Indictment filed against Nazareth acid attacker
Ahiya Raved
Published: 10.03.13, 13:31
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1. Imagine the culprit was a Jew
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.10.13)
1) There would have been a spree of racial riots 2) The woman liberation and pro arab NGOs would have stormed the Knesset.
2. #1 and quite right too!
Mark ,   London, UK   (03.10.13)
Which is worse: rape or throwing acid in the face (or anywhere else!) We are talking about a different culture here. Of course we don't know the details but mum denies rape has taken place. I guess she might not know what it means. Perhaps the worst crime is that the young woman has dishonoured her family.
3. Rachmanus!
Avi ,   Cambridge   (03.10.13)
Rachmanus (mercy) on this poor girl. Her own mother won't support her after being raped and then attacked with acid because of the SHAME it would bring on the family and her sisters! There will be the obvious comments about Islam and women but for a second think of this 16 year old girl - alone and permanently disfigured because her own family wouldn't protect her (though they now rush to protect her honour!)
4. Hey to the mother, face your relatives instead of hiding
hipocrates ,   earth   (03.10.13)
this taboo. ever think its too much shame for her to talk to u about? wonder why, you bytch? She deserves a better mother, one that will defend her, not tell her to be quiet. theres a reason she didnt tell u...and ur reactions confirm it.
5. Translation to what the mother was saying
Expat ,   Adelaide   (03.10.13)
"My daughter spoke to me and told me that she did not say she was raped" - I spoke to my daughter and made it clear to her, that she'll better retract her rape accusation, or there would be hell to pay at home. "The police should wait until my daughter is released from the hospital..." - after we'll apply a huge pressure on her at home, to alter her version to what we wish her to say. "The issue of rape will cause us great harm, especially to my daughters", "to come and speak about rape is unacceptable to us" - we are a primitive, patriarchal, 7th-century society who puts more importance on a girl's virginity than her safety, freedom, and well-being. A rape accusation in our society is a disgrace for the victim and her family, rather than the aggressor.
6. What a family!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.10.13)
The girl was raped repeatedly, she is in danger of losing her sight .... but the "mother" of this abused child is concerned that news about the rape not be revealed. Well, I guess that's really important if you're an Arab. Much more important than your daughter possibly losing her sight. What the hell is WRONG with these people? Can it be fixed?
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (03.10.13)
Not a doubt in my mind. These animals kill women with the same disregard for their lives as they would kill a chicken He should be sentenced to death they both should be, make an example of these pigs.
8. They will never admit if she was raped.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (03.10.13)
Amongst the Arabs, if a girl is raped she is not a virgin and therefore nobody, I mean absolutely nobody will marry her, ever. That is why the mother wants to keep it quiet. Many Arab victims of sexual crimes keep quiet for this reason.
9. Not on her life
Elena ,   McAllen   (03.11.13)
That and she's liable to be killed by her own family for dishonoring the family by being attacked. Most bizarre logic one can think of -- how muslim men think abt women, sex, and rape.
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