Rockets hit Sderot as Obama visits Israel
Neri Brenner
Published: 21.03.13, 07:45
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1. Visit
LJ ,   Canada   (03.21.13)
Perhaps Mr O would like to tour the south while he is in Israel...just so he can get a better idea of how peaceful the arabs in gaza are
2. Arabs worrying, that we'll forget what a huge joke they are?
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.21.13)
Bothers, you don't have to remind anyone, Obama knows too only : he has another agenda on his mind.
3. So glad they moved Iron Dome to Ben Gurion Airport!
Tevye ,   Chelm   (03.21.13)
For the great show off to Boraq Hussein Osama! Sorry - Obama. That rocket in the backyard for sure wasnt put down by Iron Dumb!
4. the costs for the damage
Mira ,   Vienna   (03.21.13)
should be deducted from the monthly payment to Abu Mazen. It is his responsibility to get terror under control.
5. To Tom, thanks man
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (03.21.13)
That made me laugh
6. So much for US promise to BIbI to put
Norbus ,   JERUSALEM   (03.21.13)
USA troops on the ground in Sinai to ensure GAZA did not rearm after the last ceasefire
7. Arabs run to form
Larry ,   Northridge, usa   (03.21.13)
One would think the last thing the palistinians would do was to shoot rockets at civilians while Obama is in Israel. How can they possibley imagine such behavior helping their cause? Reminds me of the scene in the movie Patton, where german planes attack Patton's headquarters while he's complaining about lack of air support to the british. Those two rockets should be worth about two extra iron dome batteries.
8. rockets hit Sderot
Toledano Jean-Pierre ,   Israel   (03.21.13)
It's ironical. I said yesterday to my wife: "do you think that Hamas or other Gaza-groups will be so arrogant to send Qassams or other stuff to Israel during Obama's visit?" They did. But conspiracy theories will emerge very quickly to accuse Israel and its intelligence services of being the instigators of it.
9. They should have set the siren off in JRS or where ever
Chopper4 ,   CPT, South Africa   (03.21.13)
Obama is staying to show him the true reality of the situation, that he somehow does not comprehend. Maybe he should be given a reality check what Israelis can potentially go through if more unilateral and preconditions are forced on Israel. When will forcing the PA start???
10. Gazg is becoming...
Ivan ,   South Africa   (03.21.13)
a breeding area for retards..
11. Israeli operatives in Gaza as usual
Ricky ,   The Bronx   (03.21.13)
I know these guys,,,,,,,,,,, just like U.S. step child Al-Qaeda, they just pop up any where on the globe at terrorist enthusiates opportune times,,, oh how conveinient,,,, satan is busy folks,,,, this is his last run..
12. Reality
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (03.21.13)
Fine. I'm sorry for the people of Sderot but let Obama see what it's like that in Israel, even when the sun is shining they live under the tension of this sort of aggression. Don't tell the Israelis about what they have to give up for peace when even if the President of the United States is visiting, these people do this stuff. Dose of reality. On top of that, these people aren't even smart enough to put them selves on good behavior to cast themselves in a favorable light when the POTUS is there.
13. That's It
Moshe ,   Givataim   (03.21.13)
It is really really really time to show these bastards what they should get.... A hugh parking area in the strip. Lets get in and show them reality until the sea. FREE GAZA FROM THE HAMAS
14. 2 Well said Tom.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.21.13)
15. Rockets in Sderot
Kwame ,   London UK   (03.21.13)
Education is the key to life. It empowers you to develop a critical mind, a vital tool for sound objective decision making. Those buffoons terrorising the residents of Sderot right under the nose of President Obama only succeed in playing into Israel's hand. They lack eduction and would have performed better with saw-dust in thier heads. They have no human brains. What impression do they give Obama about Israel's no nonsense dealings with the Pals? Trust me Obama will give Bibi thumps-up when they meet privately. When will Arabs learn the art of diplomacy? Look how stupid Mursi apperas today after his tirade against Israel back in 2010. Just look at caricature of Engdoin in Turkey.
16. Thats why
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (03.21.13)
West Bank and Gaza are so irreconcilable Their only 'foreign policy' is how many Egyptian Police and Soldiers they can kill and maim and how many rockets they can fire at innocent civilians in Israel And Hamas now with Pretty Boy Mashaal at the helm -(I see hes taken up body building - does his vanity have no bounds?) they have no interest whatsoever in improving the lot of Gazans by normalising relations but just greedily MILKING the system How long do Hamas think it will take for Gazans to wake up to their appalling mess? Abbas must be the Statesman for Palestinians who DRIVES the talks not FOLLOWS. And do not be influenced or sidetracked by outsiders who want to use Palestine to further their own agendas Take the initiative and this will give us the high ground and more importantly start the small but vital confidence building changes step by step that will make a HUGE difference to everyday lives for Palestinians in the West Bank
17. You people are so dumb
Holy Warior ,   Uk   (03.21.13)
Its so obvious that this was an israeli initiated firing by one of the mosad backed factions in order to draw sympathy from the visiting US president. israel has used these tactics before to advance their own goals.. Maybe it was designed to get more funding for more iron dome batteries??
18. #17 you are right, they are dumb!
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (03.21.13)
And did you know that Assad is a Zionist agent, keeping the Syrian people oppressed? Proof: he hasn't made a move to get the Golan in 40 years! And even worse: the Syrian rebels are Zionist agents! They started a civil war to destroy the Syrian army's weapons, weaken Hezbolla and preventing Iran from supplying Hezbolla. In fact, Hamas, Abbas, Mubarak and the Brotherhood are all Zionist agents! How come only you and I can see this obvious plot?
19. BIG SURPRISE-The BBC have actually
Get Real ,   UK   (03.21.13)
reported this terror attack within the body of its report on Obama' visit. No doubt if he were not visiting it would not have been reported.
20. Dumb d dumb dumb
BUILD BABY BUILD !!! ,   United States   (03.21.13)
Thanks pals, you help make the comedy of errors complete. Not only "welcome to Israel" for obama with a bang, you've given more ammunition for the media. No wonder American's hate you so much as do most people globally. We expect terror from all the pals what we didn't expect was this mouth breathing, knuckle behavior dragging insane behavior expressly for obama your friend... Thanks, we couldn't have asked for more.. Brains of a gnat on crack.
21. one-off incident?
Get Real ,   UK   (03.21.13)
So should be Israel's response to this attack, otherwise it plays down the attack. Lucky no one was killed or injured. The south should never be left unprotected like this whilst the Hamas terror entity rules Gaza. The iron dome on display at the airport should be where it is meant to be. So much for the cease-fire agreement and a peace process that would be homoured by all Palestinians.
22. Apology
Marv ,   New Canada, USA   (03.21.13)
Dear Israel, I am sorry my stupid country elected a jihadist-sympathizer and andt-semite to the presidency. But fear not - Psalm 83 will soon be fulfilled. Shalom
23. Iron Dome batteries
Frog P ,   LA USA   (03.21.13)
Buy and install more....
24. Jerusalem
Sal ,   Detroit usa   (03.21.13)
Why didn't Obama go to Jerusalem? Everybody that visits Israel goes to see Jerusalem.
25. visit
Davy ,   Israel   (03.21.13)
It must have been a volley of welcome surely the Palestinians are as excited about the visit as we, here in Israel are. Or perhaps a rebuke at seeing the itinerary and realizing he is not to visit them
26. #17 Doesn't have a clue
Big Bad Me ,   Ar, USA   (03.21.13)
The pali's knew there would be people that think like you!
27. hmmmmmmm
chris ,   usa   (03.21.13)
Maybe all of you Armenians, Georgians, and other eastern europeans who are calling yourselves jews should move out of where you don't belong and give the land back to it's rightful owners - the PALESTINIANS.
28. Obama visit
jim ,   goldendale usa   (03.21.13)
Obama is not there to stabilize but destabilize.
29. Rocket attacks
FthomasC ,   Washington DC, USA   (03.21.13)
Can you imagine if Obama was hit by one of those rocket launched by Palestinians what would happen? Oh God- we would get crazy ol' Joe Biden - now that is truly scary!
30. #17 UN-holy haji jihadist Prove It
Typical arab B.S.! Only UN-holy arabs Pull This Kind Of HUDDA! You and your ilk Is A Thorn In The Side Of Humanity Since The 7th century! Yella Gochba
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