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Is Uri Ariel ignoring Israelis west of the Green Line?
Yoel Esteron, Calcalist
Published: 25.03.13, 08:21
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1. Praising Uri Ariel
Aviela ,   Lower Migron, Israel   (03.25.13)
While perhaps people from Hadera to Gadera should be able to live where they grew up, people from Shavei Shomron to Ma'ale Hever should be able to as well, which has gotten near-impossible to do legally under current conditions. My great praise goes out to Uri Ariel, a voice for those of us that have no voice. He fights for our basic human rights, even when he knows he'll lose, because it's the right thing to do.
2. The goal should be to get more people out of the center
Vlad   (03.25.13)
And into the Negev and Galilee.
3. What to qualify this article with?!
Avouskila ,   South America   (03.25.13)
No matter whether the reporter is very emotional and too personal in writing this article. At least, we know the guy is the son of Israeli citizens that live between Hedera and Guedera, and he is not alone. Millions of other 'needy' seekers of accommodation in such a lofty but permescuous part of the country, have found solution: Israel is a tiny State (its the truth, not a pejorative geographic description) and it has great infra structure of its roads and highways; but it has an unbalance distribution of its population throught many parts of this small land. The infra structure cannot be improved if people are not there to pay the Arnona, which in a democratic country, with law abiding citizens, the result will be as such that people will decide to move to the Negev, Hagallil.
4. Thank you Mr. Esteron
Naama ,   Tel Aviv   (03.25.13)
For telling the truth about the newly appointed Minister-Settler that does not understand the needs of the Israeli vast majotity. We don't want to live in the occupied west bank. It is that simple. Great piece!
5. Give the guy a chance
Fred ,   Jerusalem   (03.25.13)
he did not even start yet. This writer just loves to attack. Ynet deserves better.
6. Uri Ariel
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (03.25.13)
the writer is 100% correct. Lapid made a terrible mistake allowing such a fascist who is only interested in expanding the housing in the West Bank and damn you who don't live there! A very selfish and dangerous person, someone who will destroy Israel to get his own way. Just as Bennett, they want to destroy Israel by us having to absorb the Palestinians who will not agree. Their myopic view is one that can only lead to our demise. Those that supported Lapid will very quickly let him know that he has lost their vote if he doesn't get rid of Ariel. Beit HaYehudi is an existential threat to the existence of Israel, their proposals and political agenda are a danger to democracy. They will do anything to achieve their goals, Yigal Amir is one of their heroes! They are the real fifth column in our midst.
7. Why is This Op-Ed Masquerading as an Article?
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (03.25.13)
8. Prejudging Ariel
Sean ,   Phoenix   (03.26.13)
Because he's a settler he's going to only favor settlers? Attias proved through his record that he only favored the Haredi as did Lipman at Health and the other Haredi in positions of power. But you've already declared Ariel a failure before he's even done anything. He's even said that there's not going to be some sort of West Bank Housing surge but you've ignored his statements. Also, housing prices in the Tel Aviv area aren't going down. It's not ideology; it's simple economics. No land; too much demand. Simple. Getting people living in the periphery (not necessarily the settlements) is a reasonable economic and ideological goal. And yes, it is selfish to expect to live someplace regardless of the economic reality even if your parents lived there... as if that's some sort of trump.
9. He's been in office less than a week!
Rachel ,   US   (03.26.13)
10. There is a lot of land other than WB
Ted   (03.27.13)
11. i think Ariel is from Bennett's, not Lapid's
Naomi   (03.27.13)
12. His stated goal is the Negev and galilee
Ilan   (03.28.13)
Makes him an extremist along the lines of Ben gurion
13. It is time to build up Eretz Israel everywhere
Aviad   (03.29.13)
14. Excellent writing, rare integrity
Dror Nissim ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.29.13)
15. New Threats
Zechariah   (05.12.13)
The new threats means the Jews ought spread out true but the main Preperation ought be deep Defense and horrific Deterrance in more or less equal parts.What are the security consequences of seven million Arabs between the Jordan River and the 1949 Armistance line half + supporters of Jihadi Shihadi or Chemical Weapons Nasserites.
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