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High-ranking Syrian general defects from army
Associated Press
Published: 17.03.13, 08:10
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1. A ridicolous idea.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.17.13)
If Assad is seeking for asylum, Israel can offer it. He was anyway a harmless antisemite, related to his father. Under his rule not a single gunshot or rocket was launched to the Golan. All syrian jews were expelled by his father, so for Bashar remained only the empty synagogues to ruin.
2. no thanks no 1. I don't believe Israel
Barney ,   USA   (03.17.13)
wants to give asylum to this thug. Iran may be his new home if he manages to escape alive. Unfortunately, recent history has shown that the arab spring produces rulers that go from bad to worse. the arabs are their own worse enemy
3. wishful thinking.
DavidR ,   USA   (03.17.13)
This evil man thinks he can wait until 100,000 + are killed and the country completely destroyed and then march across the Jordanian border and be welcomed with opened arms by the world? GIVE ME A BREAK! Hang this scum and his son with him!
4. if you think the ship is sinking get to a lifeboat
zionist forever   (03.18.13)
These guys act like they could no lounger morally stand back and support Assad and so join the other side because he can see which way the wind is blowing. Stay with Assad to the end he is a collaborator to be jailed if not executed under a new regime. Change sides while he has a chance now he is a man of honour so when the time comes to put members of the regime on trial he will not be punished.
5. @ 1 Arms to Hezbollah
Nial ,   Ulster   (03.19.13)
Assad never attacked Israel from his country true, but with Iran he sent hundreds of missiles to Lebanon for Hezbolla to fire at Israel. It is very unclear who will rule Syria when Assad falls, various rebel groups and his own military remnants will likely fight to be 'King of the Wastland'. It will look like Lebanon looked in the 1980s, only worse. PS Assad's son it about 10, so hanging him would be unfair as he can't be held accountable for his father's actions.
6. End Game
Ender ,   Oxford, UK   (03.19.13)
I can't see how Syria will end, only it can't end with Assad's victory. What could that even look like? The man is living in his own reality, and can't see that he has lost. He has killed far too many of his own people for the majority to ever accept him back as President of Syria. He can't rule with just the 10% Alawite's supporting him. At the moment he only controls the parts of Syria his tanks are standing on and the Alawite Enclaves. Even if the wanted to the rebels can't even surrender, as Assad's terms are something alone the lines of 'Lay down your weapons, and then my thugs will kill you and I can rule in peace". There is no amnesty, no give and take, nothing to offer them. They have no choice by to keep fighting to the end...
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