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Syria report: Prophet Elijah's synagogue bombed
Roi Kais
Published: 02.03.13, 12:02
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1. 2000 year old Synagoge! So the Jews were here first!
David ,   Israel   (03.02.13)
I am sure that the Arabs and the Palestinians will soon claim that is is a shrine to Mohammed even though he came along 1500 years later! Makes you think about the Sea to the Land of the Two Rivers thing.
2. yes arabs were there first
Onas   (03.02.13)
Just because ancient arabs allowed jews to live there before the era of Mohammed doesn't mean jews were there before them. nabateans controlled big part of today's israel yet israeli archaeologists won't tell you that nabateans are ancient arabs who spoke aramaic in arabic scrypt, nabateans are named after nabajoth, one of ishmael's sons.
3. #2 ur quoting the Jewish Bible
yossef ,   ber sheva   (03.03.13)
Yishmael was banished with his mother left & cannann
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