Decline in number of IDF recruits seeking combat role
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 10.03.13, 14:54
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1. Operation Pillar of Defence
David ,   Israel   (03.10.13)
Is the reason why there's a decline - the stories of soldiers sitting down south for an operation that didn't see them enter while not having adequate protection from the rockets and mortars that rained down, is more then enough reason as to why theres a decline.
2. Not so surprised
David ,   Montreal,Canada   (03.10.13)
When a victory is stolen by your commanders (operation cast lead), and flaws in combat strategies, and mostly as a recruit you get beaten by you own fellows, who can you trust? why put at riskr your life for bad politics. I dream of the days of the mighty IDF.
3. The IDF doesn't know why
David ,   On this planet   (03.10.13)
When you treat your soldiers like garbage or send them to evict their brothers and children from their homes, they will quit volunteering they are not as stupid as the ones who ask why.
4. Yair Lapid didnt sign up to a combat unit
zionist forever   (03.10.13)
Yair Lapid who is so obsessed with drafting the haredi and came up with the slogan of sharing the burden when he was in the army he was a journalist. Hope with him in the Knesset we don't get a whole army of journalists rather than combat troops.
5. Good news !!! ,...
split ,   US   (03.10.13)
6. 3 Well said David !
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.10.13)
7. Why risk life,limb and libertyy when others
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.10.13)
stay home and get better pay for draft dodging? All draft dodgers for any reason outside of health should go to prison for three times the amount they should have served. Make sure they receive no benefits like child allowances and do not earn more than the minimum wage. Also deny them entrance to places of higher education. Cancel their drivers and weapons licenses.
8. What decilne?
Larry ,   Carmiel   (03.10.13)
The article states that last year, the percentage was 72.4. This year, it's 71.6. If my math is correct, the decline is 0.8%. Is this such a significant drop? This article is just meant as an eye catcher.
9. #7
Ita ,   israel   (03.10.13)
actually,if these men don't have to serve in combat and "share the burden" then why do the Chareidim.. or do they just like to give them humiliating physical exams and then wonder why they don't join..
10. #8 Agreed,thought the same
Get Real ,   UK   (03.10.13)
I am sure there will be no lack of motivation to defend the country if the Syrian front explodes or the terror entities resume their attacks against Israel.
11. decrease of motivation
Shaul SOFER ,   ASHDOD   (03.10.13)
The boys are still willing to serve in combat unit but it is well known that they receive bad logistic food and clothing like they are neglegted by the commandment. It is much easier to be be a jobnick than to watch 18 hours a day for the security of the citizens in sensible zones. This has to change that's all
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