Bennett slated to get finance portfolio
Yuval Karni, Moran Azulay
Published: 05.03.13, 12:54
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1. what is this fixation about Lieberman??
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (03.05.13)
in fact when it comes to diplomacy and foreign affairs, let's be honest, there couldn't be any one less suited than Lieberman. If the public value his no nonsense approach, they will have it no matter where he is in government. Foreign affairs is about engaging the international community, not repelling them. And anyway who says Lieberman is going to be able to serve anyway?
2. So ... is Lapid a phony?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.05.13)
Didn't he base his entire campaign on wanting to improve social conditions in Israel? So, how does being foreign minister factor into that? Lapid is a fraud and a phony. And now, the Israeli voting populace knows it. Let's have new elections. Lapid must just like the idea of jetting around the world and being put up in five star hotels. Well -- let him get his vacations on his own dime. He ran on a highly particularized platform, and he needs to stick to it. Methinks he won't do so well in a new election. I don't think the Israeli electorate is willing to fund his visits to places he's always wanted to go. Foreign ministry portfolio for someone whose entire campaign was based on internal issues? Oh, I don't think so.
3. #2
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.05.13)
It takes a fraud and a phoney to recognize a kindred soul
4. #1 Sam
Fad Egypt   (03.05.13)
well, first of all Lieberman was one of the best of foreign ministers of Israel, during his tenure Israel boosted its diplomatic relations with many countries which Israel has ignored the relations with them for two decades, for example the relations with the african and latin countries, Lieberman was the first foreign minister who tried to boost the relations with such countries, also Lieberman is good for the PR, Israel needs to tell the truth and dont be afraid, it needs to defend itself in the international arena, and Lieberman always tells the truth when it comes to the talks with the PA, when he was saying that there wont be peace deal in the coming years, he was right but he was attacked by leftists, actually he isnt the only one who believes so, Barak himself said that yesterday at the AIPAC, Mofaz , Peres, Bibi and Belin all of them believe so, second Lapid has no experience, he is still new face in politics, he cant be a foreign minister, anyway i hope that Lieberman is cleared from any charges and returns again to the public and political life shalom
5. Bennet MoF is a good idea, Lapid as FM is terrible idea
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.05.13)
bennet might make a good minister of finance, but lapid should not be given foreign affairs under any circumstances. he is simply not qualified.
6. To enter in a private business...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.05.13)
we must show diplomas. What diploma has Lapid shown, to be given something as complex as foreign affairs,on which the fate of Israel depends greatly?
7. Bye Bye Bibi
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.05.13)
8. Coalition of ThevFortress
Zechariah   (03.05.13)
9. Lapid wants FM portfolio for only one reason....
P'd off yid ,   South of tel aviv-Is   (03.05.13)
and the sole reason is because it is the second most prestigious after the job of the PM. I think a lot of people don't mind russian mafia Lieberman having the FM post but i would actually give it to Feiglin because he'd get up on the world stage and say things like 'palestinians, what palestinians?". To be a foreign minister you need to have a steel spine and steel balls and I see Yair as having neither.
10. #2 and #6
peter ,   tel aviv   (03.05.13)
To # 2 you forget that Yair Lapid is pretty well off financially he does not need the portfolio to finance his travels. The platform his party ran on during the election calling for a social justice does not preempt him of serving as FM since his party as a partner of the coalition would have its demands. As to # 6 you have a problem with Lapid's abilities or back round? For crying out loud the current PM is a former furniture salesman
11. shame Lapid & Bennet care more about power than the people
zionist forever   (03.05.13)
A coalition with Lapid & Bennet without the religious is doomed to fail within a year. Between them Lapid & Bennet control more Knesset seats than Likud and Lapid is on a power trip and has Bennet in his back pocket because he has a chip on his shoulder so doesn't want to work with Bibi There is going to be alot of friction especially with Lapid constantly trying to act like an emperor. Likud back benches s are eventually going to demand Bibi ends this coalition even if it means an election, a coalition like this won't be able to pass any legislation of any real value anyway. I give a coalition like that a year tops. A coalition that includes them and the religious well it might upset the haredi haters but it will be great for the country. A coalition in which Bibi has both allies and opponents but a coalition which is big and wide ranging enough so no individual ( Lapid included ) or party has the muscle to threaten to bring down the government by pulling out the coalition so neither the secular or religious will have to much power. Bibi can say there can be one leader only and thats me so if you don't like it then there is the door. Everybody will learn their place and we will have stability enough to start passing real legislation that benefits the country not just the crusadrers with pet causes ( Lapid, Bennet, Religious ) Sadly Lapid & Bennet are thinking about themselves and what suits them rather than whats good for the country.
12. 10 peter Bibi made high studies in US
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.05.13)
13. Ora
peter ,   tel aviv   (03.06.13)
Ora I did not say that Bibi did not study ,I said he was a furniture sales man, which he was. All the calls from people that this one or another one is untrained or not fit to be a minister or PM are out of order. You need to be educated and (hopefully ) well behaved, you should shed party sentiments ( if possible) and try to act to do the best possible for the country while considering all aspects of the public's benefits and dignity.
14. Voters Voted for Haredim as Much as they Did for Yesh Atid
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.06.13)
If you combine the Haredi parties they have as much if not more representatives than Yesh Atid, so Lapid is talking nonsense. Make Lapid head dog catcher, although he's not even qualified for that.
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