Opinion  Smadar Perry
It's all personal
Smadar Perry
Published: 03.03.13, 20:41
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1. This fool does not reflect Israel.
Miron ,   USA   (03.03.13)
2. Smadar, Do you read foreign newspapers, watch foreign TV?
JJJ   (03.03.13)
Smadar, Do you read foreign newspapers, watch foreign TV? Watching the massive demonstration against Israel every time Israel take actions against her enemies, burning Israeli flags, supporting terrorisiom against Israel. I will admit I do not know how many are strongly against Israel and how many are less, but I submit millions are Israel haters.
3. skin deep oberservation
anton ,   istanbul   (03.03.13)
me thinks its not that simple :)
4. Nice tale, but not a convincing one.
Dani ,   na   (03.04.13)
I have to agree with Anton on that one. It would have been easier to believe if I heard that from Turkeys. Last week, however, a Turkey lady's article has made it painfully clear that Turkeys expect Israel to apologize for stopping their attempt at running a legal blockade.
5. Th truth is that...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.04.13)
...about 50% of the Turkish population is against Israel, and about 40% supports Israel. About 10% are in limbo...I read regularly the talk-backs on Turkish newspaper websites (such as Hurriyet). And those are the ratios I am observing. So Erdogan has a huge following (slightly more than half the population).
6. Arab Street? Turkey is not Arabic!
Bad ,   Melbourne, Australia   (03.04.13)
First of all, Turks are not Arabs so stop calling him "King of the Arab Street". Secondly, most Turks are not exactly against Israel, but they are led to believe that Israel is anti-Muslim which influences their views.
7. Who started this spat?
Jacob Edelman ,   Burke, USA   (03.04.13)
Remember who started this useless spat ! Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his deputy who arrange to insult the Turkish Ambassador for no reason at all. So what are you complaining about?
8. turkey
gandolf ,   canada   (03.04.13)
Why does Turkey so avidly support a nation for 3 - 4 million Palestinians but suppresses the rights of 35 million Kurds for their own country?
9. My observations on this matter
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (03.04.13)
As a Turkish born raised 63 year old man who has friends and relatives there 1. More than 50% of Turks are against Israel. I believe at least 75% that includes not only AKP supporters but also others including CHP supporters. It has become fashionable to be anti Israel. The difference is that the AKP supporters hate Jews senselessly. 3. Many center left leaning Turks (there are not many of them) deep down admire Israel for the decisive way Israel defends herself and for the many thrchnologicsl, scientific, medical and artistic achievements. However they are afraid to raise their voice.
10. Not going to last
Iranian H   (03.04.13)
Only a secular Turkey can be a strong friend of Israel. Let's be frank, there is NO WAY an islamist Iran or Turkey can be friend with zionist jews. Or jews that defends Israel, or jews that wanted independence instead of servitude. Iran is also a strong ally when it's secular. Same goes to Turkey. I say, give Turkey 60 years. The next generation that is islamized will be a lot different. Asks most turkish today, do they hate zionism. I am sure the answer is way different than it was 60 years ago. It will be a lot nastier in the next 60 years unless the jailed journalists and generals are freed after their sham "trial". But the problem is the islamist regime of Erdogan have many PR teams. Like the Taqiyyah Barbie turkish girl Ynetnews and others are using a couple of weeks ago. I saw her sister of coworker created an article in al-arabiya defending erdogan jailing the "fake" journalists and extreme secularist generals (as she called them). Don't hope too much. Be independent and trust Hashem only.
11. Why and how will Israel and Turkey get closer?
bob k ,   orlando usa   (03.04.13)
12. Like Alon Pinkas, Smadar Peri has a disconnect from reality
Edward ,   New York   (03.04.13)
This is not just wishful thinking, its downright silly. Unfortunately, the damage to the Israeli Turkish relationship promoted by Erdogan and the AKP is supported by over half the Turkish population, It is questionable whether the relationship can ever be recovered, especially after the purge by the Turkish military of pro-western pro-Israeli officers and the tacit support of Erdogan by the Obama administration. Under any other US President Turkey would have been brought back in line with threats of expulsion from NATO. Only Obama tolerates this crap by mildly stating his behavior as objectionable.
13. Zero Problems
Sasha ,   Perth, Australia   (03.04.13)
Consider Turkey, once they had a policy of Zero issues with the neighbours, and for several years this worked well, and Turkey thrived. Now look at it, I know you in Israel say you are surrounded by foes, but just look at Turkey - bitter proxy war with Syria, hostile relations with Israel, Kurds in Iraq & Syria attack Turkey, No normalisation with Amernia, they never solve the Cyprus issues with Greece and the EU, and now due to their support for Assad's foes, they have angered his main backer Russia, meaning they again have issues with their large neighbour to the north.
14. It must be tough for Erdogan
Mark ,   London, UK   (03.04.13)
Turkey's attempts to join the EU have soured. They would be obliged to join the Euro and have seen what happened in Greece. He's turning around to the Arab states in the vicinity and they are all collapsing into chaos. Keeping out of the quagmire in Syria and the prospect of a failed state on their borders must must be a problem. Surely he's aware that Turkey will be next since Al Qaeda and it's affiliates love blowing up muslims best of all.
15. In the 'long' run NO place for ISLAMIST Turkey in NATO!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (03.04.13)
16. Unfortunately, Erdogan represents a growing demographic
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.04.13)
It's true that trade with Turkey is still vibrant. But the liberal, secular cohort of "European" Turkey is declining numerically compared its the more conservative, more Islamic heartland. Looking at Turkey's recent elections, Erdogan's AKP is only getting stronger. The problem isn't just Erdogan. It's Davutoglu, and Gul and Gulen and IHH and al the rest. The target isn't just Israel or even the Jews. It's anyone that doesn't toe the line. That includes judges, journalists, military leaders, and academicians.
17. Turks feel good about Israelis?
Mark Ayres ,   Los Angeles   (03.04.13)
No Turk will ever forget that nine Turks were killed by Israel to maintain the Israeli "deterrence" and not one apology has been forthcoming. The author misreads the Turks.
18. Rejection Partition Plans War Crimes
Zechariah   (03.04.13)
The rejection by Islam of the 1947 Partition Plan after the Holocaust was one of the Greatest War Crimes of all times .And yet six million Arabs Islamic and nationalised as Palestinian still live from the Sea to the River but under Jewish security Provisions .Where are the Armenians there ought be ten million now in Turkey .
19. It's not just Erdogan. It is an AKP ideology.
Zvi   (03.04.13)
AKP ideologues are overtly anti-Semitic (and not simply viciously anti-Israel). Erdogan is far from the most extreme in that respect. Clearly, the editors do not understand the AKP.
20. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.04.13)
I believe the intent was to imply that Erdogan plays well in the Arab street, especially his anti-Israel rhetoric. By the way -- Arabic is a language, not an ethnicity
21. Erdogan is more dangerous than Assad.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.04.13)
A psychopatic tyrrant, who is dreaming about the restoration of Great Suleyman's empire. Millions of turks are already inside Europe. In Budapest every third restaurant is turkish with their abhorent kebabs.
22. Did a 9 year old edit this?
Menashe ,   Jerusalem   (03.04.13)
23. Erdogen insulted Peres
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (03.04.13)
a war of words that the foolish Turks took to another unnecessary level. Hope they and the Jordanians are flooded with fleeing Syrians. Go broke 'helping' your brothers instead of the fool hearty attempt to break an Israeli naval blockade that took the lives of nine paid IHH thugs that Erdogen hired and is responsible for.
24. # 13 Perfect! Thanks for your analogy
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (03.04.13)
we forget how G-d gets even sometimes. Turkeys' become a tragic joke to everyone but the illiterate Muslims.
25. #7 yes we do remember who started it
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.04.13)
It was a fat little racist twerp called Erdogen that started by insulting the President of Israel. Over the weekend a Turkish General attacked a female German soldier that is currently DEFENDING Turkey. Why is that? That German soldier was doing her duty and the racist Turk attacked her. This is the norm for Muslims
26. #6 Bad
ltrail ,   United States   (03.04.13)
Bad wrote, "...that Israel is anti-Muslim ". I'm not an Israeli but must admit, the Muslim anti-Israel charter and play book, have influenced my view of Muslims. The eradication of the State of Israel will never happen. Yet eradication of the State of Israel is the Muslim creed; even, likely ,PM Erdogan's creed.
27. 25
anton ,   istanbul   (03.04.13)
are you sure you wanna go in that subject of racisim? ;)
28. #27
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.04.13)
"are you sure you wanna go in that subject of racisim? ;) " Anytime anyplace. The MOST racist people on the planet are MUSLIMS. They have killed more people for being different than all others in the world combined. Bring it on if you fascists can handle the facts in return.
29. to #6 Bad in Melbourne
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (03.05.13)
you are ALMOST as naive as you are ignorant. Turkey received untold riches by being the colonial ruler of the Arabs, & now that there's oil & gas, even friendly-to-isrel Turks feel tempted to play the anti-Zion game if it has prospects of re-gaining former glory (which it does because the Arabic-speakers are ruled by emotion- & tif here's no negative incentives. PS: getting lectured by a visiting westerner is no dis-incentive. A disincentive is something that costs you cash or costs you votes. PPS: Turkish airlines advertises in Hebrew in California.
30. Naive: Turks don't like Israel / Jews
Sami ,   New York, USA   (03.05.13)
Naive: Turks don't like Israel / Jews.
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