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Majdal Shams: 'Israelis can't play soccer here'
Ori David
Published: 24.03.13, 14:06
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1. Send the "syrians" of majdal shams to
jason white ,   afula,israel   (03.24.13)
live in syria. Get them off our Israeli territory now!
2. Give them to Syria
Steve ,   Dallas USA   (03.24.13)
I would give them their wish and move the border so they are in Syria immediately. Let them have a nice time. Just put the fence on the other side of them and tell them they are now your enemy, no more electricity, water, Israeli jobs, Israeli law. They can return to the law of the jungle - Syria - which they seem by their actions to prefer
3. re 1 and 2, they are already in Syria
human ,   earth   (03.25.13)
Majdal Shams and the rest of Golan is syrias land under illegal israeli occupation.
4. Our "minorities" in a nutshell.Goes for the haredim as well.
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.25.13)
5. Go play soccer with Assad
Rachel ,   US   (03.25.13)
6. to "human" i guess south america
Barney ,   USA   (03.25.13)
the USA, falklands, africa, jordan, and most other countries are under illegal is funny how it works that way but only counts to humans when it comes to Israel who has both a historic and successful reclamation of the land
7. The Golan has been part of Israel for 32 years now
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (03.25.13)
and this can still happen. But it is a strategic area and should not be given back to Syria under any circumstancies. But an event like this clearly shows that Israel will not be able to keep Judea and Samaria because we cannot enforce our law and cannot govern the Arabs while the majority of them reject Israel. Those settlements that are close to the green line should be annexed but we should finally realize that keeping the current status quo in Judea and Samaria will only result in worsening actions by the Arabs.
8. #3
Clearsighted ,   Boston, USA   (03.25.13)
Just because you repeat the "big lie" over and over doesn't make it true. Rather than parroting far-left talking points, perhaps you could share with us your cogent legal analysis supporting your claim that the Golan is under illegal occupation.
9. #3 - not anymore under Intl law
William ,   Israel   (03.25.13)
The land was arbitrarily given to the French Mandate in 1923 without consideration of the residents there and the history of Jews that is more evident in the Golan than Arab history there. Once the land was used for aggression against civilians, and the trigger for the 1967 defensive war, its ownership to Israel for security reasons became both a legal and military justification. But Damascus can take solace in the yearly delivery of apples from the Israeli druze on the Golan.
10. I would take their name and address...
William ,   Israel   (03.25.13)
and make sure they understand in any future war or aggression by Syria, the IDF won't "violate" their "Syrian rights" by protecting them.
11. #7 - Madjal Shams was always a hot point
William ,   Israel   (03.25.13)
The rest of the Golan is relatively peaceful. Even in Madjal Shams, only a small minority act this way. Some voice their opinion against Israel more of a show for Assad who would "clean house" if the Golan were given back.
12. The point is: leave them under syrian rule, and slaughters !
Ibrahim Sued ,   Brazil   (03.26.13)
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