Obama to travel Jerusalem in 'The Beast'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 16.03.13, 23:42
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1. When will he be praying in the Al Aqsa??
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.17.13)
2. #1 he would not dare
rachel ,   Home now   (03.17.13)
because Fatah/Hamas have said "dire consequences" for anyone on Temple Mount, as it show recognition of Israel.
3. #2 he probably won't
Israel   (03.17.13)
He here for very short and is only going to visit significant sites.
4. too bad he's not flying everywhere.
ed   (03.17.13)
We have enough traffic headaches here with the train and all it's messed up.
5. Hey Obama, don't waste needed money.
Larry ,   Or Yehuda   (03.17.13)
Don't come to Israel
6. security mess annoying residents
eva goldschmidt ,   frankfurt am main   (03.17.13)
Obama should stay at home or visit Egypt to see the chaos he has caused. Please do not come to Germany.
Nobody is interested in Obama and folk have better things to do. His ego gives him delusions of grandeur and misleads him and his entourage in to mistakenly thinking that he is some huge target ,but the reality is nobody cares less.
8.  US President in Ramallah - bad idea
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (03.17.13)
that's a dangerous place along with all the other neighboring countries.
9. How can a plane stay airborne without refueling?Huh?
Alan ,   SA   (03.17.13)
10. Yeah, don't come - Hope we the taxpayers are not
Scott ,   Haifa   (03.17.13)
footing the bill for the 5000 police officers. What's the trip going to accomplish but only trouble. Praying the trip is cancelled!
11. #3 So why is he even bothering to go
Get Real ,   UK   (03.17.13)
to Ramallah? Or isn't he, seems on/off .Would save a lot of trouble and expense on security in such a high risk hostile enviroment..
12. Well, well,well,...
split ,   US   (03.17.13)
All of these preparations just to visit our uncontested reliable friend and ally and a sole democracy in that part of the world ;) ,... I remember Pres. Jimmy Carter walking Warsaw streets, giving a speech at Warsaw's Old Town Square to a crowd of tens of thousands, no metal detectors no gates on joining the square streets with windows and balconies filled with people in commie Poland ,...
13. #9 Here is how...
Thessalonian ,   Canada   (03.18.13)
Alan, here is what the article says. "Following the September 11 terror attacks, the Secret Service turned the Air Force One to a virtual flying White House, which can stay in the air indefinitely with aerial refueling." Regards
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