High-tech pedophile convicted in plea deal
Naama Cohen Friedman
Published: 13.03.13, 14:36
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elena ,   Jerusalem   (03.13.13)
"The indictment listed 33 counts and described how the defendant convinced a 13-year-old boy to commit sodomy and indecent acts on his 11-year-old sister. " manipulating a young boy into raping his own sister. This society is really sick, internet has good sides, but the bad ones are worth a new flooding of all this filth and moral wreckage.
2. Why don't you name him??
Tel Aviv ,   Israel   (03.13.13)
His name should be published. He has no right to privacy. I hope the prisons in Israel treat prisoners like him the same way they do in the States.
3. Sometimes Brain is missed, too!
Dan ,   Frankfurt   (03.13.13)
4. "pleaded"
Orly ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.13.13)
The past tense of plead is pleaded. It's not conjugated like blead or lead.
5. #3 yes, yours!
elena ,   jerusalem   (03.13.13)
as you focus on my comment instead of showing solidarity with the dozens of shattered victims of this monster. Can you imagine being pushed to sodomize your 11 years old sister because a disguised "girl teenager" manipulates you to do it? Can you imagine how those victims feel, and their families? Maybe you tolerate rape and sexual deviancies, but I don't, and I say, yes, this guy tried to committ suicide before and he should try again and succeed, at least his victims and his own family will be able to heal, and it will be a monster less on this planet, where there are many MANY. esp with these crazy internet blackholes. So get a brain yourself, and a heart. And empathize with the right side.
6. Stop plea deals for pedohiles!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.13.13)
Throw the book at them. Maximum years in jail with required psychological treatment is the only answer. This disease that requires treatment and these diseased people must be forced to take the treatment.
7. 5.
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.14.13)
Elena, this sicko will be tagged for life. meaning he will have to wear a tag on his wrist, he is already named as a pedophile which means his name is in the ''bad books'' of the entire police force in Israel & most likely with interpol. I hope he gets the book thrown at him. He will have a hard time in prison.
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