Tel Aviv 'shoe display' aims to highlight survivors' plight
Gilad Morag
Published: 24.03.13, 23:05
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1. Pressure Bank Leumi and others
Israel   (03.24.13)
to give survivors their stolen money instead of giving bad loans to tycoon criminals.
2. You're breaking my heart...Where did all the money go?
Edithann ,   USA   (03.25.13)
Do an indepth investigation and then make the necessary criminal charges...You can't keep bleeding Germany forever... It's over. ....It's now over 70++ years.. . YOu had better start perparing fot the reparations you'll all owe the Palestinians for land, homes and properties..and including the pain and suffering ,,,, TATA
3. Cruel and in poor taste
Ilan   (03.25.13)
Are there no poor who could use last year's less than fashionable but perfectly good shoes?
4. Give Germany more names and demand more aid
Moshe   (03.25.13)
Make a list of new survivors that have been found. Germany will have no way to verify and in fact have no choice but to add their names and give reparations. In this way, more money flows into Israel and Germany sees its just desserts. Tell me this; why isn't the USA paying reparations? I never could understand this part.
5. #2you can tell that to your friends the arabs ...they lost .
rachel ,   usa   (03.25.13)
Israel won the war they attacked 60 years ago .... ta gueule
6. It is a SHAME! That israel-jews wont spend the money to tak
USA   (03.25.13)
take care of the suvivsors. They expect the rest of the world to pick up the tab. Right Moshe?
7. # 6..You don't know enough to make such a comment..
Edithann ,   USA   (03.26.13)
It's not a matter of who won or lost stupid...It's a matter of morals and integrity... Palestinians should build a pile of rubble of Palestinian homes as a reminder of what Israel continues to do to them...all to steal their land... We shall see who wins that one... TATA
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