Israel may lose $500 million in US aid
Yitzhak Benhorin, AP
Published: 01.03.13, 23:44
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1. you dumbbells
milson   (03.02.13)
tje iron dome and arrow are israeli developed technology. Since security is the number one issue, israel should pay whatever it takes with US shortfalls. Running around saying there is no money is stupid, deumb. Just shift money to it and end of story. are you dumb or what??!!
2. No worries, the money is there!
Ehud   (03.02.13)
There are about 4.6 billion NIS in the budget for the Haredim (not including child allowances and other individual goodies). In essence, the US contribution has simply allowed to compensate for some of the money the Haredi extorted for sitting in the coalition (and through sitting in the coalition) - no more!
3. U.S. aid isn't worth loss of Israeli independence.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.02.13)
U.S. aid isn't worth the loss of Israeli independence. U.S. aid amounts to a tiny amount of Israel's G.N.P. However, Obama, and other hostile entities, feel they can boss Israel around because of the aid. The aid creates an sense of obligation for Israel to do stupid and self destructive things to please the likes of Obama. Moreover, Israel has bowed out of bidding on countless military contracts, worth many billions of dollars, because of U.S. aid. On balance, Israel would be far better off with the aid.
4. An Easy Fix For Israel.
American Firster ,   USA   (03.02.13)
Simply use the revenue you've been using to building illegal settlement and pay for your own weapon(s) systems. Israel is more than capable of funding the occupation all by itself.
5. After so many...
Hakim ,   Palestine   (03.02.13)
years, its time for Israel to support herself.
6. Israel aid helps the US economy
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (03.02.13)
since all aid must be spent on US made equipment. Israel aid is not going anywhere. Out of a 13 trillion shortfall, 500 million is like nothing.
7. Obama and America
Brod ,   USA   (03.02.13)
Obama buried America under 16.5 Trillion Dollars in National Debts. He still has the temerity to play golf. It is time for Congress to impeach such an incompetent President that is hurting America, Israel and the Free World.
8. Create War Bonds
Zechariah   (03.02.13)
Create War Defense Bonds of Ten Trillion Dollara to Mature in Ten Years At Solid Guareenteed Returns.Israel is the front line the Jordan Valley and Golan Heights the Missile Shield .
9. Any cutbacks to Israel better affect...
Malone ,   Hfx   (03.02.13)
..Egypt as well.
10. #1 Milson
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (03.02.13)
It may be Israeli technology, but it is funded by the US taxpayer.
11. #1
Gregory ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.02.13)
Iron dome and arrow are Israeli developed technology? Where is the evidence? What was the contribution - 1%?, 100%?.
12. Cut the foreign aid period
Taner ,   NYC   (03.02.13)
To israel, to Egypt, to Europe... I do not want my money spent elsewhere. It is my tax dollars!
13. It's not dumb it's greed
Remo ,   Canada   (03.02.13)
Now watch all the cry babies complain about how this is Obamas fault and how much he hates Israel. Time for Israel to stop taking food stamps when they are in a much better position then the States.
14. This is probably for the best
Dan S.   (03.02.13)
Israel needs to develop its own industries, not buy from the US. So long as it keeps tieing itself to the US, it will be succeptible to political pressure. Israel needs to make its own fighter jets and ships as well.
15. Bombastic Bombama is lying through his teeth. Cut is smaller
Marco ,   Spain   (03.02.13)
This year it will be only $44 billion, just over 1% of the total Federal budget of $3.8 trillion Such a tiny amount of cuts can be easily absorbed with no impact on services or the economy.
16. Funding
USA   (03.02.13)
There are lots of people, organizations and even nations that can make up the slack and leave no tracks.
17. Israel needs independence
Moshe ,   USA   (03.02.13)
Did the US fight all of Israel's wars? Did the US create the miracle that is Israel today, while fighting those wars. Israel can take care of itself, IF, it believes in itself..I wouldn't worry about the $500 mil. But, Americans ought to worry about Obama and Co.
18. 500 million dollars....
Mike ,   Edmonton, AB   (03.02.13)
is just a drop in a bucket. To have an idea, this amount is the budget needed to building one modern stadium. In the other hand, is an astronomical amount, more than enough, to bribe politicians. Just a thought!
19. US Financial cut backs
Roxy ,   Israel   (03.02.13)
Why not first cut back on the salaries of the senate and house members as well as some of the perks they receive? Cut back on Presidential perks too.
20. After Obama secures Iranian BOMB, no amount of security
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.02.13)
money will do us much good, so please keep it!
21. Budget Cuts
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (03.02.13)
The budget cut are $85 billion between now and October, half from Defense. Only Grannie's healthcare and pension are spared. This is the second planned crisis of 4 for 2013. Italy is more stable.
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (03.02.13)
Not "all" aid is spent on US weapons. Since 2008, all U.S. aid has been for the military, but money is fungible. Israel receives $3 billion annually, three-quarters of which must be used for the purchase of U.S. weapons.
23. to all those who preferred romney
yahudi ,   israel   (03.02.13)
look at the disaster being fomented by the republicans...who really is pro israel, not just in word but in deed?
24. 12 my tax dollars too
k ,   US   (03.02.13)
And sending money to Israel is the only thing I want my taxes to go toward, plus alot of rich Jews who pay huge taxes but get little or nothing back, I am sure they like to know they get some return on their contribution
25. 23 you are correct
k ,   US   (03.02.13)
While Republicans like to say they are pro Israel, actions speak louder then words, history has shown that the Republicans and the Conservatives were always hostile to the Jews and Israel, that has changed but maybe not so much, of course the Democrats in the last 10 years have become hostile to Israel as well, maybe they see it is because the Republicans are pro Israel and they want to be against anything they support? All I know is Jews have to be 100% loyal to Israel because if the Jews do not look out for Israel then no one will
26. Israel must get off the teat of the USA!
David ,   Israel   (03.02.13)
If there is a shortfall for weapons development, Bibi will tax the middle-class, reward the tycoons and "convince" the Haredim to back him! Of course, the "convincing" will be giving the Haredim more money and education, healthcare and pensions will be cut. Actually, with cuts in education there will be no new scientists and engineers to develop new weapon systems so "Ihiyeh beseder" - It will be OK! That is the Netanyahu way and we all know it!
27. 11
both invested by israeli aerospace industries and by israeli technicians and engineers from the military and from the university of the technion. both have been developed strictly in israel using 25% of usa military aid in israel. not a single american ever touched this product. they only gave money and financial aid to it. go do some research before you spout idiocies.
28. Still LOVE Romney
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (03.02.13)
obama sux.
29. Milking the American cow got to stop somewhere.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.02.13)
Israeli is milking the US, Haredim are milking Israel. Haredim are the pure winners, Israel 50% winners. America is a total loser. How can the American taxpayer tolerate it? He can not.
30. 27
Gregory ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.03.13)
'Not a single American ever touched this product'. Come on. Speak the truth. It may be true for Iron Dome. Magic Wand and Arrow were co-produced with US. Obama played a big role in canvassing for funding. Go do some research before you spout idiocies.
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