Severed animal heads found in Tel Aviv
Eli Senyor
Published: 05.03.13, 14:56
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1. misdirected protestors
animal lover ,   rehovot israel   (03.05.13)
If these protestors would channel their energies to helping the multitude of homeless cats and dogs instead of making a "statement", there might be a lot less suffering for our animals. People are not going to become vegetarians. This was a waste of time and tasteless. Please help those animals that can be helped.
2. Why is this shocking? Where's the crime?
Donn144 ,   Caldwell NJ   (03.05.13)
People eat meat. Could it be they do not want to know what it is they eat? Can they not see what happens to an animal when slaughtered? It is important to know the consequences of one's choices. If one eats meat, they are in part, responsible for a severed animal head.
3. I support the animal rights activists! End animal slaughter!
Daniel   (03.05.13)
4. The time has come, to become a vegetarian !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.05.13)
It's a SHAME, to kill and eat animals !
5. Who are they ...
Jack ,   Beit Shemesh   (03.05.13)
to dictate to me what to eat and not to eat. If they don't want to eat meat., great.... but stay out of my kitchen!!
6. Let me see ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.05.13)
.... animal rights activists want to prove their point by slaughtering animals and placing their body parts in public places. Where's the logic in that? All I see is hypocrisy. I hope they do not wear leather shoes or carry leather or suede bags ..... but somehow, I doubt it. I've been a vegetarian for years. Healthier for it, too. But while I think a vegetarian diet is better for you, I doubt that I would slaughter an innocent animal to prove my point. I also have always privately wondered if these committed vegans refuse to nurse their children. Breast milk is, after all, not a vegan product.
7. who said those animals were killed for it
Kosta   (03.05.13)
The heads were taken from slaughtered animals of the industry
8. Some must see documentaries and lectures
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.05.13)
Just so you know how your meat gets to your plate or where your fur or leather comes from or what animal testing really means you should start by seeing these amazing documentary films and lectures. - Forks over Knives - Earthlings (2011) documentary (on youtube) - Gary Yarovsky - The best speach you´ve ever heard (on youtube) - Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death (on youtube) Melanie Joy - Carnism, The Psychology of Eating Meat (on youtube)
9. save the potato
doron ,   jerusalem   (03.05.13)
The potato is systematically tortured and fried placed next to the burger and mercilessly chewed by the evil human mouth. This is called a French fry but in fact it is a potato corpse that was a martyr for senseless domination.
10. PETA
PETA ,   Tel Aviv   (03.05.13)
People Eating Tasty Animals For each animal you don't eat, I'll eat 3.
11. Who says vegetables don't suffer?
D ,   TA, Israel   (03.05.13)
12. Mmm... It makes me hungry!
Jon ,   Israel tlv   (03.05.13)
Not fair. This article made me hungry and I still havent has b-fast ;( If i were a vegetarian i could eat some grass now, but im just a normal person
13. I disagree. I'm an intensive activist for stray cats and
D ,   TA, Israel   (03.05.13)
I find this campaign very useful.
14. #8
Alex   (03.05.13)
Animal testing is already forbiddden in Israel, so is declawing of cats, Foie Gras and there are restrictions on leather products. Israel is in the forefront of animal rights already.
15.  SICK: "269life" animal rights group
moshe ,   Tivon, Israel   (03.05.13)
Only weak minds can take pleasure in killing and toturing animals. BUT ... the SICK minds of "269life" animal rights group can compare such deviation to the Holocaust ! moshe
16. lions of africa - crazed criminal beastes
gregor ,   bulgaria   (03.05.13)
The lions of Africa have been not only ripping to shreds the cows but also the zebra and the elephants. What needs to be done is more education for the lions. They must be sensitized to their actions and encouraged to consume a more plant-based diet. Enough is enough!
17. So: protesting the "Apartheid Wall" is suddenly not enough?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.05.13)
18. Sarah B 6
alsky ,   toronto   (03.05.13)
vegetarian is good but you need to go organic. G-d bless Israel....and your great posts !
19. #1 - but that would take energy and thought
William ,   Israel   (03.05.13)
and most protesters are about bravado and shock-value. Those who actually do real work to make a difference in the world are often not vocal and not a target of public focus, sadly.
20. #2 - then hang posters with graphic photos
William ,   Israel   (03.05.13)
but tossing around dead animal carcasses (a health hazard) and defacing public property IS a crime. Too bad YOU can't see this. Typical of the "ME" generation. Then as a driver of a car, shouldn't you also be bombarded with images of mangled bodies from auto accidents? By using a vehicle, you are partly responsible for the culture that supports death by auto.
21. Watch the movie Food Inc.
Avi ,   Belgium   (03.05.13)
Than you'll know how messed up this world is about food...not only with meat, but with so many things!
22. sick and sickening
tom ,   toronto, canada   (03.05.13)
the animal rightsers are sick, misguided idiots, who have lost their minds. and their statements, and actions are those of crazed fanatics who will say anything, and do anything, "for the cause". (they have firebombed medical research labs.) ultimately, they will kill people to help animals.
23. #21:Yeah, watch porn and see how babies are made, yikes!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.05.13)
24. Animal heads???
Spencer ,   Israel   (03.05.13)
Those who perpetrated this disgusting demonstration are barbarians and need to be hunted down and have the full book of the law thrown at them, and when they are found guilty, hopefully a prison sentence will be one of the options for the punishment meted out to them.
25. Animal lovers
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.05.13)
Usually are brutal human life abusers. Doctor Mengele preferred sacrificing jewish children rather than his pets to perform his fake medical experiments.
26. Pornography is it?
andyprigge ,   ORANGEVILLE   (03.05.13)
Yes it must be pornography. And its sponsored here! Why comment here when its like trying to find a piece of paper to write on, and they have all been covered in excrement. Judgement is coming. Will G-d save you?
27. Infamous massacre against plants
Yael Schlichting ,   currently Munich   (03.05.13)
Numerous famous plants probably never intended to see themselves or their seeds ending in our stomachs.
Yo , I don't miss a beat Don't admit defeat I like to beat my meat instead ,don't go protesting with some animal head .
30. Are any of those heads Sarah's?
Hakim ,   Palestine   (03.05.13)
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