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French town honors Palestinian terrorist
Associated Press
Published: 11.03.13, 14:42
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1. He has a criminal record, that is enough to revoke a citizen
Chopper4 ,   CPT, South Africa   (03.11.13)
ship application in any country. So the question is how did they get the French authorities to turn a blind eye to that? I fear for what France is becoming...
2. How the French say
3. I am ashamed of what my country is now becoming...
a saddened french ,   Paris, France   (03.11.13)
it is deeply sad but this is in no way an isolated act. There is more to come unfortunately! Our values of freedom, moral, democracy are long gone. These values have been slowly abandonned towards more tolerance for extremist elements and thoughts. The worst thing is that those extremists are autoproclaming themselves "human rights" activits whereas they have a total bias and fascist views against those that they perceive as a threat to "world peace": americans, jews and against values of our western civilization. They have joined the cause of muslim extremism vocally. Anti israelism or Anti Zionism is one of their strongest rallying cry. Their agenda is clear but not a strong party fight them. Very recently a so-called "humanist" named Hessel died and was celebrated as a "hero" and an "humanist" of our republic. To put in the context, he was an avid supporter of hamas (he met their leader!) and a strong denier of jewish rights to an independent state. He was celebrated still. This kind of extremist thoughts in France has become mainstream. And most people are turning a blind eye to this kind of hypocrisy. Those so called "human rights activits" focus all their energies towards more hatred against those that "suceeded" or represent the people that "oppress them" : rich people that are now leaving France in greater numbers, of course americans, and the eternal jews. There is a real danger not in the near future of course but that could turn France into chaos and a place where antisemistims and extremism can thrive. I hope it is goint to change but I dont see how now...
4. Mayor dominique lesparre....I bet has a..
Ivan ,   South Africa   (03.11.13)
hidden middle name Mohamed..
5. "colonization of the Palestinian people"
Kol Nideri   (03.11.13)
to put it mildly. Less not forget genocide, international crimes and land theift
6. French....criminals...
Jenny ,   NY USA   (03.11.13)
THIS is news...?!
7. Israel MUST react assap !
8. The mayor of Bezons is from the communist party
Frenchmen   (03.11.13)
This says all. Besides that the city has alarge percentage of muslim migrants. They doesn't represent the real France.
9. Ghandi's Spirit Lives On
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.11.13)
We need more leaders in Israel to be like Rehavam Zeevi (of loving memory).
10. #1 "Criminal record"
Well, a regime that intentionally targets a wheel-chair bound person amid a crowd of people shouldn't expect to be taken seriously when it attributes a "criminal record" to someone.
11. A female french frog...
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.11.13)
..being completely head-twisted by murderous islamic followers, and has lost her small ability to look through liars and see reality. She must be completely dead in her head.
12. D├ęgueulasse..absolutely disgusting!
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (03.11.13)
13. why the world is bias..
nadav ,   tlv   (03.11.13)
For all those people claimng it is Israel's fault- her actions or lack of hasbara- are wrong. the problem is that there are millions upon millions or highliy radicalized Muslims in Western Europe, North AMerica, Australia, South AMerica and of course Africa and Asia, who have been exposed to decades of eliminationist anti-semitism. this is now starting to filter into the general population, thanks to the help of the media, the Internet, the blind Leftist activists who still spew Soviet antisemitism, anarchists, neo-nazis, and communists. We Jews MUST be VIGILANT!
14. #1 Chopper4: I am surprised that France beat SA!
David ,   Israel   (03.11.13)
With the hatred of Israel rampant in South Africa I wouldn't be shocked if the Zuma Government granted SA Citizenship to the Terrorists who butchered the Vogel family.
15. Dominique Lesparre
Eric B. ,   France   (03.11.13)
This small town is located north of the business district of La Defense and is headed by communists. A few years ago, the hezbollah flag was flying in downtown Bezons, near the Church. The inhabitants are mostly from North Africa and Africa, from Portugal and very few of europeans descent.
16. the Left all over the world is anti-semite
17. France will be always France. unfortunately
18. I'm sure the Undeniably Nothings are going
A ,   Belgium   (03.11.13)
to have an emergency meeting to condemn France for honoring a terrorist and a murderer. I also believe Abbas and Haniyeh are going to hold hands and sing a soprano duet of "Hatikvah" for Oblabla.
19. al Rimawi ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.11.13)
... comes from the West Bank village of Bani Zeid Al-Gharbiyya. What Israel should do is take in the troops, clean out that terrorist nest and put the residents on the very first flight to France. I'm sure the mayor of Bezons will be more than happy to receive them.
20. twisted French mayor
tiki ,   belgium   (03.11.13)
Look at his blog and you understand where he's coming from!
21. Death Penalty for Terrorists...
Phoenix ,   Israel   (03.11.13)
Instead of feeding them for freen in our delux prisons, we shall kill all these terrorists. Death Penalty should be legal here. Also Death Penalty for all Ilegals that commit violent crimes while living ilegal in our land.
22. "colonization of the Palestinian people."
split ,   US   (03.11.13)
My man, finally someone calls a spade a spade ,...
23. #10 where are you from?
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.11.13)
Israel killed Ahmed Yassin legally. That he was in a wheelchair is unimportant. That he used human shields just proves he was a war criminal. Now tell me, where are you from? The fact is that every country I know (UK, France, Canada, US under Obama) has commited real war crimes with far less provocation.
24. No doubt to which audience this
Get Real ,   UK   (03.11.13)
mayor is playing to.
25. i dont understand how he remaind alive
miriam ,   israel   (03.11.13)
a israeli pm was killed and he is aive, where were israel as about france or europe "good for them" let them enjoy it.
26. My 5 cents
Alex ,   New York, US   (03.11.13)
It somehow reminds me when French let Hitler to marsh through Paris and helped him to collect all Jews into death camps. Later Americans and British had to save their S from Nazis. I wonder who is going to save their S from Islamonazis this time.
27. Mayor of Bezons
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (03.11.13)
Thank you, Your Honor, for your courageous expression of solidarity with the Palestine Revolution. You honored a brave liberation struggler. Your name, in reciprocation, will be honored in several short years, when the Zionist yoke has been broken and Holy Palestine is free.
28. to 27 Israel is free and getting larger and
Barney ,   USA   (03.11.13)
to number 10 like the arabs who threw Leon Klinghoffer off of a cruise ship in a wheel chair. He was not even a hateful terrorist like yassin may his name be cursed for all time
29. #23 My residence is irrelevant
What do you mean "legally"? Guess it depends on whose law you pick. One can claim that Rehavam Zeevi was killed legally as a leader advocating and planning ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian territories and inciting to kill Palestinian Authority figures.
30. #27. Hereby, You're Honored for your humorous posts :-)
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.11.13)
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