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Madeira to host 1st public Seder
Published: 25.03.13, 14:39
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1. HAPPY PESACH & MAZEL TOV to all the attendees
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.25.13)
G-D Bless you all !
2. seeking more converts?
3. In the island of Madeira died
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (03.25.13)
Charles IV, the last Austro-hungarian emperor. He was a true friend of the jews, his last public appearance was a meeting with the Pressburg grand rabbi. If a jew finds his grave, place a flower there.
ex oleh chadash ,   Brazil   (03.25.13)
Portuguese newspapers online are plenty of anti-Semitic comments written by trolls. Portugal has some fascists, known as PNR party. They are really aggressive and of vulgar expression on their comments against Jews, Brazilians and other foreign people they hate. They hate Brazilians and Africans, mainly. Be aware.
5. "bnei anussim"
sad but true   (03.25.13)
want a foreign citizenship and passport; it's the crisis. That's all.
6. 99.99% of Christians ancestors were forced conversions.
BUTSeriousy ,   Sydney   (03.26.13)
7. History shows otherwise
Ricky ,   The Bronx   (03.26.13)
The Portuguese were the biggest slave merchants of Europe and if they were Jews a handy copy of the Tanakh at hand will help as the future unfolds and justice has its way, Genesis 15:14 "And That Nation That They Serve I will Punish", this is going to be interesting.
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