Syrian rebels fire shots on Golan border
Roi Kais
Published: 09.03.13, 19:49
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1. If the rebels want to attack Israel...
Beni B ,   Baltimore   (03.09.13)
..then we know what we are dealing with and we should wish the 2 arab opponents lots of luck during their litlle war.
2. G-d will never be yours !
alsky ,   Toronto   (03.09.13)
where do I sign up to buy property in the Golan ?
3. Trying not to succumb to namecalling
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (03.09.13)
Why are these people so silly? 70,000 dead, a good part of the country in ruins and they are focusing on Israel and the IDF? You would think that when their civil war ends they'd be worried about taking care of all the refugees living in camps in neighboring countries- getting them back into Syria, feeding them, rebuilding housing and infrastructure. My goodness, what ill placed priorities.
4. Obama cancel your visit .
Zechariah   (03.09.13)
5. Israel helped wounded Syrian rebels..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (03.09.13)
and now the rebels are threatening to attack the Golan Heights. What a bunch of ungrateful wankers these rebels are..
6. He is fanatic but not stupid,like Nashalla.
ROSENVALD ,   BRAZIL   (03.09.13)
Them dont will fight against Assad and Israel and the same time.
7. Golan is Syrian, remove european jewish squatters
John ,   USA   (03.09.13)
8. Islamist terrorists will be pushed back
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.09.13)
israel is waiting for the right time to take action against this riff raff of islamist terrorist.
9. When time right - Israel will act
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (03.09.13)
So far - only noises - who is scared of noises? - Israel is sitting and watching - Security of Israel is in the hand of those we trust - Now I can go back to sleep
10. irun helps terrorists overtake soorian dictator so they can
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.09.13)
try to harm Israel ! Another concern for Israel !
11. He goes on to declare that from now on, the rebels will fire
Corey ,   Canada   (03.09.13)
on this land. Tough talk from the rebel. But does the dummy realize he'll be fired back on?
12. 7 john
alsky ,   toronto   (03.09.13)
not anymore. You lost it when you attacked Israel All sovereign nations can set their Immigration policies. Sorry if you dont like it ! We arer coming from 4 corners of the world.....just as it is written !
13. Livni, are you taking note????
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.09.13)
If any MK so much as suggest that Israel's borders be monitored or protected by the UN as part of a deal, he / she should be CHASED out of office immediately. The UN has no credibility whatsoever.
14. i am surprized....
les ,   canada   (03.09.13)
taking them this long to show their REAL intentions!
15. Okay, thanks for the enlightenment
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.09.13)
Now, shut your stupid mouths before Israel takes you at your word and rolls over your asses. Won't take us long. Take your megaphones, your jeeps and your rifles and go kill some more of your brother Arabs. Thin the herd. Do not make mistakes that you will not live to regret.
16. #7 What an idiot. Do you even where Golan is?
Cynic ,   USA   (03.09.13)
Much of the Golan is uninhabited. What squatters are you talking about?
17. Point of view
sam ,   colorado   (03.09.13)
US be mistaken by arming Syrian opposition will turn magic against the magician
18. whenever you feel froggy ....
levite ,   Migdal Israel   (03.09.13)
jump off the lilly pad and come try to take the golan...... bring your majic carpet for your ride to the side of ullah
19. TO NO 15
sam ,   colordo   (03.09.13)
agree with you to thin its herd.indeed they cattle
20. John # 7
Arnold ,   Canada   (03.09.13)
The Golan was part of the Ottomon Empire up until the end of WW 1 after which it was "given" to Syria by the French and English. Prior to the Ottomon Empire the Golan changed hands multiple times through wars. For the longest of biblical time it was part of ancient Israel. So if the Syrian rebels want it they will have to fight for it. After all it was only a "gift' to the Assads and Syria. Please educate yourself before posting your BS.
21. #7 John: Most of the USA
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.09.13)
is occupied by European squatters or their descendants, and probably you are one of them.
22. Liberating the Golan
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (03.09.13)
First, liberate the Golan. Finally, liberate ALL of Holy Palestine from the Zionists and run them out!
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED ISRAEL   (03.09.13)
24. Israel MUST help Assad!!!
Ivan ,   Haifa   (03.09.13)
25. Threats
Get Real ,   UK   (03.09.13)
If they want to know the real reason there has been calm for 40 years suggest they strike at Israel and see what the IDF will do to them. The free Syrian people will certainly thank them for being dragged into yet more death and destruction
26. re #7
nigel ,   london   (03.09.13)
And America is a colonialist settlement and belongs to the indigenous Indians- After so many years, time you cleared out. Or do you only use history selectively
27. #15
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa, FL USA   (03.09.13)
Sarah When you say "Won't take us long". Which section of Zahal are you a part of? Personally, when I was a Kibbutznick living on En-Dor I was in Nachal. Of course that was a number of years ago. I most certainly support Zahal, but i am no longer in the army or the country. Just wondering in what capacity you serve?
28. Take them at their word
Jake ,   Haifa   (03.09.13)
Dont be so foolish as to think they will not dare fire on an IDF patrol or try an infiltrate to the Golan. They are arrogant and fanatic. The IDF should be prepared. Do not let another situation happen as happened when our soldiers were kidnapped on the Lebanese border. Take them at their word.
29. Israel's Golan Heights
Soaring Dove ,   US of A   (03.09.13)
To:7 & 22...the land of the U.S. belongs to me and my people...just as the Golan Heights belongs to, get off MY land or keep quite and live thankfully. If you really want to decent that rebel filth, I'm sure that they would "love" to host you and you can do all of your squawking to them!
30. #22. Somehow whenever you use the word "holy"
A ,   Belgium   (03.09.13)
I see soldiers in black unifroms with "Gott mit uns" engraved on their belt buckles.
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