Lieberman says will oppose settlement freeze
Moran Azulay
Published: 18.03.13, 13:19
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31. dont forget Lapid
zionist forever   (03.18.13)
Lapid is on a crusade agains religion and he has no more love for settlers than he does for haredi, there are plenty of haredi who do live in settlements. He also now has control of the finances so there is nothing he would like better than to cut all funding to settlements but he will loose friends if he does that so he will probably cut but not end funding. Do that he doesn't loose the support of his supporters who like settlement but he can also tell the anti settlement people I am cutting funding so i am doing my bit. He can also say he is being a responsible finance minister looking for cutbacks. Tell everybody what they want to hear, thats what he did during his election campaign.
32. Roll on the Lieberman trial
Sam ,   Kfar saa   (03.19.13)
Enough of this guy. Fresh government. Fresh ideas. Fresh rhetoric. Not same old same old. Venting his own opinions regardless of others. The government represents the whole of Israel not just Lieberman. Roll on the trial and let's finish this cycle of change.
33. To: No. 27
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.19.13)
What are you going to do? Invade Israel? Do you remember how the United States was humiliated when it got its ass kicked by a handful of barefoot warlords in Somalia? What chance do you think you stand against Israel? We WILL clean your clock, and send your Kenyan president's quaking under the bed. C'mon. Give it a try. Watch what happens.
34. Lieberman wants to focus on internal matters
Brian ,   London   (03.19.13)
... that's why he is Foreign Minister Designate. Make sense to anyone? If so, please explain to me.
35. We Need the Opposite of A Freeze
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.19.13)
We need tens of thousands of new homes from Jordan Valley to Jerusalem and everywhere from North to South. Israel should be more and more communities on our land. If Arabs do not accept this then they are free to leave. If they want to stay with full civil autonomy they can, but must accept that they live in the land of Israel.
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