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Top US commander: Iran sanctions not working
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Published: 05.03.13, 22:23
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I never would have guessed...
3.  " USELESS "
A chocolate Teapot , a perforated condom , a wet cigar , a uni-cycle , a cold-air balloon , iranian sanctions.
4. Gen. J.Mattis You Are Experianced Military Man
However your chief and commander IS NOT. I appreciate Your Honesty And Candor! Would You Set A Deadline or Altamatum if you had the Power? Would You Put The Onus on tehran and their ILLEGAL regime? Why would the pathetic 5 + 1 Reward A Rogue Balligerant regime WITHOUT GOOD FAITH?
5. Not a surprise
Aharon   (03.05.13)
More sanctions aren't going to do anything since Iran is hell bent on obtaining nuclear weapons. The only thing that will stop Iran is a military strike.
6. There It Is, Unabaited Truth Given By The Highest
Military Man Of The Superpower, oh crap Used To Be A Superpower. Bibi was and is Right! BOMB, Bomb and bomb All nuclear sites and associated apparatus, military sites and oil complexes NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blow the ILLEGAL regime Back To The Days of gilgamesh!!!!!!!!!
7. Democrats Love Sanctions
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (03.05.13)
Sanctions almost never work. They punish the poorest of the people but the leaders still live in comfort. It will take a decapitation of the mad Mullahs and the Government to bring Iran to its senses and bring them beck into the community of nations. That will also convince North Korea to get their act straight.
8. General Mattis dares to tell the unvarnished truth
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.05.13)
for the first time, a top american military officer dares tell the unvarnished truth about iran: that neither sanctions, nor diplomacy, nor any amount of sweet talk will stop that vile, genocidal terror regime from developing and acquiring nuclear weapons. obama has tried and succeeded in putting a gag order on the united states military, and indeed, on all opposition to his policies. however, we now see that even the most dictatorial president will eventually find an honest and unbowed opponent, one who actually cares about the truth and the future of his country and of western civilisation.
9. Get your "mind right"
10. How hope obummer doesn't fire this General for saying the
Jerome ,   Basalt, colorado   (03.06.13)
11. That's why he's "TOP" Commander: he sees what every 12 year
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.06.13)
old child realized years ago.
12. As foretold
John Prophet   (03.06.13)
The world pivots, the future is created in the minds of men! It is written.
13. Sanctions have NEVER worked. They're merely symbolic.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.06.13)
Duh! Sanctions have NEVER worked. They're merely symbolic. Sanctions couldn't even stop a small weak nation like North Korea from building nukes. Sanctions are worthless. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
14. #3 what?
your third "useless" thing...didn't Bill Clinton use those?
15. 8 Cipora - Enjoy the Cake Walk
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (03.06.13)
He didn't recommend war. He didn't promise a cake walk. You want a cake walk, enjoy the stroll.
16. 10, General Mattis was fired a few weeks ago
C   (03.06.13)
obama has been purging the military and the cia and just about everyone.
17. he will "resign" in a few days
JL   (03.06.13)
18. War Wasn't Recommended
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (03.06.13)
Gen Mattis did not recommend anything. He said resolution was possible without war. War is easy to start, hard to contain or end.
19. #18 Mark of Lewiston
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (03.06.13)
And which peaceful solution would you suggest - surrender to Shia Islam?
20. 19 Albrecht - Germany should Handle It
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (03.06.13)
I see no reason Germany should not handle the problem entirely. Leave the US out of it. Germany has an army and navy and air force.
21. @#8
lightharry ,   New York   (03.06.13)
And now Israel smells the chance to set up the profitable logical lines to support American Forces fighting in Iran while the IDF sits on it´s hands in a warm spot inside Israel.
22. 15, Mark, war is never fun
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.06.13)
some wars are a necessity. there will be no invasion of iran, certainly not in the usual sense of that term. why did obama fire mattis? mattis is competent and independent, that is why. he is my type of man. by the way, mattis also said that israel could act on her own. so stop your paranoid ravings. the only civilians who will be in harm's way will be israeli civilians. americans will be safe, many thousands of kilometers from any action.
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