Egypt: Israeli tourist kidnapped in Sinai
Ron Ben-Yishai, AFP
Published: 22.03.13, 13:49
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1. The idiot ignored the warnings
Tahl   (03.22.13)
Let him wiggle his way out of this mess, by himself. Israel shouldn't be responsible for the actions of its imbeciles.
2. An israeli Arab
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.22.13)
If Israel refuses to pay millions of ransom, Zoabi will squeak about apartheid
3. We must all unite to get them back safe
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.22.13)
4. Norway sponsor terrorists
Jens Bjelke ,   Oslo, Norway   (03.22.13)
I wonder if they would kidnap the Norwegian if they knew that the Norwegian government sponsor Palestinian terrorists from Hamas that are doing time in Israeli prisons? Also: would it be OK for Norwegians if Israelis started sponsoring Anders Behring Breivik and his followers?
5. He's on his own
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.22.13)
Travel advisories are issued for a reason. Ignore them to your peril. And if he thought that he was exempt from harm because he is an Arab, he was/is sadly mistaken. Among the Bedouins, it's all about tribe, not ethnicity. "Brother Arabs" to the Bedouin means exactly that -- brothers. They don't give a fig about the "Arab" part.
6. To: Tim at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.22.13)
Let the Norwegians fend for themselves. Israel owes them nothing, and that is precisely what the Norwegians deserve. Perhaps they can get the make-believe "State of 'Palestine'" to help. After all, Norway is one of their biggest supporters.
7. Prayers - The Sinai 3300 years ago...
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (03.22.13)
Prayers for the kidnapped tourists. Good luck to the Egyptian authorities in securing their release. Tourism is a vital component of the Egyptian economy and the vast majority of Egyptians abhor violence. P.S. The Gulf of Aqaba coast of the South Sinai Peninsula is absolutely spectacular. The majestic coral reefs that line the shore have been around since Moses and his fellow travelers graced the area more than 3300 years ago during the time of the Exodus. If you didn't know, Di Zahav was one of the places he addressed the people.
8. Someone is asking for a Darwin Award
Zvi   (03.22.13)
9. The norwegian lady..
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.22.13)
actually gets what she was looking for in an islamic country. There is nothing to be sorry abouth. After all she is kidnapped by people sponsored from Norway, and even hailed by the norwegian leftist government. Bye the way,;why even travel to an islamic country, those countries are filled with uncivilized and uneducated people, just ask all those women getting raped by he apes. Ohh I forgot, norwegian leftist media does not report when leftist-female-volunteers beeing raped in Gaza or any other islamic country, it is bad for the islamic reputation...
10. Visting Egypt
jsm   (03.22.13)
Is stupid. Yet more proof.
11. israel
should do what other countries and particularly america does: no negotiation with terrorist. none. america is not negotiating with iran in freeing the american citizen pastor that is now jailed for a couple of years in evan prison in iran, tortured and starved because he converted to christianity from islam. no negotiation. none!
12. some people need to learn the hard way ...
13. Kidnapped Israeli
Lio ,   London UK   (03.22.13)
Oh dear, Sarah, your racist tendencies are showing through again. You'd be singing an entirely different tune if the abductees had been Israeli Jews, wouldn't you?
14. Norwegian posters, stop self-bashing
HaifaGuy   (03.22.13)
You've done nothing to deserve this. Long live Norge. Keep it beautiful))
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