Palestinian complains about 'price tag,' is arrested
Elior Levy
Published: 18.03.13, 00:21
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1. Kol HaKavod, Mishtara !
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (03.18.13)
I knew that law and order could be restored in Shomron - as soon as ehud barak gets the door.
2. Police 'Price Tag'
Golden Dome ,   Washington, USA   (03.18.13)
What do the police give you for stealing an IDF tent and equipment? A medal?
3. Human rights or Arab advocates?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.18.13)
Isn't time we stopped calling these 'human rights' groups human rights groups and start calling them Arab advocates? There is nothing new is staging an attack and claiming Jews did it, also collecting insurance on a car that probably did not work. Let us stop using the term "human rights" when it is so blatantly anti-Israel and pro-Arab.
4. denial
rm ,   Amsterdan, NL   (03.18.13)
In any law-abiding country people are innocent untill proven guilty. But in the case of the Palestinians they are always presumed guilty untill proven innocent....and even than doubt remains on the Israeli side....
5. When depositions conflict with known facts...
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (03.18.13)
or with other testimonies, it's incumbent on the police to investigate further. The basic idea of an investigation is to find out the truth, then prosecute the perpetrator. None of the talkbackers here would consider taking over driving a bus because they didn't like the way the driver did his job, so why do police everywhere, not just in Israel, get pilloried every time an investigation takes a turn some journalist or human rights group doesn't like? Is the agenda so much more important than the truth that these organizations demand trying a case with incomplete evidence in the court of public opinion, with a party of their choice already convicted before they even know they've been accused? It seems to me that those condemning the police for doing the job they're supposed to do need some lessons in civics as to the workings of a justice system in a democracy and what that means.
6. Yesh Din
Robert Haymond ,   Teqoa, Israel   (03.18.13)
Always on the lookout for blaming and demonizing their own people (Israeli Jews). This time Yesh Din failed and the culprits became the (former) accusers. Next, let's investigate Yesh Din for all its false accusations.
7. #4
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (03.18.13)
And they usually are guilty.
8. No. 4
NYC Girl   (03.18.13)
Do you mean like when western media outlets rushed to blame the IDF for the deaths of Mohammed al-Dura or the Palestinian baby that was blamed on an Israeli air strike, but upon investigation was found to be the result of Palestinian rocket fire that fell short of its Israeli target. I wonder if you ever wrote a letter to the AP, the Washington Post or the New York Times to protest their failure to adhere to your "innocent until proven guilty" rule.
9. #8 My thoughts exactly!
Carl ,   USA   (03.18.13)
Add to that list the "Jenin massacre", the Turkish "aid" flotilla, the Goldstone report, and the entire Pallywood industry. The world's media continually rush to condemn Israel and accept the flimsiest of Palestinian claims despite the opposite being proven time and again. Whatever happened to real investigative journalism?
10. To denial
Sam1am ,   Calif   (03.18.13)
You absolutely silly, please ask the newspaper that was torched because of Muhammad's cartoons...LoL
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