Bennett on Obama's speech: No occupation in our own land
Moran Azualy
Published: 21.03.13, 19:49
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1. Naftali, Ayelet, keep up the good job!
Yossef   (03.21.13)
2. kol hakavod for bennet,
alan ash ,   nyc ny   (03.21.13)
3. OK Naphtali! How many Military Funerals would you go to?
David ,   The Galilee   (03.21.13)
Have you forgotten the scenes of OUR soldiers, OUR children looking for the body parts of their colleges and friends who were OUR children too? Sometimes common sense has to conquer ideology! Why do the "settlers" employ Palestinians? Why should we collect their taxes? Why should we provide them with electricity and water? All we get in return is hatred, killing of our children and fuel to add to fire of Antisemitism, BDS, boycotts and Jews hating Jews! Naphtali, would you prefer a "One State Solution" which give the Arabs a majority in Eretz Israel and that will be the beginning of the 2nd Phase or the Final Solution of the Jewish Problem!
4. Two sides of same coin
Ed ,   USA   (03.21.13)
Islamic Jihad rockets from Gaza and settler violence in the West Bank are two sides of the same coin. Extremists on both sides will try anything to block moderates from making peace and moving forward.
ONLY THE JEWS : Only The Jews will permit a foreign leader to enter their homeland and to insult them . Obama needs to be castigated for insultingly using the term " occupation " when talking about the jewish homeland. Any normal nation would have sent him packing sharpish.
6. It Is Not Fair
Brett ,   Florida   (03.21.13)
For Israel to exist at all, is what he really wants to tell the world. How dare they keep their enemies at bay instead of letting them continue to rampage. It is not fair for Israel to have the upper hand in control of their own land. I could go on, but thinking of his potification to a young Israeli audience, makes me want to scream.
7. Kol Hakavod
Ariel ,   São Paulo - Brasil   (03.21.13)
8. The "Eyes" Have It
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (03.21.13)
If I look through the eyes of a so called Palestinian all I see is hate spewed on TV and in all the newspapers and magazines. If I look through the eyes of a so called Palestinian I see little Jewish children being killed and maimed. I also see rocks being thrown against defenseless people and the IDF. Looking through the eyes of a so called Palestinian I see seething envy trying to push the Jews to the sea so that Israel can be savaged and destroyed as the So Called Palestinians did in Gaza. Looking through the eyes of the so called Palestinians I see rockets being launched indiscriminately. There is no way that Obama's words will ever mean anything or come to fruition....that is what I see looking through my clear objective eyes.
9. Nice holiday for Obama
Can   (03.21.13)
And we wish him well back to USA. If the President and the PM of Israel are saying two state solution what do you expect Obama to say. Ynet talkbackers have the gut than Israel politicians.
10. Something seriously wrong with Israel's education system..
Jake ,   USA   (03.21.13)
..for all those students to cheer at the prospect of creating an enemy state on their own door step.
11. amen
jay abouaf ,   jaffa israel   (03.21.13)
12. @4 Ed- You are 100% right
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (03.21.13)
Just wishe more ppl could see it that way. There is for instance no real difference between Naftali Bennett and the Hamas leadership. Both democratically elected - check! Both denying the other side their rights - check! Both trying to monopolize the suffering - check! Both thinking that pres. Obama's speech is outrageous - check!
13. No: 8
Hakim ,   Palestine   (03.21.13)
If you look through my eyes, you will also see my shoe coming straight for your face.
14. Obama is either naive or sinister or...
Sean ,   Phoenix   (03.21.13)
...a complete idiot.
15. Bennett solution: is Apartheid system
Yossi ,   Los Angeles   (03.21.13)
Bennett solution: is Apartheid system, shame on him A Jew that believe in Apartheid
16. Hakim#13 you just confirmed what #8
Jerome ,   Baslt, Colorado   (03.21.13)
17. Hakim #13 - thank you for confirming
laura j ,   USA   (03.21.13)
Your comment confirms Dan's observations. Clearly you're one of those "partners for peace" that Obama keeps talking about.
18. To: 16,17
Hakim ,   Palestine   (03.21.13)
Thanks for confirming that it is Palestine and always will be. While your at it let Dan know.
19. #12 Gunnar What democracy?
Rachel ,   US   (03.21.13)
When was the last PA election? Abbas is in the 9th yr of a 4 yr term.
20. number 13
moria   (03.21.13)
No one expects you arab to behave differently. Keep throwing shoes
Joseph ,   Israel   (03.21.13)
We have no one to hope in but you. Netanyahu and Peres are willing to sell us down the river for money. Or as Obama calls it "prosperity".
22. Others Ignored
David M   (03.21.13)
Obama doesn't seem to be bothered by Tibetan or Kurdish children not having a country of their own. After all Palestinians have Jordan and more than twenty Arab countries with the same language and religion while Jews have the only one.
23. Obama the Zionist
Avramele   (03.21.13)
He appealed to the best of our values and the essence of who we are. Bennett does not get it - you can possess a land but you cannot occupy another people.
24. Naftali, you spoke well
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (03.21.13)
Too bad I did not vote for you, but you are right on!
25. Obama
albert snow ,   sweden   (03.21.13)
When repeting the palestinian lie that Israel is occupying the westbank Obama tells us Israel is stealing palestinian land. But that´s a false accusation. Regarding to international law and the Oslo accords the territory is disputed and Israel has the right to build in area C as much it wants. Israel is not occupying any palestinian territory!! The Israeli politicians and diplomats are cowards and the main reason why the world still talks about Israel is occupying the westbank. Shame on you!!! Thruth is Obama has now idéa how to solve the conflict. He wish to do good but because he´s ignorant he´s incapable to be an asset for solving the conflict.
26. Bennet is 100% right and Obama is 100% wrong !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.21.13)
THERE IS NO OCCUPATION !!!!!!!!!!!!! Except the occupation of the White House by Barry Sotero !
27. #18
LJ ,   Canada   (03.21.13)
Hakim, your hatred is why you, those like you and all your children will continue to live in poverty and despair, like rats in a sewer. You have made your own you can live with it.
28. After Bibi,Bennett might be PM
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.21.13)
29. @19 - Rachel. I was referring to the elections...
Gunnar ,   Gothenburg   (03.21.13) Februray 2006, where Hamas won by a landslide. By the Carter Center it was called the most democratic in the Arab world ever. Then-president Bush and Condi Rice were fuming however, saying "We only want democracy in the Middle East if you vote for OUR favourite candidates".
30. #23-so Avremele (or is it Ibrahim?) Israel can annex Area C?
Jake ,   USA   (03.21.13)
Israel can annex Area C (as Bennett has proposed) and grant full citizenship to the 50,000 non-Israeli residents of the area. Do you support that, or are you another Jewish traitor that supports giving up empty land for the sake of placating Obama?
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