Report: Zygier planned to pass info to Hezbollah
Published: 25.03.13, 17:38
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1. Of course
Reuven ,   Netanya   (03.25.13)
A nice story to explain why he was incarcerated, don't buy it. How could a "cleric" go to australia/lebabon to recruit agents...something ain't right in this story also...
2. How do the Europeans know this? Or do they know anything?
Scott ,   USA   (03.25.13)
3. If this is true.. he was a traitor
Dave ,   Montreal, Canada   (03.25.13)
...and deserved death as such. Treachory earns the death penalty when it is proven. No exceptions.
4. Enough Stipulations
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (03.25.13)
The Man is Dead - enough is enough - Let him rest in peace with his concience - Hag Pessah Sameah
5. Coverup
Zechariah   (03.25.13)
No one knew he was leaking the Mossad did not know he met Hezbollah .He was not instructed to make contact.He was the middle man in a bungled Mossad operation.
6. Report: Zygier planned to pass info to Hezbollah. #3
Elsie. ,   Gush Halav.   (03.26.13)
#3, Dave, Pollard got a life sentence for spying for Israel, Zygier also should have gotten a life sentence, both committed treachory, one lives, the other died, this case ( Zygier) stinks to hign heaven and I am not sure the new info rings true, too many holes.
7. Well done
Brian ,   Los Angeles   (03.26.13)
Another embarrassment of Israel by Hizbullah. He wasn't a traitor, he was a trained assassin who was working for the Mossad. Hizbullah rooted him out, end of story. When you think your enemy is sleeping, he's probably looking at you while you sleep.
8. @5 operation succeeded.
Miron ,   USA   (03.26.13)
The desperate sadism of revenge indicates how much.
9. Zygjer
Edouard ,   Montreal Canada   (03.26.13)
This guy was a Zionist that left his confortable home in Sidney to make his Aliya He wanted to bea " jeans bond " His angler did not realize that He should of be supervise a much beter way Our enemy's took advantage of his enthusiasm that's all May he rest in peace
10. Don't rush to judgment #4
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (03.26.13)
This is real life, not the movies sonny. If it happened to your dad or brother would you also wish them dead. It is a tragic story about a good guy who got in over his head. It doesn't sound at all like he intentionally betrayed anyone. And 10 years would have been way too much of a sentence. Very sad.
11. Oz Stupidity
Jose ,   Australia   (03.26.13)
This proves that OZ born people are not fit to be spies
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