NYT: Israeli-Palestinian conflict a hobby for US diplomats
Published: 13.03.13, 16:22
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1. Friedman and Obama
Mike S. ,   London   (03.13.13)
I have some advice for Friedman : stop trying so hard to be a maven. You may prefer Obama to Netanyahu but you don't live in Israel and your wisdom is not wanted there. Don't give up your day job as a hack journalist. As a diplomat, you'd have a lot to learn.
2. Apathy
Jacob Edelman ,   Burke,USA   (03.13.13)
Thomas Friedman identifies the apathy of US President Obama in getting involved in Israeli-Palestinian conflict without invoking the reasons for such apathy. I believe Israel,particularly under Bibi, has killed the peace process.Obama knows he can not ressucitate it with Bibi in place or without his help.So he is waiting, like the rest of the world.
3. Apathy
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, U.S.A.   (03.13.13)
The political and military alliances between Israel and the U.S. will remain. Perhaps it's better if the U.S. leaves the Palestinians and the Israelis alone. History shows that if results are going to be achieved it's best to leave them alone. Let them decide and the U.S. will pick up the tab.
4. friedman finally
arne ,   chicago usa   (03.13.13)
wrote an article that doesn't defame israel and I can adhere too.
5. So whats new?
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (03.13.13)
Friedman thinks that the real urgent conflicts in the Middle East, and thus those that worry the US most, are the ones between the Shiites and Sunnis in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Bahrain and Yemen. So whats new. Its only politicians and so called experts who ever beleived that sorting out Israel/Palestine would bring peace to the middle east. Just shows how dumb the European and British politicians are. Read some of the past statements from those who held the reins of power.
6. an obsessive mental thing with this Israel hater
JJJ   (03.13.13)
Freidman is Israel hater of the first degree, it is an obsessive mental thing with this hater since his days in Lebanon where he supported the palestinians totally and showed his hatred toward Israel which lasted until this day
7. Who cares what this d***head said?
Jake   (03.13.13)
8. Friedman
Tzippi ,   New York, USA   (03.13.13)
His opinions are not of much interest here either. It is a wonder to me that this man makes millions of dollars each year and knows nothing.
9. It is equally hard for me to ever.....
Gideon Reader   (03.13.13)
...give any serious consideration to ANYTHING produced by Tiny Tom Friedman, the "wish I wuz'nt Jewish" scribbler of blather for the usta wuz for the former paper of record, the New York Times. Friedman the reluctant Jew, does not realize that the beloved Durante was Jimmy, NOT Walter (Duranty),
10. Friedman should mind his own bloody business
moiz ,   jerusalem   (03.13.13)
instead of trying to play smart when he is totally ignorent.
11. Tom Friedman greatest enemy of Israel
Dr Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (03.13.13)
Tom Friedman loves to distort the truth to make Israel look bad. He is not only the greatest enemy of Israel but he is a person who knows he can contribute to advancing peace but he does exactly the opposite. He loves to empower Israels enemies - Good Job Uncle Tom!
12. peace
gid tanner ,   new york   (03.13.13)
Most Americans have stopped thinking about the Palestinian/Israeli conflicts simply because it is apparent that neither factions' leadership has any interest in peace . Both the Israelis and Palestinians appear deranged , perhaps from the desert sun , and mostly wish to kill each other . Both sides are controlled by their own radical fundamentalists . No peace until "normal " people from each side kick out the extremists .
13. Be real careful Israel, you may get your wish
spyguy ,   seattle, usa   (03.13.13)
for the USA to quit trying to negotiate peace, but that does NOT mean that peace will happen and the more Americans do not care about Israel, the sooner Israel will be completely on its own with no US veto or protection. Remember, the Americans that may care about what happened during WW2 are dying by the thousands every day form old age and the younger generation only cares about their own future and nothing about Israel.
14. Friedman & Obama
My opinion ,   Thornhill   (03.13.13)
Wow ! This is the first time I agree with Uncle Tom ! Just add that the reason Mr. Obama failed to start talks a few months after starting his first term, was because he gave the excuse for the Palestinians not to attend the talks : The Settlements ! Blame no one else !
15. Friedman's the One!!!!!!!!!!!
NS ,   Long Island, NY, USA   (03.13.13)
There are two reasons why I no longer read the NYTimes; first is the prohibitive price ($5.- for the Sunday edition) and most important reason is that Tom Friedman writes for them. This is a guy who is so uncomfortable in his own skin that he lashes out at the most convenient scapegoat which for him is Israel. It is time for YNET to stop giving him free public relations.
16. For the first time in several years I agree, however...
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (03.13.13)
It doesn't take a pullitzer prize winner to realize that Obama got some bad advice. He's arriving in Israel just as the new government is (or may be...) being sworn in, and the dust has not had time to settle. There is nothing that Obama can do to boost-start anything. We Israelis are not yet in a position to offer anything substantial...come back in a couple of months. There is nothing Obama can offer the Palestinians, since he's only able to deal with Abbas in the west bank who keeps claiming he wants to partner with Hamas in Gaza - and Hamas as we all know does not want peace, a peace process, or anything to do with America. The only tachlis may come from Obama's visit to Jordan where he can lend the king a few billion to get through Jordan's money crunch. But Friedman isn't know for being smart about Israel, just annoyingly wrong. He's the guy who said we buy votes in Congress and play by "Hama rules." Friedman is an over-paid, angry, soapboxer whose biased and possibly racist writing should have cause him to be put out to pasture a long time ago.
17. 300,000? There are over 500.000 Jews in the West Bank!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (03.13.13)
9,000 Israelis were uprooted from Gaza and it was the biggest Army operation since the Yom Kippur war and it took 10 days. Approximately 500,000 Israelis live in the West Bank, so who could evacuate them? Michael
18. Thomas Friedman!!!
rahm ,   CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33   (03.13.13)
live us alonThomas Friedman renegade
19. And I reply: Israel should end the law of return.
An Israeli in Israel   (03.13.13)
Israel apparently is an embarrassment for American Jews. At least we can help them by canceling the law of return for Jews to Israel. Indeed, this law may be seen as having some racists aspects - and what about them Liberal multiculturalism principles? Aren't American Liberals Jews forgetting those principles when it comes to securing a "safe place". It also casts a shadow on American Jews of having a "double identity". And it will also help American Jews with their long term project of pushing for Palestinian control of US colleges. Israel should stop embarrassing American Jews with this law of return.
20. The forces of Leftism
Brod ,   USA   (03.13.13)
The forces of Leftism is trying to orchestrate the visit. They want to see BO throw Israel under the bus. Israel should stand strong, united and steadfast in the face of external challenges. The forces of Leftism are deep in Paganism. They do not know the GOD of Israel and the Land of Israel which is GOD-GIVEN and GOD-RESTORED.
21. Uncle Tom That's A Good One
I guess if the shoe fits, wear it and he wears it Well! How can uncle tom Forget To Mention the Fomenter, Inciter's and the WORLDS LARGEST Sponsor Of Terrorism, the ILLEGAL regime in tehran? Because his buddy to told him to!
22. At least there's an expiry date for HBO, how about T.Fredman
tomas ,   tel aviv   (03.13.13)
23. The worst think is the Truth from another Jew!
Edithann ,   USA   (03.13.13)
I never had any respect for TF...but I'm amused and how you don't either now that he's telling the truth... Love you guys, just love you... TATA
24. Ariel U. snub means '67 borders will be recognized by Obama
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.13.13)
25. Tip Thomas Friedman.Perhaps he is in need.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.13.13)
Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a hobby for US diplomats and Friedman knows that.
26. To #1 Frienman can not care less about your thoughts
Jon ,   USA   (03.13.13)
First of all ,he wrote it in an American paper, for American reader. Second, if you will have a one trillionth of his brain, you will be in good shape. And where do you see he prefer Obama to Nethaniho? This does not make sense as Nethaniho will never be a president of the US, so we can not care less about him.
27. Friedman says he can't remember a less
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (03.13.13)
anticipated Trip by a president by a U.S. president. Gee I wonder why?!?! Pompous putz!
28. Friedman should realise
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (03.13.13)
his great love obama is not much liked by the ordinary israelis who suffer the consequences of four years of terrible policies which have led to the encirclement of israel by jihadists. israelis do not appreciate obama's bankrupt iran policies, either, or his refusal to sell israel much needed advanced weapons systems. israel will give obama an outstanding reception, and will allow him to speek in a convention center in front of a hand picked audiance, rather than at the knesset, but all israelis know that obama is once again insulting the jewish state of israel with his contemptuous behaviour.
29. Friedman proves that my predictions are as worthless as his
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.13.13)
30. #1
mark ,   ca   (03.13.13)
America's liberal jews have no wisdom.
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