you be worry more about close to 100K victims of your brothers in Syria? which BTW, is more than all muslims killed in all Israeli-Arab wars!!
52. # 8 ,...
split ,   US   (02.28.13)
Silencing others is your trademark - There're a countless instances of not only silencing and demonising others but going after their jobs and destroying careers ,... Carter, Messenheimer, Finkelstein, Walt, Judt, Thomas, to name few rings the bell ? ,...
53. UK isnt land of Bowler Hats,Cucumber Sandwiches and High Tea
Alan ,   SA   (02.28.13)
London is majority ethnic..The Labour Party soon after coming to power in 1997 embarked on an accelerated Immigration policy .The Labour realised (as did the US Democratic Party )that ethnics tend to vote for party with the best goodies and treats. I can assure readers that Essex University is not in the Top 10 UK Unis. You can be sure it is the ethnic and anarchist types leading the campaigns Hoping for the best but expecting a very bleak future for Jews in the New Khalifa of EU
54. Essex uni -
Harvey ,   London   (02.28.13)
Students are being mugged. £9k a year tuition fees to end up flogging phones at car phone warehouse for £18k a year . Third rate university , third rate students .
55. The UK is not the same place that I once loved.
Doug. ,   UK   (02.28.13)
I am British. I have long warned about the increase in this type of behaviour, but the authorities do not want to listen, in case the offend the Islamists. Many more prominent people than I have similar experiences. What these people don't seem to understand is that their refusal to engage in debate, or listen to the other side's perspective, is the very attitude embodied with a host of Arabist/Islamist entities in the Middle East, including the Palestinian Authority. No dissent is allowed. It is not for nothing that a Palestinian was jailed for a year recently for criticising Mahmoud Abbas on Facebook. It goes on.
56. # 8 again ,...
split ,   US   (02.28.13)
Just a couple of weeks ago AIPAC goons tried to shut Brooklyn College’s discussion about a movement that calls for economic boycotts and sanctions against Israel if you happen to miss it.
57. to 43
Jennie ,   ISrael/US   (02.28.13)
Who did you address your "genious" post about the"silencing attempt", split ? Who do you think could or was silencing Hagel or Obama ? Unless you can list at least one example and name, you are a crazy lying bigot... It "beats" me to understand, how and when Israel is/was "warmongering", split... And please don't be timid...
58. 35 do you support Assad's killing of 70 000+
59. Universities today, Parliament tomorrow?
Get Real ,   UK   (02.28.13)
Of course not you say,yet who would ever have expected that our Universities would one day be deprived of debate and free speech? Tragic that the democracy which so many fought and died for is being eroded away.
60. Dear Mr.Galloway
Yossi ,   London,UK   (02.28.13)
I was amazed to see this so called "Member of Parliament" doesn't recognize Israel or debate with Israelis. The man appears to be Insane even on public appearances in the UK. Mr.Runaway,you are a disgrace,and should probabely be an MP at some third world country,what kind of an example do you set by not debating with Israelis or recognize Israel. May I remind you: It was Britain,who I respect deerly,that created the palestinian-Israeli issue on the first place by splitting the land ! Learn a bit of history,Mr.Runaway,Israel is here and here to stay,whether you like it or not ! I'm ashamed of you...
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