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Hitler joins gun debate, but history is in dispute
Associated Press
Published: 23.03.13, 22:01
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1. According to HP
Conor   (03.23.13)
2,243 people died by gunshots in less than 100 days since the Newtown massacre. 2,970 people died in 9/11, and as a result the US started a decade of war and ruined its economy - somewhat out of proportion, I think.
2. Once again the ADL is dead wrong.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.24.13)
The ADL constantly puts worthless liberalism ahead of serving Jews; which is it's supposed duty. Gun rights advocates are 100% correct in saying the Holocaust could have been largely prevented had European Jews had guns and been skilled in using them. In fact, the great Zev Jabotinsky urged them to do so. However, Jabotinsky was shouted down by the like of the ADL Once again, the ADL is dead wrong.
LARRY ,   US ARMY RETIRED   (03.24.13)
this beg the bully not to hit you again will save you from a worse beating is .the reason why jews ate shit for two thousand years they were given zero respect.and in turn the non jew populations never ever feared retaliation.
4. Ultimately damn thin arguing point
Cameron ,   USA   (03.24.13)
Doubtless Jews would have fared better on the German streets with the SA types in the 20s & early 30s, but after Hitler took charge in '33, their fate was sealed.
5. Why does the IDF use guns
Aaron Kuperman ,   Baltimore, MD   (03.24.13)
If guns are so bad, than why does Israel not only issue them to hundreds of thousands of iits soldiers, but is insisting that the largest group of itgs citizens opposed to militarism get rid of their gemaras and starting learning how to shoot people?
6. Miss Terha & Hitler
That's Odd ,   Ohio, USA   (03.24.13)
Miss Terha’s quote is from a very old and well-known poster printed by the NRA. The poster lists the all the tyrants who installed gun control. The list includes: - Hitler - Castro - Qaddafi - Stalin - Idi Amin - Mao Tse-tung - Pol Pot - Kim Jong-il In her statement, Miss Terha mentions only Hitler - and because of that, she lost her ability to make her point.
7. I recall in Esther
sean green ,   pasadena usa   (03.24.13)
The Jews were saved because they were allowed to defend themselves.
8. Better armed Jews make things worse?
Shmuel   (03.24.13)
"Objectively, it might have made things worse" if the Jews who fought the Nazis in the 1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising in Poland had more and better guns, said historian Steve Paulsson, an expert on the period whose Jewish family survived the city's destruction." Shahada!! Be quiet!! Don't get the nazis mad - you'll get us into trouble!!!! Amazing that after the murder of 6, 000, 000 Jews, an "educated" man could suggest that better armed resistance could have made things "worse."
9. Controlling Guns Won't save us from Crazy People
Edward ,   New York USA   (03.24.13)
Those same people that used guns would use other means to do their mass killing. The only thing controlling guns does is reduce the ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves. The criminals and the crazies will always find ways to get them they don't care about the law. Stop gun control now!
10. Its not the guns - its the mindset / responsibility
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (03.24.13)
Again it is not the utensil that kills, it is the mind - the Connecticut kid killer was psychologically unbalanced. It didn't have to be guns as his killing utensils - could have knives, even.
11. What's the first thing the United States does in Syria and
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (03.24.13)
Libya in an uprising? They send rifles and ammunition to wipe out the government that they want dismantled. The CIA is training Syrian resistance fighters as we speak.....while this article goes on about blah blah blah...weapons don't matter. If Weapons don't matter...and are not needed....then why do Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama supply countries with these weapons in every skirmish they help create in the Middle East and North Africa? John Kerry is actively talking about sending these weapons to Syria. These people they are sending them to are actively supporting or involved in terrorism. Yet Obama and the Democrats in their infinite wisdom, think the average American citizen is to stupid to possess these same weapons? Lots of us are previous servicemen with training with these same weapons. While in Israel....most of my friends and young adults are carrying these same weapons openly everywhere they go. The only Difference in the United that they require you to leave these weapons on base. Otherwise there would be no difference at all. The weapons are still there.....the public just isn't exposed to them every day like they are in Israel. Needless to say....we aren't giving up our 2nd amendment rights to a bunch of weasels in Washington. I doubt that Israels army that is armed to the hilt... will keep their weapons on base either.
12. @8 Shmuel, have you lived then you would know
Miron ,   USA   (03.24.13)
that for each murdered German soldier Vermacht exceuted 100 prisoners of nationality matching attacker's. In full accordance with Geneva Convention, which mandates that "it is the occupying force responcibility to maintain order in occupied territory". But since you are an ignorant man, by youth or by... well... let's not go there, you feel like advising nations. If it wasn't for Red Army and Marshall Zhukov you would never have happened. So, eat some pork and drink some vodka every May the 9th of every year, as if this day was your birthday. And learn to say "Spasibo" that Joseph Jugashvili sent Russian sons to save your grandmother's family. Or there would not have being Jewish nation today. All he had to do is apologies to Turkey and sell some Eilat... but well... the brave and well armed Jewish people don't do those things, right?
13. Jews and guns.
Phil N ,   Wheeling,IL,US   (03.24.13)
You can tell how rediculous the anti gun radicals when they come up with statements about the Warsaw Ghetto like "...better guns might have made it worse." How much worse could it have been! Somebody save us from these idiots.
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