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Incidents make Austrian Jews wary
Published: 11.03.13, 13:26
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1. Reuters: Synonym of sloppy journalism
Abu Zib ,   Haifa, IL   (03.11.13)
There's nothing jewish about Ludwig Wittgenstein. On the contrary, his collegues in Cambridge were sometimes estranged by his harsh words against Jews and his misogynistic attitudes. which were even a bit much for the quixotic ivory-tower he lived in.
2. Marina Plistiev had to get of the bus because
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.11.13)
she didn't have a ticket and NOT because she is jewish. She was with her 4 year old brother who had fever and NOT with her 70 or 80 year old grandparents. Having a 4 year old kid or brother with you is not an excuse for not paying for a service like public transport. Why would this have anything to do with anti-Semitism??
3. Austria and Jews
Leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (03.11.13)
Why any Jew would want to live in Austria is something I'll never understand.
4. Vienna was the epicenter
R Narz ,   Toronto   (03.11.13)
Back in the late 1800's, it was indeed the Austrians who invented the concept of "political antisemitism"; prior to then, religious hatred towards Jews did exist, but usually vanished if and when one converted to Christianity. By 1890, the specialist antisemitic party was a spent force, an anachronism as all parties had adopted "political antisemitism" into their platforms. Jews voted for a party on the basis of it being LEAST antisemitic; one has to wonder, where were their heads at? IMO, Germany was essentially hijacked by the Austrian Mafia and dragged into its mad adventure; not the other way around.
5. Just like the jewish-settlers, she wants a goyim-free bus
Bull   (03.11.13)
6. not as bad
Nik ,   Innsbruck-Austria   (03.11.13)
antisemitism in austria is not as bad as said her. i lvie in an western oart never had problems with "nazis" only with turkish and arabs "immigrants" lot of austrian jews who fear muslim antisemitism actually elect and vote for the far right FPÖ
7. Not even a single word
aaron ,   europe / israel   (03.11.13)
about the massively imported Antisemitism thanks to strong Muslim immigration! This article is a farce and painting a completely wrong picture.
8. what exactly does Jewish look like?
Sarita Montiel ,   Israel   (03.11.13)
I ask because in the article Marina Plistiev is quoted as saying: "With me (now), you don't see I'm Jewish but with my children you see that they're Jews. They get funny looks," she told Reuters at Kosherland, the grocery store that she and her husband started 13 years ago." Obviously there is a particular Jewish look in Austria that we here in Israel know nothing about!
9. Does anyone need explanation why they hate Beitar?
Miron ,   USA   (03.12.13)
They have killed off every 9 Jewish people out of 10 and a Jewish football club for them is like a sign from the depth of hell. Talking about racism...
10. Jews resemble?
michael Pielet ,   israel   (03.12.13)
What do Jews look like.? Everyone knows, Jews have horns.
11. 2 sides of the coin in Vienna
David ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (03.12.13)
The article here is slanted towards negative press on Jewish life in Vienna. 1st of all the Jewish population has increased and not decreased-- with more Jews choosing to make Vienna their home. The fact is that the Jewish life in this city is small but flourishing-- with a vibrant Jewish community and with 2 Jewish day schools- both relatively new and among Europe's largest as well as a growing list of kosher restaurants and shops-- which is much better than many cities in the US and other countries with a significantly higher Jewish population. One could walk around in a kippa without problem-- and if getting "bad looks" from certain types is someone's worst experience-- I've had this problem more often in Tel Aviv than in Vienna-- than life in the Austrian capital cannot be all that bad. Did I forget to mention 2 Jewish museums and a beach along the Danube canal called "Tel Aviv Beach"?
12. Abusing an Austraian favor ,...
split ,   US   (03.12.13)
Marina Plistiev is omitting the fact that Austria was her transit not a destination country. Like all the refugees from Soviet Block their declared destination was Israel. Forget the 'in your face attitude', instead of blending in and be grateful she's imposing her culture and customs on natives and bi*ching that they don't like it.
13. Pictures on internet ,...
split ,   US   (03.12.13)
This lady is dressed like a nun that is from a top to bottom in black and she's complaining about 'funny looks' ,...
14. #2 Were You There, Ignoramous?
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (03.12.13)
15. ach so.
former oleh chadash ,   Brazil   (03.12.13)
Dear Austrian Brethren, why don't you move to Israel, then? Become olim chadashim!
16. 13
i would rather say that muslim women are dressed like the taliban nuns in all of europe and austria, not jewish women who are gorgeous, modern and intellectual and educated. muslim women on the other hand depend for handouts in europe, cover themsleves like nuns with gloves and slits for eyes...and you blame this jewish woman?????
17. @12
you got it wrong split. IT IS THE MUSLIMS WHO IN EUROPE ARE INSISTING ON CHANGING THE SOCIETY, RULES, LAWS AND COURTS TO FIT ISLAM. NOT THE JEWS. the jews are modern, assimilated, cultured, educated, professional, intelligent, contribute to the betterment of the country's society, never take government aid and free handouts for housing, financial aid, medical aid, etc.. muslims, on the other hand are none of the above in austria., being uneducated and primitive and highly religious, they depend on givenrment aid, handouts, etc.. and basically contribute nothing in terms of culture, academia, science, learning and prosperity to any country they immigrate to much less austria. austrian lover and jewish vienne
18. #3 ,...
split ,   US   (03.12.13)
Because Austria is a heaven for schnorrers ,...
19. Calling People Derogatory names does not teach 14
Dina ,   USA   (03.13.13)
Do you know everything? No you do not.
20. Seth no. 14 should apologize to No. 2
Dna ,   USA   (03.13.13)
Since he was uncivil! Sorry no. 20 should you write a talk back
21. Marina
Her kids probably had on kipot so they would "look Jewish". She probably wore a wig, so people wouldn't necessarily notice that she's Jewish.
22. Austrians
EJL ,   Leeds   (03.13.13)
are wankers. Regards
23. #14 as I said: she did not have a ticket.
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.13.13)
When you travel without a ticket (or expired or fake ticket) and you get inspection, you have to get off the bus. That simple. Doesn't matter if you're jewish or muslim or catholic or black gay chinese gipsy whatever.
24. Misleading report
An Austrian ,   Innsbruck   (03.13.13)
Reuters should get their facts straight: Just a week ago there have been provincial elections in Lower Austria (largest Austrian state) and Carinthia. In both the right-wing Freedom Party has lost a lot of votes. In Carinthia they lost over 20% of votes and will no longer be governing! Currently the FPÖ (right wing party) has emergency meetings, because they think they might be shattered in the upcoming elections. So much about this shift to the extreme right. About the poll: The majority said "Everything was bad under Hitler". Now it should have been more, but I think the question was misleading. A lot of people are for example - wrongly of the opinion that the Nazis did away with unemployment etc. Now if they think that was good, it doesn't mean they approve of the war, the Holocaust etc. You would never find 42% of Austrians today approving of the Holocaust. Never. Yet the misleading poll and its representation make it appear as if people were. And that, in my opinion, is plain indecent. I do not mean to down-play antisemitic or nationalist currents that do exist in Austria, I just want to correct some misleading figures here.
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