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Iraqi Christians fear fate of departed Jews
Published: 19.03.13, 07:35
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1. Where have they gone?
Mark ,   London, UK   (03.19.13)
Not Syria surely???
2. Iraqi Christians fear fate of departed Jews
It is obvious that Moslems do not want any other religious minority in their midst. And they have the gall to complain about apartheid in Israel. Also, a message to the Vatica-no matter how much you cow tow to the Moslem countries, you will not save these Christian communities.
3. Call the Pope
steve from raleigh   (03.19.13)
Maybe you can live in Rome.
4. Christians in Middle East threatened in every state but one.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (03.19.13)
Christians were once the predominant fate in the Middle East. Then came the Islamic conquests, and they've been under threat ever since, but especially so in recent decades. Black Christians in Sudan have suffered horribly at least since the 1960s. Christian numbers are down in Lebanon since the troubles of the 1970s, and in areas that came under Palestinian authority in the 1990s. In Iraq in the 2000s. In Libya, Egypt and Syria since the start of the "Arab Spring". Even in increasingly Islamic Turkey. The only place in the region Christians are rising in numbers? Israel.
5. Invasion of Iraq
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (03.19.13)
Before the US-UK invasion of Iraq, every intelligence service but one said Saddam had weapons of mass destruction or at least he was working on producing them. On ly Israeli intelligence said Saddam was no threat, but Iran was. Iran, of course, still is the real threat.
6. Messed up everything they touched ,...
split ,   US   (03.19.13)
Another result of GW political genius an AIPAC and neo-con goons at the steering wheel ,...
7. Well of course
jsm   (03.19.13)
Really. What did you expect?
8. It takes strong dictators!
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (03.19.13)
To protect minorities in the Arab world. That is the unfortunate truth! When the general rabble is allowed to have its way, all "different" faiths, looks, races, are at risk. Saddam H., the Assads, Mubarak, and even Gaddafi, were the protection of these "different" people. Sadly, all too late the M.E. Christians are coming to realize that while they encouraged Jewish expulsion and persecution, they were only setting up the next group, themselves. Doesn't matter how loyal you were to your Muslim friends and your nation, you will forever be at best a barely tolerated minority, at worst a scapegoat to rape, kill, and rob. When all the Jews, Christians and Bahai's are gone,. they will turn on the Allawaites and the Druz and once they too are gone, the shia and Suni will kill each other until only one is left. Enjoy your SALAM for you will not find it in Islam, at least not the Islam of the Middle East.
9. #6 This is your "baby". NOTHING to do with Israel!
Jake   (03.19.13)
Read #5; facts are facts.
10. #2 - It is obvious that Moslems do not want ,...
split ,   US   (03.19.13)
Why shoul they, what did they get from Christians or Jews, a war, death and destruction? Are they better off than under Saddam? Are we better off or the M. East? ,... Now you and your hired guns in US are pushing for another one ,...
11. not true check ur numbers again
NAB RAZ ,   jerusalem   (03.19.13)
12. Jake @ 9 - This is your "baby". NOTHING to do with Israel!
split ,   US   (03.19.13)
Obviously ;) ,... Google; 'Letter to President Clinton on Iraq', 'Letter to President Bush on the War on Terrorism' and check the signatures under those letters ,...
13. Suddenly they're the Jews' brothers.
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.19.13)
There wasn't much brotherly love when Iraqi forces were attacking in 1948 or when Jews were being booted out of Iraq or when Saddam Hussein was paying off Palestinian suicide bombers' families or when he was firing Scud missiles at Israel. They must be after something now that THEY are in trouble.Jews and Israel don't owe the Iraqi Christians any favours.They might be forced to follow the Iraqi Jews' steps out of Iraq,but not as far as Israel.Somewhere else will have to do for them. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
14. 10
debil, what did muslims get from christians???? now you claim that christians are persecuting the muslims? who are you, oh, ignorant one.
15. 12
i googled and found nothing. maybe another web site? please forward the google where you found these letters. i will be interested in looking them over for my own information. can you please provide the site that shows these letters and their signatures? please do not come back at me with a response as to "google it yourself" because i did and i am no ignorant when it comes to computers and finding things on it. after all, i am a programmer.
16. Christians in Iraq survived over 1,000 years till now
JewfromEgypt ,   Ex Cairo, Egypt   (03.19.13)
Scary that Iraqi Christians survived over 1,000 years and now it could be all over.
17. #15 - one more time ,...
split ,   US   (03.20.13)
'Letter to President Clinton on Iraq' new american century, 'Letter to President Bush on the War on Terrorism' new american century - I checked on my neighbor's comp it shows exactly what I get on mine. If you won't get it that means that your internet is censored.
18. #2 Iraqi Christian fear fait
Walla ,   USA   (03.20.13)
Your comment is stupid coming from an ignorant who twists history or doesn't know history at all or probably cannot find the Mid East on a world map. Christians and jews for that matter lived in the ME peacefully for past 1400 years since early days of Islam. Do the math Einstein. If the Muslims wanted there will be no Christian in ME countries, they had more than enough time to convert all of them or spell them out. Ethnic frictions in ME started when your white brothers colonized the ME in last 150 yrs. Did you forget about Christian atrocities against Muslims when they ruled the holy land? That's called the crusaders wars? Or Christian crimes against Jews in modern day Europe ? Called the holocaust? Or Christian crimes in the America's and Australia? Or Africa? None can deny that there are Muslim extremists as there are Christian or Jewish extremists like yourself. Peace.
19. Jews & Christians predate Muslims in Iraq.
BUTSeriousy ,   Sydney   (03.20.13)
20. #12
litvac120   (03.20.13)
Only someone who is either bigoted or in the pay of certain oil interests will claim that Jews had anything to do with invasion of Iraq. Oil was the only interest and the protection of the Oil producing countries. A letter with a couple of Jewish sounding names,of uncertain origin, made President Bush go to war in Iraq. You have to be a real moron or a tool to believe in that. litvac120
21. 17
litvac120   (03.20.13)
"new american century" is this a magazine, a website? What are you talking about? Is this just some crazy website that manufactures facts, like that 9/11 was done by CIA or Mossad. Well, I could not find it either. And to the best of my knowledge I am not censored. litvac120
22. Clown Tutu will not lift a finger to help them.
Jonny ,   Cape Town   (03.20.13)
One thing is for sure, they will not receive any help in any way from their co-religionist Desmond "The Clown" Tutu. Not a word.
23. 15, 21 - Another pinhead ,...
split ,   US   (03.20.13)
Why is it so hard to surf and check on your own instead running your mouth and make a fool of yourself? The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is a neo-con think tank founded by William Kristol and Robert Kagan two neo-con warmongers. Here's another way to find it; paste and google; "We are writing you because we are convinced that current American policy toward Iraq is not succeeding", for letter to pres. Clinton and "We write to endorse your admirable commitment to “lead the world to victory” in the war against terrorism" to get Bush's letter ,... This time I asked my friend in Germany to google it, it shows exactly what I get on mine comp in both cases. If you won't get it on yours that means that your Internet is censored or you're lying. 21, you can spare me that info of being programmer I'm not hiring until further notice ;) ,...
24. split #12, Not one Israeli amongst any of those signatures
Jake   (03.20.13)
25. A lesson for the West
Isaac Galili ,   Israel   (03.20.13)
There were 150,000 Jews in Iraq, a community established in 576 BCE with the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem, and the exile to Babylon ("By the waters of Babylon there we wept as we remembered Zion.") The Jewish community was there in Mesopotamia 1000 years before Islam and the Arabs. By 1951, the Arab nationalists ethnically cleansed most of them. Now most Iraqi Jews and their descendants live here in Israel. Now the pan-Islamists are coming for the Christians. A lesson for the West. First they will attack Israel, then they may do something radical, like fly airplanes into your skyscrapers. Oh. Right...
26. #11 Nab Raz still in denial
ChristianArabDenial ,   Jerusalem   (03.21.13)
Nab even knowing the truth about your "Moslem Brothers" still cannot stop you from the brainwashed hate fo the Jew you were brought up with so all you can do is once again attack Israel instead of dealing with the anti Christian hate in the Moslem world. Iraqi Christians did nothing to help the Jews of Iraq when they were being slaughtered and plundered in fact they took part in it !
27. Islam&all it stands for has to be annihilated or we all die!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.21.13)
28. Christians will die - but Christianity stays!
Christian ,   Europe   (03.21.13)
Many of those current Christians may have to escape or they will be killed. But still it's not the end of ME Christianity - because Christianity is spreading also in ME - in Irak - and even in Iran. And even though the radical islamists and officials in ME countries may try to evict and even kill every single Christian - but they never cannot stop Jesus Christ! Some of you blame Christians in ME about persecuting Jews - and of course every group has bad and really bad guys too. But remember that many ME Christian communities vanished already centuries ago - because of islamic conquest. And since then - Christians are and have been kind of between two fires in many ME countries - and a minority - like those Coptic Christians in Egypt. So to that Iraqi priest also - stay strong - and believe!
29. 24 ,...
split ,   US   (03.21.13)
Where did I say Israeli? By the way since you started, over 80% of undersigned under those letters are Jewish, comparing to 2% of population tells me whom are the warmongers in US. Going back to your point needles to say they're automatically Israelis according to the Law of Return,...
30. 18# Walla
Christian   (03.21.13)
But those Christian crusades were also an answer to Islamic conquest! And you must also notice that in the Middle Ages the worldview was also quite different. But fortunately the Holy land is now in hands were it belongs! And maybe you should accuse Britain, France, USA etc. about colonialism - not all European nation were in it. But of course racism is something that we all must condemn - and holocaust - it was pure evilness! But have you forgot that Arabs, Muslims - are colonialists also and had for example slaves too! Arabs also destroyed the memory of many people - many so called Arabs are not originally even Arabs. And why has there been wars and violence in those practically solely Muslim countries also? And is it so that Muslims cannot fix any of those mistakes - that European Christians made centuries ago? And do you know that there is also many Muslims living in Christian Europe - refugees and others?
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