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Obama: Chavez death opens new era for Venezuela
Published: 06.03.13, 12:05
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1. Lucky Venezuela..
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.06.13)
The number of islamic followers is less than 2%, and the country will avoid the arabic spring....
2. sad news ...Good bye Chavez !!
Salma ,   PALESTINE   (03.06.13)
Palestinians will never forget you
3. So endeth the reign of the Castro wannbe & lackey
Cameron ,   USA   (03.06.13)
A clownish enemy of the US. Good riddance.
4. Me missed Purim by 10 days..all is well...lets move on
Al   (03.06.13)
a vile anti-semite, low life whose claim to fame was like all anti-semites, a hatred towards Jews. You can't rewrite stupid, only this guy tried and in the end died like the mad dog he was.
5. You're too naive
Tom W ,   USA   (03.06.13)
Speaking from experience: Wherever the Communists grab power they never give it up peacefully. Look at the bloody history of the Bolshevik takeover worldwide. Only when the destruction of the society and its economy is complete, then, fearing the wrath of people they give up power grudgingly. See the devastation in Russia and E. Europe after Communist rule. Venezuela is full of Chavez followers, nothing will change. What have changed in Cuba after Fidel? Raul came, doing the same.
6. I hope it won't resemble the one that predated Chavez ,...
split ,   US   (03.06.13)
7. # 5 ,...
split ,   US   (03.06.13)
You wouldn't want to live in the one that predated Chavez, where few corrupted mega landowners and US stooges owned 90% the the land and riches and rest was starving ,... Communism sucks but it was better for most of the folks there than what they got under Perez ,...
8. #7. Sounds like your Hamas buddies
A ,   Belgium   (03.06.13)
9. Hugo Chavez
Victor ,   Caracas, Venezuela   (03.06.13)
A divisive fool that whored out our country to the Aye-sayers... No looking for a return to the past... But to a government that would treat us as citizens rather than subjects... Power hungry people will do whatever necessary to grab it and hold on to it.... The people problems are of no concern to them... just for show... For starters, was instrumental in an attempted coup (one that planned for years, and somehow failed, that´s a preview of a man who couldn´t plan nor carry out, other than "winging it") with over 300 dead... And only served a couple years in jail (good tho pay for a dead person evey other day what a short sentence) before being pardoned out by the President (Rafael Caldera) at the time, his godfather by the way, without stripping him of his political rights. Our national debt (Government + PDVSA) soared from roughly 35 to over 140 billion USD during his tenure... With high oil prices for the most part... We have not infrastructure to show for, our electrical power generation and distribution system is in decay, the bureocracy more than doubled and the government debts with its own employees and suppliers/contractors can not be paid... We are in a dark chapter of our history, but most fools clap their hands to honor their bank-roller.... Too bad that he didn´t have to face the mess he left for us...
10. NOTHING will change.Only the pockets for stealing the Petro$
Alan ,   SA   (03.06.13)
Wheres all the OIL MONEY????
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