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US unblocks $500M for Palestinians
Published: 23.03.13, 12:03
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1. Very expensive trip for US tax payers!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.23.13)
Keren IL-BR   (03.23.13)
He deserves this money. Over the past years, the Palestinians have contributed enormously with Israeli security forces to keep the calm in the West Bank. More and more they are proving they are a functional State. This money will help the Palestinians to further invest in security, jobs and social areas. In a way or the other, that is what Bibi called " Economic Peace". Todah od paam Mr President.
3. parasites in a way
olavi ,   espoo, finland   (03.23.13)
How is it possible for PA to form independent administration, because the whole budget is based on aid money shovelling from US and EU. The arab oilmen provide only small coins. PA has no cultural or intellectual ability to form independent country.
4. keren is correct!
Peter ,   Tomkins Park   (03.23.13)
abbas has shown himself to be an honest, forthright, integral, smart naturalborn leader. unlike Arafat, he ddoes not steal all the aid from his own people. abbas has condemned time and time again that the firing of rockets on Israeli civilians is inappropriate. if Abbas falls, the only political party structured is Hamas, and I'm sure Israel does not want Hamas in power of west bank too. nite I'm neutral on the Israeli Palestinianissue, but Netanyahu and abbas and Obama need to sit down and talk. I'm still a little confused as to why Abbas rejected olmerts offer for a state, but if Netanyahu truly believes what he says that abbas doesn't really want peace and is just pretending to, then why not just sit down and talk so Obama can see for himself that abbas is the one that doesn't want peace. I believeboth sides don't want peace, I know olmert and Barak made offers, but Netanyahu I'm a little unsure of, maybe having a less right wing government Iis the key to achieving peace.
5. You're welcome
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (03.23.13)
Not that they will thank us or be grateful.
6. End ALL Israeli support for terrorist genocidal P.A.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.23.13)
Israel can not protest Obama's support for the terrorist genocidal P.A. since Israel herself obscenely showers the P.A. with money, food, materials and electricity. Israel is the only state, in all of human history, to voluntarily support its enemies. One of the first things Israeli citizens must demand is a total end to ALL Israeli support of the P.A.
7. jews begruge Palistians 1/100 of the aid israel gets from th
8. Oh Lord! The trolls are out in force today :-)
Harry Wright ,   UK   (03.23.13)
It is the weekend and they sure are enjoying themselves.
9. money
colin   (03.23.13)
These funds is all that the hamas wants They are NOT FOR ASSISTANCE but for th pockets if the hamas members The idiotic United States are buying the hamas to have an enemy against the jews,
10. Great news! The economic crisis in America is over!
A ,   Belgium   (03.23.13)
The US government has decided that instead of repairing roads and bridges, upgrading hospitals and schools, building prisons (of which there are never enough of), the American taxpayer is going to present another 500 MILLION DOLLAR one-way handout to the "palestinians". What does America get in return? Nothing. No technological cooperation, no research to find a cure for AIDS or cancer or desert irrigation, Nothing. It must be nice to live in the wealthiest country on earth that has so much money to throw away on worthless causes. What is American unemployment these days? 7.7% (appx. 15 MILLION) of Americans don't have a job but America can give handouts to terrorists? Aren't you ashamed? Aren't you angry?
11. To: Olavi at No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.24.13)
Parasites, indeed. That's why they'll never have a functional country. Apart from the oil and petroleum exporting nations, can you name a single Arab state that does not live on handouts? And once the international community no longer depends on Arab oil imports, what do you think will happen to the oil-rich states? They'll sink back into the desert, too.
12. They'll use it for lethal rockets.
Reuven   (03.24.13)
13. Terrific Job? Ask 2 year old Adelle who
uRaRetard ,   NY   (03.24.13)
was nearly murdered a few days ago when PA thugs threw rocks at her mothers car! Ask Limor Livnat's nephew - murdered at Joseph's Tomb by PA 'police'. Yeah a 'terrific' Job, if you like to murder Jews...
14. America funds Islamic Countries
itsy_bitsy ,   Summerfield, FL   (03.24.13)
The Obama Administration needs to give the American people an explanation for the reason that we can afford to fund hostile Islamic countries to the tune of billions of dollars, but does not have the funds to keep the White House tours open! Wake up America! We have a HOSTILE regime sitting in the Oval Office!
15. $500 million to Palestine
Free Willy ,   Texas, USA   (03.24.13)
16. $500.000,000 to Palastinians
bkck ,   Marshallville   (03.24.13)
This is disgusting when US citizens are being thrown out of work and our air space is being compromised because Congress and the President are closing down air traffic control centers. This is so wrong.
17. I thought we were broke
Kyle Burden ,   Oklahoma City, USA   (03.24.13)
I thought the country was broke. Kids were going to starve, planes were going to crash, mass lay-offs. Guess we have half a billion $ for a bunch of people who hate us. Great job, Obama.
18. $$ to Palestinians
Sarcastro ,   MiddleAmerica USA   (03.24.13)
Nice job Obama. You are quite the leader. We all love and respect you here in the USA. Hope you get home safely in time to tee off.
19. Palestinian money
Klaus ,   USA   (03.24.13)
I wouldn't give the bastards one red cent!
20. My Tax's
Jakartaman ,   Maine, USA   (03.24.13)
Gee, I can't wait to write my tax check to the IRS this April. We give away money we do not have and have to borrow it at an interest rate form China. There seems to be something very wrong here!
21. Palestinian money
Klaus ,   USA   (03.24.13)
I wouldn't give the bastards one red cent!
22. Excellent news for the Palestinians!
Tom Servo ,   Atlanta GA US   (03.24.13)
Now all of them could share the Joseph Biden suite in London or Paris for 1 night
23. #8 Harry - YOu seem to be having
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (03.24.13)
a great time too
24. 500 million to PA
Hoss ,   Anywhere, USA   (03.24.13)
Another 500 million of borrowed Chinese money.
25. robbery
Gary Newberry ,   Colona, Illinois   (03.24.13)
There goes more of our money to a foreign government instead of helping American's first.
26. MORE tax dollars to the middle east?
kit ,   seattle usa   (03.24.13)
$200 million to jordan for the syrian refugees and now $500 million to the palestinians? We could use that money here in the USA, would prevent the sequestration! Has Obama gone nuts?
27. Palestine
Bruce Linder ,   Lansing, MI, USA   (03.24.13)
Of course we have $500 Million for Palestine. I'll bet no less than 50 Million ends up in Obama's retirement fund. We could have used this to keep White House tours open, but none of those middle class visitors has nearly the wallet to get Obama's attention. PS: The Left knows all about this scam and does not care.
28. money released
tomboy ,   westminster USA   (03.24.13)
can't believe this as our country founders----- 500 million goes to people who want to kill others for reasons that make no logical sence!!!
29. No more for the real terrorists/troublemakers
Christopher ,   USA   (03.24.13)
That's exactly where all of the money should be going instead of going to the terrorist state of Israel - the same terrorists who attacked our country on 9/11. The United States gives billions of dollars annually to the same terrorist country who attacked US on 9/11??!?!?! AMAZING!! The wrath of God will soon fall upon Israel and those who call them$elves Jews.
30. HELLO?
Gary ,   Mililani   (03.24.13)
Charity starts at HOME!!!!
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