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Report: CIA provides intelligence to Syrian rebels
Yitzhak Benhorin, AFP
Published: 23.03.13, 08:59
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1. Assad was never a friend of Israel but there was no mass kil
Very troubling   (03.23.13)
killing until Obama decided to arm and train rouge fighters to dethrone Assad. And NO they aren't secular. None are secular. Secular are NO INTERESTED in taking over anywhere. Only radical Islamists want to take over... Obama is trying to fool the world. You wait and see who comes to power in Syria. Just like every other country he has gotten involved with. Radical Islamists will take over. What right does he have to do this???
2. What a joke! Obama is in the business of selection!!!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.23.13)
Who is he trying to bamboozle? Selecting fighters, selecting who will get information, selecting who will get training, selecting who will get weapons. What absolute NONSENSE. At the end of the day, there will be sharing of all the resources because nobody wants to lose in a war. These nonsensical statements are meant to cover his support for the radicals fighting Assad to topple him. Yes RADICALS! The radical jihadists are the ones who turned the war in favour of the rebels and the radicals will rule the country after Assad falls because the "rebels" are now largely radicals. The seculars will be out of the picture.
3. CIA helping Syrian rebels!
A louie ,   Rochester, Englanf   (03.24.13)
You are so lucky that 90% of your readers have no social education and understanding of what really goes on in the world. I personally have no political inclination to any groups/religion etc. but any clear mind can see what you have written in your article is rubbish. Why would Al-Qaida send fighters to help rebels in Syria when Assad was the only man in the area against Israel! He shares same goal as Al-Qaida, unless Al-Qaida is also supported by Israel! It is a messed up world and sending weapon to the area(as us is happily doing with clear conciouns) is not making it any better. I am so sorry for our children's future..
4. Expect joint action soon from
Get Real ,   UK   (03.24.13)
US, EU, Turkey and Israel? All allies together now. Syria showdown to Iran.
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