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US unblocks $500M for Palestinians
Published: 23.03.13, 12:03
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31. Free Willy said it all
NancyM ,   Mass, US   (03.24.13)
Texas, you speak for all of us - WTF
32. It would have prevented furloughs where i work
oracle2world ,   washington, dc usa   (03.24.13)
It would have prevented furloughs where I work - ten times over.
33. 500M to the Palestinians?
Franklin E. Fraitus ,   West Palm Beach USA   (03.24.13)
Are you kidding me? We are closing many FAA control towers (between 147 and 173 towers closed) to save 637M and sending 250M to Egypt and 500M to other nasty people. Let's take care of ourselves first. Disgusting!!
34. TSA Uniforms
KCEddie ,   Overland Park, USA   (03.24.13)
Our friends the Palestinians & The TSA? LMFAO
35. Giving the Palestinian taxpayer money
john ,   garland USA   (03.24.13)
that's right obamation give all the monies to folks that hate USA...oh and keep the doors closed for kids to see the WH and open th doors for the hollywood scum.. obama you really f ___ing up our once great nation..
36. Real Estate
Mark Breza ,   AMERIKA   (03.24.13)
They wont use the money, US taxpayers, to buy illegal condos in the occupied promised land.
37. Nice
umusbkiding2 ,   anywhere,usa   (03.24.13)
American citizen children can't visit the White House because,we are told by Carney,we have no money to fund it.
38. Sequestration & $ to Palestine
Jim Johnson ,   Los Angeles: USA   (03.24.13)
Money is available for this but no money for the control towers in the USA. Talk about political despotism.
39. sequester
Sal ,   Virginia, USA   (03.24.13)
It seems Obama has found money to give to the Palestinians at the same time his government has cancelled White House Tours and the Fourth of July fireworks celebration at the US Air Force Academy. He also is slowing down domestic airline service by cutting air traffic controllers. Of course, this is to make things difficult for citizens instead of cutting real waste such as the millions given for a study to research why lesbians are obese.
40. Obama Supports Terrorists
Claire Alexander ,   New Orleans USA   (03.24.13)
The American public is too busy working, raising their children and living their lives. Seldom do they have the time to figure out what is going on in Washington. Our leaders rail against terrorism, then send billions to support those same terrorists or the states that sponsor them. We are the reason there is no peace or a settlement between Israel and her Arab neighbors. We keep this conflict going by supporting both sides with billions of dollars. Pick a side, hopefully Israel, support that side and do not give any money, humanitarian assistance, loans, whatever, to the other side. When people are hungry they will think about work and food, not fighting and killing. Why reward the very actions we claim we are against? It is insane to reward terrorists with more and more money. It is American and European money that supports these people and their activities.
41. Aid to Palestinians
Pear Pettywick ,   New York USA   (03.24.13)
Good! MOST Americans support the Palestinians...I'm glad we're giving them some aid!
42. Obama is awful
Mike ,   Mesa US   (03.24.13)
Obama can't find money for meat inspectors or White House tours but he's got $500 million for other countries?
43. John Kerry and fireign aid.
William E. McKinney ,   Cambridge, Ohio USA   (03.24.13)
All the Vietnam veterns knew what you were getting when you got Kerry. He lied about them and he will do anything he can to help himself withObama or rather BARRY.
44. Money to Pakistan
O'Connor ,   Oswego,NY   (03.24.13)
Quietly says a lot for the Congress who own the Country's checkbook and then deny, deny, and deny. These are the fools who need 23,000 staff to do the grunt work for which they take credit. We don't appoint them but the Congress does. This fact is easily Googled.
45. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
Kevin ,   forth worth usa   (03.24.13)
I'm glad I paid taxes this year to help Hamas further their terrorist activities. FIRE OUR GOVERNMENT NOW!
46. Angry?
John ,   US   (03.24.13)
Of course the people of the United States are angry, our government has run amok!!!!! We no longer seem to have a voice, this president does as he wishes no matter what the people want or say, all you need do is read the responses from the people of America and you'll see we're UPSET! No matter the outrage, seems all the protests get silenced until they blow over to the next incident. We now have a Monarchy or at least totalitarian rule.
47. #40 You are correct and everyone knows it
A ,   Belgium   (03.24.13)
but the problem is, while "The American public is too busy working, raising their children and living their lives" (as they undoubtably are), who will say: Enough! No more money to support arab terror! No more boycotts against Israel! No mosques within 1000 miles of the greatest calamity in American history!" Thats the trouble with Americans..."nobody got time for that!"
48. Fitting
Mike ,   Texas   (03.24.13)
We give Israel $4 billon a year to blow up Palistine, and Palistine $200 million to rebuild. Irony?
49. $500 Million to Palestians
Roberto ,   Ft Worth, Texas USA   (03.24.13)
Here we are cutting our Military to the bone, exposing us to attacks from our many enemies, but this Musim, Commie President gives half a billion dollars to the Enemies of God. Impeach this creep NOW, he's unAmerican, he's America's #1Enemy.
50. $500 Million to PA
Roberto ,   Texas, USA   (03.24.13)
America it's time to get mad, It's time to get ANGRY!!! It's time to remove the Enemies from the White House. Obama is starving Americans, killing businesses, shrinking our Military while giving our Enemies $500 Million Dollars. REFUSE TO FILE ON APRIL 15 UNTIL WE GET OUR MONEY BACK, ITS OURS.
51. 500 million for Pallistinians
Bob ,   NZ   (03.25.13)
I can understand why Obama is giving money to all and sundry .But I can not understand Israel giving money to their enemy ,It's madness!!!!! Bob
52. 500 mil to Palestinians
Craig Purcell ,   Baltimore, Maryland   (03.25.13)
Baltimore could use the cash too... Why are we gushing out dollars to other countries when ours is doing so poorly ? Doesn't seem worth the investment
53. More money?
Frank ,   Waukegan, IL   (03.25.13)
We are so broke we had to stop tours of the White House, yet we can give $500M to Palestine? I can see who is more important to the current administration.
54. people need to understand
congress did not approve giving this money to the arab palestinians. it was obama who used executive function to override congress in the name of national security.
55. The economic crisis ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.25.13)
.... in the ersatz "Palestine" Authority is entirely of their own making. The graft, the corruption, the no-show jobs to family members, the lavish homes in Europe for the ersatz "Palestinian" leadership along with hefty offshore bank accounts ..... you have to ask yourself if these people are actually capable of running a country (the answer is no) and if it isn't time to stop throwing money down the sinkhole that is the ersatz "Palestine" Authority (the answer is yes).
56. Israel is the only state allowed to.....
Robert ,   Australia   (03.25.13)
.....bleed the US taxpayer.
57. #36 Mark - Promised to JEWS
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (03.25.13)
not a single mention of any promise to those that pretend they're Palestinian's In fact, you can't find a single mention of any "Palestine" in your Queeran
58. #29 Christopher - I know it's difficult
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (03.25.13)
to stop making such an ass of yourself,, at least try Those were mainly Saudi's that manned the planes that attacked the USA on 9/11, not a single Jew among them Try paying attention to the facts instead of making them up, it makes you sound like more of a moron than you already are
59. #56 Robert - Stop playing the fool
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (03.25.13)
What about Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan & the non-State of Palestine Oops, I realize that you're not just "Playaing a fool", you are & a dumb one at that P.S. U.S. spent a fortune in defending Australia during WW2, all at the expense of the American Taxpayer Return to your Mosque & pray, mayble your God will decide to give you a modicum of brains
60. #41 Pear - Wakee wakee
BEN JABO (MACHAL) ,   ISRAEL   (03.25.13)
Accoring do Gallup Pollls, most American's, 63%, suppport Israel, not that gang of tArab thugs that pretend to be Palestinian's Get ywhat little brain you have in gear before displaying your very obvious ignorance and attemtpt to deceive
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