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Rise in number of Jewish single moms
Published: 01.04.13, 07:52
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1. Judaism is not malleable, but Jewishness is
observer ,   Egypt   (04.01.13)
reform rabbis in the States follow their Jewishness.
2. The costs to society of this UNorthodox choice is this:
Rivkah   (04.01.13)
90% of the boys raised by single parent women go to prison. 80% of welfare recipients are women, mostly single parent women, many of whom make a living having babies for government payouts. The nation cannot afford this UNorthodox lifestyle choice. Many males (I cannot call them men) no longer want to marry since they figure, "Why buy the cow when the milk is free?" It is true Tamar the daughter in law of Judah the Patriarch who seduced him and had twins went it alone with decision to raise children as a widow alone. That had a positive outcome and one of the twins was in the geneology of the Jewish Messiah, Yehoshua of Nazareth. But it was a decision made after her other options were gone. Perhaps this is the point a lot of Jewish women are facing today. If they wait until they are older and find a man to marry which is getting increasingly unlikely, they will have a greater risk of having a stroke when the children are little. I have seen that many times. Who takes care of the children if the SINGLE mother has a stroke or cancer or a heart attack? There is no father in the picture for those children if a woman has children by herself with a seed donor. Another aspect of unwed motherhood is that it is almost impossible to find a male to marry a woman with a ready made family of one or more children. It is hard enough for a single woman without children to find a husband, but to find a husband who will take on another man's children is almost impossible. That means single women who opt to have a child or children must expect to remain single for their lifetime. My cousin Katherine Pettis of Georgia is epileptic and was a school teacher who is now retired. No one wanted to marry an epileptic and she wanted to have children, so she prayed each day and night for a long time for the Lord to bring her a husband and He did. But it was someone who had cancer of the spine. They had three children with birth defects caused by the Dilantin Rx drug Katherine takes for epilepsy. She worked and her husband who is still alive after decades, stayed home with the children. Another option for single women who want a husband to go along with the children he fathers, is to go to the Veterans Administration Hospitals and contact disabled veterans' groups to see who wants to marry. Most disabled veterans who have a pension to help with a family, are abandoned by their families and need someone to love them and be honorable to marry them to have children by them. That is certainly more honorable than having children out of wedlock in defiance of the laws of the Lord.
3. Liberalism
Hana ,   Israel, Israel   (04.01.13)
This is a result of our increasingly liberal society which places no values on the traditional family. Children as a result are bratty, disrespectful, and turn out to be useless adults. Thanks alot you liberal terrorists, look at what all your "freedom" has brought!
4. More Jewish American mishegas
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (04.01.13)
And what are the probabilities that eligible, Jewish men are going to marry these mishugenah women, and adopt their bastard children? Unless these women seek husbands outside the Jewish faith?
5. Raising kids on your own is no picnic..ask my ex
Al   (04.01.13)
I can't for the life of me understand what selfish nonsense these women fed into.
6. Please use Jewish dating services. At least try to get
Moshe ,   Usa   (04.01.13)
married. Marriage is a gamble & you will not know exactly what your mate is like until you marry him & live with him for at least one year & probably more. I'd like to marry 2 of my nephews off. They are both educated & stupid for women.
Bob Houser ,   New York, USA   (04.01.13)
Jewish single women need to take a cue from their goyisha counterparts a bit more. Instead of being so demanding and so critical, if they tried to create a more supportive and sensual environment for male male partners - perhaps they would not be forced to be single mothers disproportionately more than others. Obviously some, especially in large urban environments have issues with men. Then because of those issues - they complain no man wants them ultimately for marriage and children. A bit of inner reflection could be warranted here.
8. Don't Judge!
ilan ,   Ramat Gan , Israel   (04.01.13)
9. #2 ,...
split ,   US   (04.01.13)
What's the costs to society by chosing an orthodox lifestyle and make the taxpayer sustain their double digit families ? Ask their neighbors in Postville, Monsey, New Square, Kiryas Joel (to name few) what price they pay and how does it feel to live next door to them? ,...
10. Since in modern society men...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.01.13)
get the pleasure, without having to marry their partner....why should they give up their freedom?
11. #6 Moshe, Tell them to find other women, better suiting.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.01.13)
12. #2:
iselin ,   Oslo, Norway   (04.02.13)
90% of boys raised by single mothers in prison? Where did you get your statistics? I don't believe this.
13. to #9 split
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (04.02.13)
I can answer your question with precision. The cost to American society to support Ultra-Orthodox Hebrews in the USA, is 0.24 times that required to support (per household, defined as per Census rules) the "Obama's urban core-support" demographic. The Jews cost only a quarter of what the Liberians do. Why? Hebrews never burn down their own neighborhood!!
14. 12 Iselin, Oslo, Norway: The State of Massachusetts checks
Rivkah   (04.02.13)
sixth graders to see how many boys are being raised by single parent mothers and determine how many prisons to build based on that since 90% of those boys in the sixth grade in Massachusetts raised by single parent women end up in prison. Others States may have a higher or lower rate of imprisonment of boys raised by single mothers, but it averages out.
15. 9 Split, US: Orthodox families with two parents who have
Rivkah   (04.02.13)
a lot of children who are poor and need government assistance is very little to sustain them compared to $50,000. a year per prisoner for the sons of single parent mothers raising them since so many end up in prison...90% in Massachusetts. 85% is another estimate of another State. The figure is very high regardless of the State, so the expense of housing prisoners greatly exceeds the expense of food stamps for large Orthodox families.
16. #10 Ora
Vlad   (04.02.13)
I think it also has to do with the sadistic financial consequences a man in the West faces in divorce.
17. #2, In Georgia brain scans r free for suspected Alzheimer's.
Michael ,   California, USA   (04.02.13)
Home sweet home is calling.
18. 9
why should you care? are you one of the fathers and need to pay child support? if not, it is none of your business.
19. 12 Iselin, Oslo, Norway: TheUSA has the highest imprisonment
Rivkah   (04.02.13)
rate of any nation on Earth, higher than Russia and China under the communists! Here is an article for you to read that has an 85% of boys raised by single parent mothers go to prison: . Another is www.fathersand Go to a search engine on the topic and there are many pages of articles on this phenomenon.
20. 8.
Birdi ,   Israel   (04.02.13)
Besides for # 8, who is 100% correct, no one has the right to pass idiotic comments here unless they have first hand knowledge of ALL the facts that brought these women to their decision to bring kids into the world & raise them on their own. Forget what the Bible(s) say, forget what the close-minded neighbour says. A child needs unconditional love, attention, mental stimulation, education, moral values & an adult to look up to. Being a mother & raising a kid alone is not rocket science & can be achieved. Societies have changed, people have changed. Israel has to ''go with the flow.''
21. No.8 - No.20 - I agree with you!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (04.02.13)
As a woman, it is my own right to decided if I want to be a mother and how. My choice to get married or not. Who are these people who want to decided for these woman? As if these people are going to pay their child welfare money? World has changed. Accept it....
22. Single Moms
Debbie ,   israel   (04.02.13)
To Bluegrass Picker, Your comments would be much better received, if you did not use the term "Hebrews", which I believe is offensive and derogatory. I don't know what your origin is but I'm sure you wouldn't like it if you were called Dago, Nigger or Spic, or anything else. I haven't heard this term in a hundred years, and then only when reading about Nazi Germany.
23. Single Moms
Debbie ,   israel   (04.02.13)
Rivkah, I don't care if these statistics were taken in Timbuktoo. That is ridiculous. 90% of boys raised by single moms, end up in prison? I'd like to see this study. I don't believe a word of what you've written.
24. 17 Michael: California is the land of fruits and nuts. Is
Rivkah   (04.02.13)
that what you are for posting on YNET? Facts are facts which does not mean the fact-bearer has Altsheimer's. To imply that is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit in me. I have a great concern for the misuse of taxpayers' money which you apparently do not share.
25. Wanna have a family? Here is the solution
American Sabrah ,   Israel   (04.02.13)
Look for a spouse, get married, and then have kids. A normal functioning family should have a mother and a father living together to raise their children and offer them a loving and nurturing environment. These single career women only want to satisfy their biological clocks; they are not thinking about whats best for their kids.The traditional way is usually the best option. Not all women are able to juggle their demanding careers and raising a family. They can only handle one or the other. That is the truth. Single parenthood also results from men not wanting to own up to their responsibilities as fathers and would rather party and sleep around. If this defines secular enlightenment, then we are living in a sad state. Men and women need to prioritize and put their personal needs aside when it comes to family planning. A child is entitled to have a mother and a father; not just one parent because the other partner didn't want to be.
26. raising a child without a father
dmmd ,   bronx ny usa   (04.02.13)
It may make you happy to have a child but will the child be happy without a father? Sounds very selfish to me.
27. Single Moms
Debbie ,   Israel   (04.02.13)
American Sabrah, Thats all well and good, and agreed that the best environment is a loving nurturing home, with mom and dad both present. But this is many times not the case. Just look at the statistics for child abuse, both sexual, verbal and emotional. A parent, also dies, is not functioning, cheating, drinking, gambling, sick, unable to support the family, and many other factors. What then? The world is changing, as Tevyah concluded in Anatevka, and we have to change with it. Gays are marrying and having children, single moms are having children, and so forth. I think it is cruel and judgmental to deny a woman the right to hold her baby and nurture it, just because she didn't "look for a spouse, get married, and have kids". There are many reasons for not finding a suitable partner. Poor timing, bad luck, not grabbing an opportunity, the person finds someone else, lack of financial or physical assets, who know? Not every woman (or man) follows your black and white, cookie cutter method of doing things. I did "find a husband, get married and have kids," but I can appreciate, emphasize and support those who did not do it this way, and still wish to raise a child.
28. Rivkah @ 15 ,...
split ,   US   (04.02.13)
Google ''failed messiah" to read if their freeloading ends with food stamps and get some insight of their lifestyle ,... By the way I have 2 not 8 or 10 children that's as many I could support and provide education. It would be nice to have more but not at the expense of others - On the other hand every one of their kids with with the 'education' they get is a fair bet for one more schnorrer that will produce a dozen more freeloaders and make the taxpayer pay for it.
29. #25
Vlad   (04.02.13)
Problem is, in the West, the divorce laws are so lopsided against men that more and more are refusing to get married and start families.
30. 29 Vlad Men who think of divorce..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (04.02.13)
before marriage,better stay single. If you want to SUCCEED your marriage,you must be convinced you will SUCCEED and do everything to SUCCEED. A happy family life is worth the effort.
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