Officials report breakthrough in coalition talks
Zvika Brot
Published: 07.03.13, 21:32
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1. excellent news
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.07.13)
it is gratifying to know that finally all the personalities involved have decided to put the interests of the medina ahead of personal rivalries and agendas. let us pray and hope that this will be a strong and lasting coalition which will advance the interests of the state on all fronts, domestic and foreign.
2. Does Bibi still have both Kidneys?
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.07.13)
Who knows what Bibi had to promised to these power hungry newcomers to get them to agree to joining the government?
3. Until now I gave 10 out of 10 to Yair
Sagi   (03.07.13)
I now have to reduce that to 9. He has done a great job so far in reining in the superfluous ministries and ministers without portfolio but I am very disapointed at him giving in to more than 18 ministers which in itself is already far too many. Like many other aspects of Israeli life the government is anomalous. Instead of seats seeking a minister we have ministers seeking seats, and usually the more the merrier, this is a left over from the Mapai era of "magia li", essential or not does not matter, "magia li" is what counts.
4. New old newcomers(except Bennett)
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.07.13)
There is a dinasty of defeatist$ in the power of Israel that refuse to relinquish or even to divide their power. They go defeat$ after defeat$ thinking they are winning something.Well they are actually winning something-$$$,after all, this palestinian /Jew issue is a lucrative business. We know that after all their preferences do not stand in Israel anyway but USA,so why should they care for Eretz Yisrael-the Eternal Land of these idiots called Jews they lead to heck? The son of Rabin lives there in USA for many years already and so do the children of Tel Avivian elite,so why care about these strange covered head men and women looking forward to live a beautiful life in these so beautifull montains of their Forefathers?
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