Ex-Hezbollah member leads movement against terror group
Roi Kais
Published: 20.03.13, 09:00
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1. Fieery Nasrillah
kwame ,   London UK   (03.20.13)
When is Nasriellah going to come out of his hiding hole to share a cup of coffee with Israeli drones? Certainly I would not want to be invited. I love my life. Sometimes I wonder, for all his bluff, this man doesn't want to be martyrd
2. It was a mistery for me
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.20.13)
how can such a commercial people, like lebanese tolerate the rule of criminals who annihilate trade and finances there. A lot of opposition existed of Hesbollah also in the past, but hopefully the sons of the phonicians will kick ass all these bandits very soon.
3. kwame London UK no 1
Nasrullah is coward, and he loves life, so he sends others to die,and then he announce Shahid.
4. Imad Kamiche
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (03.20.13)
Hezbollah's tolerance towards Imad Kamiche will eventually result in a bomb attack on his car or end in a fatal shooting of the man and... afterwards Israel or the Mossad will be blamed about it.
5. New Movement..? Which planet is he on?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.20.13)
The anger against Hezbollahs take over of South Lebanon has ALWAYS been there Only that anger is turning to out and out blind hatred He has terrorised and held Lebanon to ransom for his masters in Iran for a decade and ENOUGH is ENOUGH He seems to think HE is the Emperor of the Lebanese people and can do ANYTHING that his foreign masters order AT WHATEVER the cost to Lebanon And the irony? HE wants Lebanon to be grateful
6. Hizbollah Terorist Won't Tolerate Opposition
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (03.20.13)
Soon the Imad will be killed and Israel will be blamed. It will be Hizbollah who murdered him.
7. asked a Lebanese family in the US
Barney ,   USA   (03.20.13)
what they thought about hezbollah taking over their country. his response the lebanese love hizbollah.
8. I still remember
holy warrior ,   uk   (03.20.13)
The zionist soldiers crying like babies after Nasrallah had finished with them.. Your own comandos said, they were likeghosts appearing out of know where and killing 2 or 3 of us each time.. Bring on another fight with hezbollah if you dare.
9. To #8 "Holy Warrior
Nadav ,   Tel Aviv   (03.20.13)
We may have lost some of our boys, but its the other way around buddy.
10. To #8 "Holy Warrior"
Nadav ,   Tel Aviv   (03.20.13)
We may have lost some of our boys (they lost many many more), but we are not scarred of Achizballah or anyone else for that matter. The fact that our northern border has been perfectly quiet since 2006 proves that it is they who fear another round. If Nasriboy knew that Israel would level half of beirut in response to the cross border raid on the soldiers, he would have NEVER done it in the first place. He learned his lesson and wont be so quick to poke us with a stick again. And now with Assad on his way out, he has a whole new set of problems. Loving every minute of it...
11. # 8 And I remember Sinora on TV crying like a baby
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (03.20.13)
after Israel destroyed much of S. Lebanon and its infrastructure. Hezb'allah is another terrorists organization that would murder every Lebanese if they thought it would keep them in power. And old Nasty will be digging deeper into his hole trying to avoid getting his ass blown to smitherines. LOL Real big brave girlies digging their own grave.
12. Ex hezbollaleader
Benayahu ,   Amsterdam   (03.20.13)
Mr nr 8, Yess you hizballa are so ferocious that you dig a hole to hide, and ever sinds that last war u were so beaten that u didnt have the courage to face IDF again, cause u were almost blown away when the IDF entered south lebanon!!
13. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.20.13)
Drop a three kiloton nuke on southern Lebanon, and I don't expect to hear much out of Hezbollah. Do you? Well, why aren't you manning the ramparts in Beirut, instead of emitting pitiful squawks out of the U.K.? Are you a coward? For shame! No 72 virgins and rivers of honey for you!
14. #8
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa, FL USA   (03.20.13)
Oh how I love it. Once again Arabs telling lies and then believing them. Please keep doing it, because as long as your minds live in fairyland Israel need have no worries when it comes to a fight.
15. Use the right word. It's TERRORIST,
Reuven   (03.20.13)
not militant!!!!
16. #8 - that's what happens when you hide behind human shields
William ,   Israel   (03.20.13)
The IDF planned for a real battle on an open field like honorable forces, and Hizbullah fought behind children and women, from all directions. There is no argument that their tactic was effective, although I wouldn't say successful. Their S. Lebanese infrastructure was still destroyed, hundreds of Hizbullah terrorists were killed and taken for questioning inside Israel where they divulged LOTS of intelligence, and nasrallah publicly apologized and kept quiet for the past 7 years. One thing Israel does not do is sit around after a fight. They learn their lessons and build the technology for the next fight which is why they continue to be victors. Conversely, Nasrallah still lives in a cave, fears for his life 24/7, has growing resentment inside Lebanon against Hizbullah, and host thousands of foreign troops in S. Lebanon. Is this a victory? Only in the "holy warriors" eyes. One thing that has been internalized in Hizbullah and Lebanon in general. The taste of Israeli retaliation in 2006 was but a small percentage of what the IDF is capable of, and the next fight will be horrific...for Lebanese. Apparently, Nasrallah doesn't "dare" to provoke Israeli anymore.
17. #8 Holy Mole
Deb ,   US   (03.20.13)
Another Nasrallah wannabe sitting in the safe confines of the UK obsessing over "zionists". Nasrallah just creates problems for Lebanon. Good to see the people waking-up.
18. 8 thanks for the joke of the day
alsky ,   toronto   (03.20.13)
soon you will see the wrath of IDF
19. we will see a time..
daniela ,   panama   (03.20.13)
when Hezbollah will be considered occupiers of South Lebanon, and traitors to the hands that fed them. Inch' Allah soon
20. Lebanese citizens
Get Real ,   UK   (03.20.13)
No doubt once Hezbollah has 'contacted' the opposition they will crush it in the same way their Iranian paymasters crushed their opposition. Or like Hamas dealt with their opponents, except this time it will be from the tall buildings in Beirut. Good to see some in Lebanon are speaking out against the effects Hezbollah have had on the country. So much for the benefits of protection for the citizens,more likely the benefits of a protection racket for Hezbollah. Can understand why some are not happy that relatives are dying in Syria to keep a dictator in power.
21. #11
Hezbollah is more anti Hezbollah than Israel itself. Hezbollah is your best ally in Lebanon. Let me remind you that Nasrallah himself came out live on TV during the war to give the order to attack your warship...
22. Hezbollah is and will always be your worst nightmare...
Mike Van Harris ,   Belgium   (03.22.13)
23. #13 Sarah B
Mike Van Harris ,   Belgium   (03.22.13)
Sure Sarah, drop a three kiloton nuke on Southern Lebanon and you won't expect to hear much of Hezbollah. You won't expect to hear much of Israel either. But look on the bright side Sarah B, you will be safe back in the U.S, so who cares, RIGHT?
24. #14 The Bald Idiot
Just Google "Israeli soldiers crying in combat" and you will get footage on you tube...
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