Netanyahu's new government sworn in, holds first meeting
Moran Azulay
Published: 18.03.13, 19:53
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1. Calm down Bibi - you only scrapped by
israel   (03.18.13)
Bibi is a bit delusional - Yair Lapid is the new Sweetheart of the middle east.
2. Congratulations Israel!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.18.13)
We are so proud of you!
3. Bibi oh Bibi
israel   (03.18.13)
"The prime minister of Israel carries the supreme responsibility of the fate of the one and only Jewish state. Our existence here is not self evident and our presence here is not incidental." I think he's directing this at Yair Lapid, just to make sure he knows his place. Unfortunately, Yair didn't get the chance to show how much better he is than Bibi. He's younger and has fresh ideas.
4. Shelly will fool all of you yet
avramele   (03.18.13)
National unity as the woman said is about all having the opportunity to live a good and rewarding life from towns in the periphery, to arab villages and cities, to haredim and edot hamizrach to the settlements that will remain and the settlers who one day may relocate. It is about gender equality and the rights of all to marry who they love and start a family. Jabotinsky left socialism early in his career but he always maintained that housing, food, education, decent work and healthcare were basic human rights. Of course, the Likudniks who actually read Jabotinsky like Meridor and Rivlin have been exchanged for Feiglin and Danon - god help us!
5. Less chance for a civil war now.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.18.13)
This government put "on hold" the civil war in Israel, but a high risk remains that Haredim will continue foiling all the efforts. They may bring up the civil war to inevitability again.
6. Netanyahu unvail new government
Harold ,   USA   (03.18.13)
Netanyahu can decide only after he get 20 approvals. He just became so powerless.
7. Israel democracy
kwame ,   London UK   (03.18.13)
I have always loved the Jewish state of Israel. They strive to better the lives of their poeple and in the process they give the rest of the world technological innovations. Computer softwares, water technology, medical researches that improve quality of human life. Whereas their next door neighbours spend their time plotting evil, there are their paymasters who, consumed with inferiority complex, waste their resouces building destroyers and long range missiles with the intention to destroy the state of Israel. But Good shall triumph.
8. A slight feeling...
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.18.13)
I am under the impression that Bibi managed to fool everyone again and we are back to square one right after elections. I have the feeling that Bibi do WILL prepare Lapid to be next PM and Israel is screewed. Bye bye Jewish Israel...
9. Shining Examples (not)
Ellen ,   Israel/NYC   (03.18.13)
As MKs insult each other ( you can disagree and still be nice), walk out and call out it is easy to understand why Israeli's are considered rude as they travel the world. As someone who lives in both countries I get tired for being asked to apologize and explain the behavior of Israel's! Is it so wrong to respect those you disagree with. As an Orthodox Jew, I have yet to find where it says insult those whose approach is different than yours. All these people who are doom and gloom may be surprised. Question is, will they have the maturity to acknowledge it. I for one, will NOT hold my breath waiting!
10. Mozel Tov Bibi
By the looks of it, you will have your work cut out for you, but your a Strong Experianced Man, I will be praying for you. When b.H.o. arrives may Ha Shem touch his soul so he can relate to the Israeli's and know the connection All Jewish people have to the land and region! Shalom/Baruch Ha Shem
11. Keren, IL-BR nr 8
Israel will be JEWISH STATE FOREVER and it will prosperous and the best country to live.
12. #11 JUDAH
Keren ,   IL-BR   (03.18.13)
BĀ“ezrat Hashem!
13. Such a tender moment - Netanyahu and livni.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.19.13)
She is thanking him for throwing her a lifeline, I am sure.
14. #7 Israel Democracy
ltrail ,   United States   (03.19.13)
Kwame. More accurately put, "But G-d shall triumph in behalf of the Jewish State of Israel."
15. I can't wait for Avi Lipkin to get elected to the Knesset.
Rivkah   (03.19.13)
He said on tv he has $8,000. and needs $32,000. more for the $40,000. needed to file with the government for a new party to represent Messianics and Christians who are not represented in the Knesset although there are many of them in Israel. They need someone to represent them, too.
16. What a putrid government
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (03.19.13)
17. To #7
Steven ,   Rockville MD USA   (03.19.13)
Well-written example of talk-back for those ill-wishers that can see bad in every good intention, like Split, Grazcek, BenASSi and their ilk. I am sure they will be out from the woodwork quite soon with their "wisdom".
18. Humane treatment Shoah survivors
Zechariah   (03.19.13)
The humane treatment promised to Holocaust survivors is good not evil as will be better support for victims of terror and combat soldiers.Yachomovitch you think Stalin provided good conditions for the ordinary person or Maoin the Great Leap Backwards.
19. A bunch of clowns and imposters
Ricky ,   The Bronx   (03.19.13)
How do we get these clowns out the Holy Land, ,,,,,,I know HaShem knows. Ner(sic) one of these b-stards got Peace on their minds, the name of G-d, the attribute of HaShem, nor is it their aggendda. Sworn in to do what,,,, raise hell,,,,,,, damn.
20. Healthy size gov, good looking people, NO HAREDIM!!! Bravo!!
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.19.13)
21. Viva Bennet Viva Lapid Viva Israel
Philippe ,   Raanana   (03.19.13)
For the first time the haredi blackmailers and the arabs-leftists shipwreckers are out . Now the next step is an electoral system reform to raise the threshold to 5% and to vote according to the majority system.Also Israeli expatriates should receive right to vote.If haredin refuse to enllist and if arabs refuse sherut leumi they will loose their socail rights, simple and clear.
22. Best news the haridem and Shas are out !
Haim ,   TA   (03.19.13)
No longer are the hard working, tax paying, IDF serving good people of this country prepared to be dictated to by a bunch of fanatical religious parasites. Time now to seperate state from religion, civil marriage for all. Lapid for PM !
23. Bibi The Three Term PM
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.19.13)
Kol Ha Kavod Bibi! You managed to keep a stable Israeli government going and put together a good coalition. The absence of the Haredi parties is a good thing for Israel and the Haredim. The Haredi need to integrate into Israeli society and Israel needs to be unified against it's many enemies.
24. A miracle happened again !
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.19.13)
On the photo there are 28 persons, however the new israeli government has 22 ministerial posts. Instead of the promised 18.
25. Now to business..Heres my Wish List - Whats yours?
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.19.13)
1. We want to see universal National Service. To champion unity of identity and purpose ....for all 2. We want to see increased development of the South. By building more infrastructure and water supply. This would include the North South Trans Israel High Speed Passenger Railway, the Eilat to Ashdod via Beersheba Freight Railway, the BIA Beersheba International Airport, Sunstantive Incentive for New Businesses, Desert Holiday Resorts etc 3. We want to see the development of English Speaking University Courses to attract Science Medicine IT and Engineering students from all over the English Speaking World including China, India, Singapore etc etc 4. We want to see a coordinated support of emerging and advanced sciences and technologies - with specialist training, research and finance 5. We want to see more affordable housing built..especially in the Beesheba-Ashkelon-Ashdod Triangle 6. We want to see a 'Peace Offensive' launched with the PA and Arab Countries and Turkey in the region. Wherever possible open up more OPEN and TRANSPARENT dialogue and cooperation and most important...encourage official visits to Israel 7. We want to see the Palestinians secure their own State
26. I am so happy that Bibi managed to get
Arlene ,   Israel   (03.19.13)
together a government without The religious parties. Always say religion should stay out of politics, and now wish the newbees, Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennet all the luck. They appeared from nowhere and won the people do a job and and the next elections...who knows!
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