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Israel to Hungary: Pull journalist's award
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Published: 19.03.13, 13:12
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1. An unpleasant fact, never talked about
Tom W ,   USA   (03.19.13)
After the Communist revolution in Russia, the second Communist country in the world was Hungary in 1919. The Moscow trained leaders were ethnic Jews who implemented the "red terror" against Hungarians. Bela Kun henchmen - "The Lenin Boys - killed many innocent "bourgeois" during their 100 days reign. After the failed Bolshevik rule many Communist Jews escaped to Stalin's only to return with the Red Army after the defeat of Nazi Germany. The post war communist regime was led by ethnic Jews again with anti Zionist bent - on the order of Stalin. The point is that for Hungarians -- Bolshevism is synonymous with Jewish ethnicity - but not with Judaism. Even today prominent Jewish Hungarians leaning toward neo-Marxism, the new love-child of the West.... Westerner unable contemplate the damage the Communist regimes incurred in the East, likewise Westerner cannot comprehend the hatred toward leftists, be they Jews or Gentiles.
2. Criticism of Jews and Israel is good.
Avi ,   NYC, US   (03.20.13)
When a group nurtures hate (disguised as victimhood) towards "gentiles" it should be singled out.
3. @1
gee, what a surprise....another one blaming jews again.
4. #1 you forgot to mention
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.20.13)
that we killed Jesus, we poisoned the water wells, we drink the blood of christian girls, we own the banks and we are slaughtering the children in Gaza. And we are robbing the money from the world, especially Hungary.
5. To no. 1 and everybody
marian ,   Romania   (03.20.13)
''were ethnic Jews who implemented the "red terror" against Hungarians''. The communists cannot be Jews, because they are atheistic. On the other hand, the bankers who give loans with interest to real person cannot be Jews either - Ezekiel 18,13.
6. #4. Gabor: Denying the facts?
Tom W ,   USA   (03.20.13)
The constant refusal to accept proven historical facts is fueling the hatred. Ethnicity and religion are two different thing: one is free to choose or reject religion but ethnicity cannot be changed. Trotsky was an atheist under that pseudo name but né as Bronstein he was still an ethnic Jew. The founder of modern Marxism (Wiki: George Lukacs, né Löwinger) was a Jewish Hungarian philosopher, former red commissar (1919) and murderer. Facts are stubborn things....
7. To nr 1, Tom
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.20.13)
You are not informed. In dozens of hungarian neo nazi and antisemitic websites, nothing else can be read day and night, that jews caused the communism. So jews are collectively responsible for the induvidual's crimes. Gentiles not, of course. I feel some double standard here.
8. #4 Tom, nobody is denying facts
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.20.13)
Who is denying that Béla Kun was jewish? Who is denying that after WW2 many jews were in the leadership of the communist regime in Hungary? Nobody is denying it. But I'm asking you: what does Israel or the jews today have anything to do with this? Nothing. Nobody is glorifying them. But this article is about an award given to a journalist who said in his TV report that the droughts and floods in Hungary are caused by machines operated in Tel Aviv, that can modofiy the weather. And the first thing that comes into your mind after reading this is the fact that there were communists who were jewish???
9. #8. Old habits never die
Tom W ,   USA   (03.21.13)
Many Jews regard contemporary Germany - or Germans rather, as Nazis even the - "it's in their mother milk" - allusion is commonly referred to. Unlike those sinister WWII. events that fading from memory, the Communist era atrocities are living wounds for many who were once victim of it. Given the prominent Jewish role in leftist movements many Hungarians lump up everything which have a Jewish label on it. Rightly or wrongly. Fast forward...Who is the chief antagonist of Hungary today in the EU leadership? Martin Schulz, the leader of the Neo-Marxist parliament, Krugman of the N.Y.Times not to mention a number of expat Jewish Hungarians. The bizarre aspect of all this is that Communist Jews are Israel's enemies but Hungarians are not highly educated politically in this realm. Sadly as Germany represents - for some!! - Nazism, for others Israel represents the AVO (old political police). Both side is wrong but you have to deal with it for it's historical legacy.
10. #9 the communist regimes backed the Arabs and not the jews
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.21.13)
"Many Jews regard contemporary Germany as nazis" is not an argument because a lot more jews regard Germany today as the least anti-Semitic country in Europe. And Germany is the one of the closest allies to Israel. The events of WW2 are not fading from memory because there are still masses of people who continue to deny the sins and glorify the events. The communist countries, including Hungary, never supported Israel and backed the Arab nations in the Israeli-Arab wars. So what are you talking about?
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